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Once upon a time I met a fellow. Then, he called himself the Waffle Man. Now, he calls himself Lublub194. He's a great dude, and I'd buy his autobiography if he wrote one. Or if someone found his face on a piece of toast, I'd buy that.

Anyway, after I downloaded his most recent album, I felt like I should write him a song as a thanks. And here it is! It's a simple song, and it didn't quite end up where I wanted it, but it's a song. And it's the thought that counts, right? Right?

Let's all raise a toast to Caleb! Listen to his music instead!

abnegateamity.bandcamp.co m

Alright, enough praising. Enjoy this song, if you will.

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This... Is great.

I wouldn't put it past me to have an autobiography out soon =P However, I'd definitely give you a free copy. You get free stuff all the time =P

Thanks for this awesome piece man, I can think of only one way to say thanks, and it's something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Dedicate a song to the 3, Lamp, Ref, Fire. You all 3 need a song. I just haven't written one.

I like your use of bells in this, you always seem to use some, but in this, they work really well, they stick in the background somewhat. I really really really like the strings, I like how they aren't constant. That's something I've always wanted to do, but I always make mine constant, which some what makes me disappointed. However, you don't have that issue, you just have the issue of rocking too much. Not like in a rocker chair... well, course, I've never seen you in a rocking chair... so I can't... what the heck. Off topic. Needless to say. This is full of win.

Once again, I'm having to think we are rivals when it comes to skill in classical. You say I'm better, however I think you're better. Maybe we're the best? We're tied for the best? I think we should have that =P We can both be happy then. Haha.

Thanks for the awesome song man!

*Raises browned Bread*

Lamplighter responds:

You're most certainly welcome! I guess writing songs is the only way for musicians to thank each other... and that's fine by me :)

Bells... I do always use those, don't I? I love bells, though. They're like reverb. And when I have bells and reverb together, it makes my heart go a-flutter. About the strings being broken... that's something I never even thought about until I made this song. I wanted to seem less chunky, if that makes sense. Having the strings not be constantly playing sorta adds some flow to the music that I like, and I feel silly for not thinking of it before.

That sentence about never seeing my in a rocking chair was the first part of this review that I read... haha. I had to get some context. I do love a good rocking chair.

Tied for the best? I'll settle for that. Your latest piece was fantastic, but this was one of my best as well so I think it'll be just nifty to call us even :)

Again, you're as welcome as a doormat (as long as it has 'Welcome!' written on it)

Very nice.

It was very nice, very calming. I do quite enjoy the quiet classical submissions. However, I need to agree with Bunk420. I also thought it needs something. For me, found it a little too repetitive until about 1:24. Still it's a great submission, I'm a little sad it was only 2:12, really wish there was more (feels like there should be more). Hope to see some more amazing submissions from you soon! Great job!

Lamplighter responds:

You know what, I'll be working on this again soon. I'll let you know when I come out with the next version. Thanks for listening, and hopefully there will be more of this type of music. It all depends.


this was great, i really enjoied it. i wish i had your talent

Lamplighter responds:

I wish you had my talent, too. The world would be better place :)

I do lol

I really have a soft spot in my music for classical, celtic, blues and bluegrass. I like the song. Though it seems as if it needs somthing else. I would suggest maybe some precussion and a few fills from the piano. Kinda build it up a bit you know? other than that great song 8) 8/10 4/5

Lamplighter responds:

I was actually thinking about some percussion, but I didn't want to spoil the first half and the second half seemed to cluttered with percussion. I'm going to go back and edit this eventually, I think. Thanks for reviewin'!


I love peaces like this, it has a lot of feeling to it, you did a wonderful job on this. very powerful

Lamplighter responds:

Thanks a bunch, antiface :) I really appreciate it!

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