AF - Forever (Original)

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Attention: This is Ambient/Trance
I'm working on a more Trancy version of this song. It will be released soon, if it ever is.
I still dont get the whole "huge beats" concept.
Edit4.1: I worked allot on the kick and i think that ive finaly managed to make this a trance song! (You have no idea how hard it was)

Dream Machine Series (so far)
#1 LightSpeed
#2 Forever

This is an almost final version but its not quite there yet...
Please comment/review/vote
Edit: yeah, fixed a couple things and changed the ending! + a secondary bass and allot of EQing
Edit2: changed something... I just don't remember what...
Edit3: fixed way too many small details that no one would of heard anyway.
Edit4.2: Fixed the drums (I think) Please REVIEW!!!
Total work time: 9h25m (4h composing/5h 25m remastering)

Edit5: well i cant say i didnt try... after over 8 hours of mastering now...

This song goes to Dan!
Happy b-day Dan!

Looking for a vocalist! Please PM me if you are or know anyone with a talent that could help me out here.

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A. If you get a vocalist, don't just make all singing music, I wouldn't listen to it.

B. WOW! I am glad somebody edits their music and re-uploads it. Thank goodness.

C. You rock, I love your music.

I love it

Nice song i lovee all the beat loll

Review Request Club

Play-by-play review:

0:00-Nice intro, the sharpness of the piano is nicely done, just adds to the atmosphere you set up
0:28-GREAT bass drum, very boomy and led into the more rhythmic synth nicely while still maintaining that depth, would have liked to perhaps have seen more of them throughout. However, I think the piano gets a little muddied up when this synth does come in, so tis a mixed blessing.
By 0:54 you realise how slow-building the song is, but at the same time how well it works for it. The melody comes back again, but has its little variations such as at 1:02 which is a good touch just to make the melody all that more interesting to listen to again.
1:16-Nice drum beat, but generally the drum beat seems to be just the kick drum? If you were looking to change this later I'd say look into perhaps having a more complex drum beat, because it's the kind of instrument that can add a lot of colour and variation just on its own.
1:36-Nice subtle transition, like the new airy pulsing synth that comes in; these transitions and changes in synths that you have pretty much throughout let you use the melody for as long as you do, because they keep the sound new and interesting.
2:47-Light buildup here was cool, could have maybe started earlier in the track just to add to that variation and let you build it up even more than you did.
Change in drum beat good, but again could have possibly done with a more complex beat, or even just a few glitches to add to the non-melodic instruments in the track.
4:00-I like how it's mainly in the higher frequencies, but you still have that bass lightly there covering the lower frequency as well, so it levels out just enough to work. Good thinking, there.
4:45-Ending was good; fadeout perhaps a little overdone, but not extremely so.

In general, you have a nice set of subtle transitions which keep it from sounding repeptitive even though the melodic material stays essentially the same. Love all the really tiny automations on the synths, just changing them that little bit and making the difference almost imperceptible. The transitions on the whole work well, I think just having another look at the drum and another look at maybe having a few more breaks and buildups in the track would do you credit, because while it's executed well you do generally stay on the same ground throughout. However, it's a nicely crafted track, so kudos to you, and keep it up. :)

-Review Request Club


-I will have to hand it to you. The sound quality in really good and the mastering time you took really shows. There aren't any rough edges that I can pick out and the sound flowed smoothly throughout.

-It just honestly never was able to get into that full trancy melody that makes you really feel like your in a trance. The intro started out great and you ended it the song nicely but the whole of the song just seemed rather empty. There wasn't enough bass hits or snares to keep a consistent beat leaving the melody to just be too free flowing most of the song.

-Review Request Club


Really like it!

aliaspharow responds:

Thats deep yo...

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Apr 30, 2010
10:46 PM EDT
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