Eva (Demo)

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This is Super Saw Dance :), enjoy. If you have any comment or ideas i would like to read them. Thanks for your time and god bless :).

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Nice dance song, man, I liked the simple beat it has, it's a new beat, I never heard this beat before, that's a nice beat for a Dance song, pretty animated and cool, it has a happy atmosphere, I liked the both beginning and the end, I liked the end, it got a bit sad when you stopped the beat, but, it was great! I love to listen to songs like this one, animated and happy.

I liked the song, the beat was pretty cool, but I don't wanna give you a bad grade. I wanna wait 'til the full version comes out. Then, I'll give you the right and deserved grade for the song. Anyways, keep it u w/ the good work, you have potential, man!

(Review Request Club)

Review Request Club

Very upbeat start, you've set up quite a fast pace but I guess that's pretty much what you want in a dance track xD Liked the little break into piano before the heavier section came back in at 0:25 again; was a nice little break from all that synth. You've got a lot of synths going on here, I think most generally work, the higher one at 0:50ish could have maybe done with being an octave lower because it did cut through the texture a fair bit and you've already got a fair bit going on. Even in the quiet sections you've got about 4 sounds going on.
I like the drum beat; it's quite simpole, but keeps changing up a little bit so it stays interesting and brings in each new section quite well.

By the 2nd minute I think your problem is by no means a lack of structural variety more than it is perhaps an overabundance of it. You change sections very often, though the fast pace is still the same. I think this could have done with some slower sections as well as fast ones with changing instrumentation.

In the same way, you've got a lot of synths, but perhaps a few too many that it gets a little overcomplicated, and the piano and 'chorus' synth are perhaps the only things typing everything together; without them you've just got a whole pile of synths together. One point to look at improvement would be maybe downsizing a little; cutting out a few unnecessary synths and working through the sections a little more. A slow more ambient section would probably be something of a reprieve in the middle as this is quite a fast track and you'd be quite tired if you'd danced for the whole thing xD. There's a lot of good in here, I think an editing ear just needs to be brought in to maybe take out a few things and give it more of a polished feel.

-Review Request Club

Not bad for a start

This is ok. It sounds like you've used a fair amount of the FL preset sounds though, it sounds fairly similar to alot of other stuff on here to me. The little piano break is quite nice, that does make it a little different.

Your melody needs work though, it's in there, I can just about make it out but it needs to a bit more interesting in terms of phrasing and rhythm. Many of the notes come in on the half beat and a lot of the jumps are similar. You need to come up with a definite structure in this song as well, the song doesn't really lead me anywhere, it just meanders about.

I recommend thinking very carefully about where you want the song to go. Question yourself at every juncture. Does adding this part make sense? Could I do with another change of pace here? Does this build lead into anything? etc. The piano break is nice but it doesn't appear to lead into anything.

Some of your arrangement is a little confused as well. A lot of the parts are stepping on each others toes. You should focus on giving every single part a space in the mix in terms of frequency and volume. You seem to have wacked everything up really loud here so there are no dynamic changes which gets boring.

The initial idea is ok but is a little underdeveloped. Work on a more definite melody with better phrasing and think about your sections and you could have a cool little track here.

Review Request Club.


-You sir did a swell job incorporating many synths into this song that kept the pace and excitement up. I would like to see the finished product be a little slower or add an additional instument with a slower pace as to add a new dimension.

-Overall nice start and since it's just a demo I can't wait for the finished product.

Nice start for a demo, Brass!

It's been a long while since I've been on Newgrounds. Not a bad start for a demo, Bracksta. As always you're a talented producer in the genres you usually excel at including 'super saw dance'. I love the systematic usage of synths in this jam. Can't wait to hear the full, actual version of 'Eva'. God bless to you too, my friend. Prolockman out! Lol. :)

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Apr 28, 2010
2:52 PM EDT
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