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Our Nova Pt. 1

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Author Comments

I made this song about a month ago, and I had it up on NG for like a day, but then took it down because I wanted to put it in someone's collaborative album. But it's like the album project got trashed so I thought I might as well put it back up on NG.
When I began making this song, it was getting really nice outside, the winter ended super early. That explains the really good mood of the song.
This song was originally supposed to be for my school's talent show, but I performed another song instead.
As for the name, Our Nova, it basically means that we all should always try to start afresh and fix the faults we have encountered. This is part one in a two part movement.
Well, enjoy! Please REVIEW/RATE and lemme kno what you think!


Good song

I really like your songs, man, I think you have a great potential, and I saw your potential in this song, it's completely well done, the beats are very well syncronized, there is something different in this song, the beats aren't normal, you really did a great job variating a little more.

The main beat is awesome, the sound is great, if fitted really well to the song, it's very animated, it's a great song to listen, I felt something new, I never felt something like this when I listened one song, this one was completely new, and I liked the variations, I can't say more things, I just loved the whole song...

As I said above, I loved the whole song, but, why did I give you a 9?? Because of the competely loud sounds, man, they're too loud!! My ears are a bit tired now... But, anyways, I loved the song, man, you have a great potential, keep it up w/ the good work!!

(Review Request Club)

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks man! Yea, this song is pretty different. Judging by all the reviews, it seems like this song has impacted many.
Yea, the loudness of my music...I really got to work on that. Don't worry, I'll improve on that during the summer, where I'll be making music left and right.
I'm glad you like my music! Thanks! I do have a new song out called Golden Paradise. Feel free to check it out.

Review Request Club

Really liked the start, though I'd turned my headphones up a little too loud and almost took my head off with it xD. But anyway. I like how you bring the different sounds in, especially how there's so many melodic aspects to the main tune.
When the drum does come in at 0:40, I think it could do with being a little more brought out of the atmosphere, because I could barely hear it over everything else. However, they have a nice beat to them and it compliments the rest of the synths well. Damn, this is a very happy track.

That being said...by the second minute it started dragging, for me. What was playing had no fault to it in itself, you had some really nice sounds and there's a great texture along with the pretty stellar melodies...but everything is pretty much set up by 0:40, and stays that way for a pretty extended length of time. And so when you do start changing things up a little more for the next few sections, it starts feeling repetitive a lot quicker than it should. The thing, especially with tracks of this length, is that you don't want any sections to overstay their welcome, because the subsequent sections will start to feel drag-y even if their lengths are fine. None of the ideas you have in this are bad, it's just that they're a little too spread out to be fully appreciated.

As some other people have said, you could probably use a little more variety in general. Either having a few more sets of drum beats to change up the feel a little, more automations on the melody lines to keep it sounding fresh and interesting, mixing the faster heavy sections that you do have with some slower, ambient sections (I really liked the opening synth you had, wouldn't have minded that coming back into prominence later on), or even just some generally more quiet sections. Dynamics definitely could do with a second look because the levels did get kinda piercing in places. In general though, you've got a really nice track here. Was a little too long to get the full marks, but definitely has pretty much everything it needs to be a solid track. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review! Yea, length has always been my problem, and it's something I'm working on. Also, loudness is my problem too. I'm trying day by day to practice and improve on those aspects. Thanks for the review, because it definitely contributes to my future knowledge of audio.
I have a new song out, it's called Golden Paradise. I need some nice suggestions there as well.

Wow :D

I suppose there are some different opinions on this. Some people think that Pt. 1 is better, some people think Pt. 2 is better, most people like the melodies, some people don't, some people don't mind the loudness, some people do, etc, but personally I think this is one of your best submissions. The only reason why I'm giving you a 9 is the usual reason: the length. You seem to stretch the same melodies or the same beats again and again till you drag it on to a huge length. I'd love it if you make a condensed version of this, because then I'd download it for sure. Wow, long intro xD.

The melodies are amazing. They're very catchy, upbeat and euphoric, plus they all compliment each other very well. Still, the beauty of this submission doesn't only lie in its fantastic melodies and great blend, but also the amazing harmonizing you've done, as usual. However, not to doubt your godly harmony skills, but I think 3:27 sounds a little weird. Could be just me (I suck so much at harmonizing), but I think there's a note somewhere there which sounds a little off. I won't reduce any points for it though, since as I said, it could be just me. Chord progression was awesome. Still, I agree with Shellac about the loudness. Turn it down a little, and EQ it. It'll definitely help fix some static and clipping too.

One thing which I don't really like in this submission would be the fact that it never changes mood. It's happy and upbeat for the whole song. No tempo changes, no breaks, no ambient parts, and no noticeable climax. Sure, the song has its moments, but I never seem to find any grand climax in the song. Heck, even a quick and noticeable change to a minor scale for a few bars would be nice.

What I'm trying to say is, while I REALLY like the joyous and fast-paced mood that the song has, I think it lacks a few dynamic changes, and if you add them I think they might even fix your repetition problem a little. Dance music doesn't have to be all powerful :). Perhaps F-777's We Believe Ep's might help you out, namely Ep. 1 which has quite a few changes to ambient, Ep. 6 which has nice buildups and Ep. 7 which has a very well transitioned key change.

The instruments all sound very nice, and there was a good amount of different instruments. Loved the choir sound at the beginning, and what I like is that the saw waves you used weren't that rough, even though saw waves are usually rough, and so they didn't interfere with the happy mood. The gated rhythms used in this were also pretty good, if not a bit generic. The effects were good, so nice job there. My only complaint is that the synth at 3:12 was quite ear piercing.

Transitions overall were nice. Some instruments came in a little suddenly, but that's not much of a problem. I liked your reverse cymbals, they provided some good transitions (damn, that reverse cymbal at 0:20 is long xD). There was a nice buildup in the intro too, although I would've liked to see some buildups somewhere else too.

The structure was all over the place. Melody after melody came in, complimenting each other, and although the piece never got too random, at times it got hard to follow because of the crazy structure. Condensing this song to around 3:00 or so would definitely help keep the structure solid. Variety was good, although the only problem with the variety is what I said above: this needs more style/mood/rhythm changes. The intro was amazing, and I won't complain about it for sure, although the ending was a little weird. It leaves you saying 'Eh? Thats how it ends?'. I even checked if it matches well with Pt. 2, but it still doesn't.

The drums sound really nice, and I like your beat, but the drums surely need more variety. Sure, drum variety in Dance isn't too important, but you only had about 2-3 drum beats for a whole 6 minutes, so I think you should vary them more :).

Anyway, overall, keep it up! Hit me up if you condense this, I'll be sure to download it. Also, if you respond to this, you'll be giving me my 300th Audio Response :P.

-Review Request Club-

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Wow! Thanks's so much for the review! I'm sorry I wasnt able to respond to it earlier, I've been pretty busy. Haha, I like how you called me the "Harmony god" lol. I try my best to make harmonizing my trademark haha. I read and reread everything you said. I will make a shortened version, but I need to finish some other projects first. And I hope this would be your 300th response, but I guess im a lil too late lol=P
Thanks for the wonderful advice! It was really helpful! I'm looking forward to more of your reviews!
P.S. lol, before you reviewed this, it was a 4.24, and after you said you five'd it, it was still a 4.24 lol.


This is way too loud dude. I'm running windows vista at the moment and my sound is set to volume 18 out of a hundred and I've had to turn the NG player down to it's lowest point to avoid having my head taken off. This track needs mastering man, louder is definitely not better as you don't get any feel or dynamics. All of your parts are turned up to 11 so I can't tell what I'm meant to be focusing on. I'm just being bombarded with noises. There is clipping between 14 and 20 seconds as you introduce the synth, particularly in the left channel.

The track isn't bad having said that though. You need some variety in your melody lines, the long notes are too static and get a little annoying to listen to. You can put vibrato, glide and pitch bends on long notes to make the melodies more interesting. and you need to change them up too. Make them prevalent and add harmonies, counter-point and call and response. Your melody should be the center of attention in your songs and here it is being drowned out.

This track is way too long. There's a fair amount of repetition and I can't tell what the structure is. It's all just ON and loud all the time! You need to give the listener hints as to which parts are the most exciting by adding dynamics and builds. You have some nice basic sounds but your melodies and mastering need work.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Hmm, I like this review. Its very constructive. Well, I will take into consideration everything you said. I agree, it does get too loud, and my mastering does need work. I'm horrible at it. I thought the melodies were pretty nice, but we all have our own interpretations. And for harmonies, the gated pads harmonize with the bass and the melody. And from 1:36-1:50 there is a huge emphasis on harmonics, so you would have to agree, I made a pretty good attempt at that.
Well, I read and understood everything you said, and I really am thankful for your constructive criticism.

Excellent and uplifting!


There really isn't anything wrong with this piece.
All the sounds work really well, and the music flows together in a very organic way.

I guess if I needed to take an issue with this it would be the length, it's really long,
and I feel because of this the track does feel like it repeats itself a little.

Still it's not a bad song, and I certainly feel the vibe you were going for,
so overall I think you succeeded in the mood you were trying to invoke.

Well done,
- Celx
~Review Request Club~

P.S. I wanted to review this sooner, but I was tied up with a bunch of stuff at work.
Also I'm gonna start to tackle shark tomorrow so that should be done soon too!

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review!
Yea, I noticed the song was pretty lengthy as well, and I've been trying my best to shorten my songs (I made great progress with part two). I'm glad I met the goals of this song.
Yea, I completely understand. No rush, don't worry about it.
I cant wait for Shark to be done, I'm really eager to start scoring stuff.

- Isomatic

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4.31 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2010
1:13 AM EDT
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6 min 11 sec

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