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Our Nova Pt. 2

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Author Comments

This is part two of Our Nova. The melody is similar, but still has is own unique flavor, and the same instrument is used but this time it's arpeggiated. As stated before, the message of this song is that we all should start afresh and try to fix the wrongs and faults we have encountered and caused.
Even though this song is about a beginning, it would work well for ending credits too. Hence the video game genre.
Please, let me know what you think! RATE/REVIEW. Thanks and enjoy!


Gotta give it up

This was just one hell of a fun track to listen to XD Pretty inspirational and uplifting in the melodies. The transitions are smooth as hell, and everything overall just flows so smooth. I love the buildups in here, and especially how they mellow back out, just to jump into another buildup XD FREAKING AWESOME SONG!


DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks man! I'm really glad you liked it!


You know how they do live painting and stuff. where you can watch people do art work live. I can see this being played there.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Haha thanks man. Yea, I can see that too. I've never been to one of those but one day I will check it out. (I currently live in a small, ignorant, boring ass town/city but I'm going to college soon in a diverse city)


Man, I'm just impressed, the song has a beautiful sound, it seems like a painting!! I could think in a scenery while I was listening to this, the instruments sounded great, and the start gave a kind of good feeling for me... The middle of the song was pretty cool, too, it sounded perfectly, the whole melodies, the sounds, everything is fine, I can't think in something wrong in it, I just got hypnotized while I was listening to this song, man, it's simply beautiful...

The secret of the perfect sound is the slow parts, the slow begin... With a slow begin, the listener feels more confortable to listen to the song, I loved the begin, it sounded so perfect, so great, it seemed that I was in the top of a mountain, watching the breeze passing trough the trees leafs, it's a great feeling, man, Awesome...

I loved this song, man, you hve a great potential, keep it up, man, I wanna listen more from you, awesome job.

(Review Request Club)

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review man! Yea, this song is most likely my "Mona Lisa" of songs. I really don't think I'll ever create something as wonderful in my life ever again. After starting its production, I was like "make it as perfect as possible," because I didn't want to ruin its potential.
The beginning was what I really stressed as well. I try to make my intros really nice because that's what will catch the listeners attention to hear the rest of the song. Haha, I just finished up a year of high-school level marketing so that actually had an influence on my audio production believe it or notXD

I'm really glad you liked my song, and if you are looking for more from me, check out "Golden Paradise." It rivals this song IMO. Not in style, but in enjoyability.
And more from me is on its way. I'm basically done with high school now so I now have all the time in the world to make music (at least until college startsXD)

Review Request Club

I think the bass at the start is a touch too aggressive, I think you could have maintained the pace it sets without having it at such a high velocity; also giving the track more chance to build up.
The high notes at 0:42 ish were really nice and came out of the texture really nicely by the start of the first minute. These light automations and stuff made the first minute a pretty nice buildup. The lead melody is really nice; obviously very happy and major, but works well for it. The random higher notes were sort of a hitandmiss for me, in that sometimes I thought they really worked and others I thought it was a little too up-in-the-air.

The higher countermelody was also really nice; the way it was a little quieter added to that atmosphere all that much more, because you avoided it cutting through everything else. Those two lead synths really do well to carry the rest of the texture up til about 2:30, just because it kept changing up enough to support the accompaniment which theretofor stayed pretty similar. When things changed up at 2:30 it was really nicely done; again, quite a subtle transition but differs enough to keep the sound fresh and interesting. The depth of atmosphere is really stellar throughout, which is definitely commendable.

As a track, it's pretty faultless and you tick all the boxes. Could definitely see this in a flash, either at the start and the finish...or any place in between, really. Great mood, great sounds and atmosphere...if you were looking for points of improvement, you could consider extending it and putting in a few more sections, perhaps some a few slower or more airy, ambient sections, or just adding more of the same into a longer track, but in general I'd say it isn't broke, so don't put too much effort into fixing it if you're fine as it is. Really nicely done.

-Review Request Club

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks man! I really like your opening advice. That will come REALLY handy in my future songs. Hmm, thanks for pointing out the high notes! If I'm sure of what you mean, that's just the resonance from the main synth. I'm glad you like its sound. It's always good to know the kinds of sounds your listeners like.

About making it longer, I can't really do that, because actually, my songs tend to be too long actually. Yes, I see where you're coming from, but length is usually best suited for trance, you know?

I'm glad you really liked my song, thanks for the review!

Aboslutely amazing...

While, just like every other submission, this isn't perfect, I was extremely impressed by this. This is clearly better than part one; it's much more catchy, the atmosphere is much deeper and more powerful, and I think I agree with sixflab that this is an excellent example of when not everything sounds epic in a fast tempo. This is a really good submission, and I seriously think you've improved greatly from your older submissions (not to say those were bad, though =P). Keep up the constant improvement!

The melodies are obviously really happy. They have this sort of emotion to them which really fit with the theme of 'start afresh, fix errors'. I think the only thing that I don't like about the melodies would be that they suddenly jump up to a really high note (for example, 1:17 and 1:26). This sometimes works in music, but I don't think it's the case over here. The notes seem to stand out too much, and when listening to your amazing melody and hearing those notes play, you think 'ouch, what was that?' and it shifts your attention away. Probably the simplest and best way to fix this is just shifting those individual notes down an octave.

The harmony, well, I can take it for granted that it's extremely well done :3. You had loads of different instruments playing together, and some playing entirely different notes and melodies, yet dissonance is nowhere to be seen (or heard in this case). Atmosphere is also brilliant. You found a cross between spacey and emotional/joyous, which might be what makes this piece so distinguishable from other trance/VG music out there. Alternate melodies this time were all over the place, although at times the song got really cluttered and it was hard to keep track of, which brings me to the complaint I did in the other review; that this has no calmer parts, no ambient parts, nothing. I think if you play a calm part before some sort of climax, the climax itself will give more of an impact. Even then, the listener does need some sort of break...

The instruments are pretty similar to the ones in Part 1, although there were some new additions I think, such as the sound at 2:33 which added a nice layer to the piece. I liked the gated synth at the beginning too, although the rhythm you used was terribly generic. The bassline sounded REALLY awesome, I won't complain about it, and the mix was nice too, even though the song got really loud and blaring at times. As for effects, I was impressed. The filter automation on the synth at the end was great, and so were the sweeps you used around the song. That little portamento-like effect you did on one of the notes at 3:02 was really cool as well :3.

The transitions are all very impressive, and although there weren't any which actually standed out, the transitions were smooth. New instruments were all introduced pretty well, except the gated synth at the beginning, which came in too abruptly in my opinion. The structure is interesting and unique. Not too simple, but not crazily complicated either. Variety on the whole was very nice too, since you had quite a lot of melodies. The intro was OK, although I think the bass started the song up a bit too roughly. Maybe you can add a sweep to start the song out instead? Ending, on the other hand, was great.

The drums were pretty well done. I think the main problem I have with them was that they were so hard to hear. I can't really give much criticism on the drums, since a lot of the time they were drowned out by the synths. Still, from what I heard, the drums were decently varied, the samples were cool, and I also really like the beats you did with the drums; they were definitely a nice chance from the usual kick every beat, clap every other beat, an open hat in-between and a hi-hat line if we get lucky. My only complaint with the drums would be the fact that they were so soft.

In general, this definitely beats Part 1, and I enjoyed it a LOT. I hope you continue making masterpieces, because you sure are good at it! :D
Fav'd as an artist.

-Review Request Club-

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Haha thanks! I really love your reviews! I really like your suggestions. I always take your suggestions into consideration, and that's why my songs get better and better, because of the advice of you, and other people as well, thanks!
I was in love with the portamento haha. It was totally accidental too, but I was like "wow that sounded amazing." Yea, some people said the drums were a little soft. Idk, I found them to be smooth. But in my next song, I will make them a little more prominent. Lol, I know that the gate was generic, but I just love that generic gate rhythm lol. And even, it wasn't meant to be interpreted in a generic sense. Just think of the bass and the gate as one, then you will feel its warmness. This song started out with me dicking around in FL, and i was playing the bass line and the gate at the same time, and got this idea. This is probably my most golden track, I really love it. I'm glad you loved the bassline. Haha, it's the happiest bassline in the world. Every song with a Do Mi Fa So progression always brings joy.
Thanks for the review! I will continue to make great tracks, don't worry!
Btw, you can check out my new song, Golden Paradise. It's probably one of my favs.

- Isomatic

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4.40 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Video Game
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7.6 MB
4 min 47 sec

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