[DX] A Cold Night

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So, it's been a while since I last submitted a song here. I've been trying to make new stuff, but I abandoned them all a few minutes after starting (yeah). I'm not really sure if I can consider this one a finished song, so if you guys have any ideas, just tell me, and I might improve the song.

As always, zero bombers can suck my dick.

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damn this is hotter than anything ses can make

cold fire its just not what anyone is useto.

- Mr. Big Bad Almighty Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Gangster Records)
- Real-Over-Fake (Approved)

dx5231 responds:

ses is so 2009

Good melody.

I liked the song, the melody, but, you repeated it too much, the whole song is the ame thing, the same melody, the same riff. I just think that's a nice song, you made a nice job, I liked the beggining, but the middle of the song got a bit boring, you repeated the same melody with 3 instruments. A piano, a guitar and a synt. (I think, correct me if I'm wrong)

I just think that you could variate a bit more, use different instruments, and you'll be fine, it's a great melody, but you shouldn't repeat it too much, people get bored easily. Anyways, you have potential, keep it up, man. UP BRAZIL! Yea!

(Review Request Club)

dx5231 responds:

Actually, I repeated the same exact thing twice: with a synth and a piano. I only used the guitar thing in the beginning.
I still have to test out all the instruments I have to see which would sound better on this song.
Thanks for the review

About Brazil... meh..

Review Request Club

I may be about to repeat what those below me have said; good melody, but too much of it.

You've got an interesting melody with the piano and then the strings by 0:18, but I think it gets repetitive quite quickly, simply because there's nothing else to focus on, and given that it's only a handful of seconds long it loops very quickly, and so becomes repetitive that much faster. There are a lot of ways to counter that, though. One would be to make the melody longer, just to make the loops fewer and farther between; like I said, the melody is interesting, and could easily be developed.

An easier method would probably be using a second melody. That way, you could flick between this melody and another, creating a kind of verse/chorus idea and making two points of focus for a listener, and something else you can move on to. You do well with the changes of instruments, but that's not enough on its own to carry the short melody through the whole song. If you'd added in a few more instruments to carry the melody it might have worked, but because this is so sparse it feels repetitive quite easily. You've got some good beginnings, it just needs a bit more thought into how to keep the melody fresh and how to add more variety in as the track goes on.

-Review Request Club

Not enough variety

-This would work great as background instrumentals for vocals but it isn't mentioned anywhere about that so i'm just assuming that this is an instrumental only project.

-It's a short repetitive track basically. The melody repeats itself over and over with only the intro being unique. If you want to rework this keep the first 45 seconds or so and try adding more variety as a whole after that.

-Review Request Club

dx5231 responds:

Yeah, I know there is not enough variety, I guess I have to work more on this track. And yes, this is an instrumental only project.

Thanks for the review.

Pretty Good

It seems to be a good start of a project.

The synth that comes in at about 18 seconds has a strange delay that makes it sound a bit awkward. I don't know if it's just the VST or samples you're using, but if you're going for a delay effect the transition between notes occurs a bit too rapidly for it.

The entire track is on the beat. Showing some variety in syncopation would make it sound more interesting.

Though this is unfinished, based on what's uploaded it plays the same sequence over and over from 0:18 and on. This is excusable if you plan to add vocals to it, however.

The 0-bombers come every time, don't they? Helped you out a bit on that part :)

Review Request club

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May 2, 2010
5:10 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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