Short Circuit

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Slightly better than my last two submission... I hope! Given that i'm virtually still a noob when it comes to composing, some commentary/ constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Also, just think; . Peeps+ A really big Microwave = End of world Hunger!!!

Enjoi! <>,..,<>RAWR

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Not without its charm

Its not without its charm but its just not really a kind of song I would like. It has some interesting sounds and has a constantly changing beat which drastically reduces the repetitiveness of the song, but after a while the similiar sounds do make it kinda repetitive and the 3 minute length of the song makes it slightly boring.

I would recomend cutting it down slightly and perhaps making it more loopable. But in general its a really good song, just not my kind of song 4/5 and 7/10

- The Review Request Club -

Nice song.

I really liked the song, awesome beat, and awesome concept, I liked the whole song, it was pretty animated, I liked Techno songs, and this one is one of the best I've listened.

The intro was pretty cool, but I felt something was missing, I don't know what, but it had a catchy sound, I liked the main beat and the back beat, the both worked so well with the song, also, I loved the 1:00 part, I think it was pretty cool, since I love animated songs, also, the part after that was really cool, I liked the beat, and the drums were good too, I don't know what to say, I just think the song was super cool, and different from what I ever heard.

I gave you a 9 since you could add more things to the song, but, anyways, I liked the song, you made a pretty cool job, and you have a great potential, keep it up, man!!

(Review Request Club)

Review Request Club

Good intro, you start off with a pretty fast pace and introduce a fair few synths early, which is always a good sign; you could have maybe had a slower buildup, but its fine as it is. You've got a really nice bass sound, which is always good; nothing more annoying than a good track wrecked by a lack of low frequencies.

The drum's pretty muted, but still serves its purpose pretty well, and you can hear it well enough to work out the beat from it. The light automation on the synth at 0:53 was cool, cooler still was the drop at 0:59; a little unexpected, but cool all the same. However, I think the section it goes into was perhaps a little unrelated to what came before it. Not that the section in itself was at all bad, quite the contrary; it had a nice atmosphere to it, I just think it drew a few too many contrasts with what came before.

The cohesion there I think could have been a little tighter than it was. And again, the cutout back into the old section at 1:31 was a little abrupt; the pace changes a little too frequently, although the way you keep variety up is in principle nicely done; you've got a lot of different melodies and beats to work with, though at points it did feel like you just cookie-cuttered them side by side to try and keep the variety up without thinking about how they would flow together. You've got the foundations of a good song and the fact you've got the variety in is always good; better to have too much variety than too little, as the former is far more fixable. Just try and make the transitions a little smoother and the sections a little more cohesive with eachother and you'll be fine.

-Review Request Club

Somnocyde responds:

Damn! that was Definitely the most helpful Review I've ever gotten. I'll admit, the EQ was way off, but I've corrected that in my more recent projects. Also, I'll definitely keep transitions in mind from now on. Thanks so much! <>,..,<>RAWR

It's ok

-Nice intro effects. Simple but they got the job done as far as starting everything out nice and easy.

-I liked the drop at :59 only to have everything come back up with a faster pace and a darker melody. It seemed like it skitted notes and blended them together.

-Only problem I saw with this was that you may have put too much variety into this. It's kind of spastic in parts and drab in others. Work on the pacing of songs in general.

-Review Request Club

Somnocyde responds:

Hey Much appreciated. I'd agree that alot of the melodies (as well as their intros) were pretty random. All in all, my up-and-coming submissions will be loads better. Thanx Alot! <>,..,<>RAWR

Pretty kewl

I like i ilke

Somnocyde responds:

Thanx! lolz It's much appreciated <>,..,<>RAWR

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May 1, 2010
12:18 AM EDT
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