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Dream Among The Stars


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very calm but still progressive. i like it.


i really like this kind trance music. so calm and yet so full energy. Keep up the good work!

One of your best...

Haven't reviewed you in a while - missed my reviews? :3. Anyhow, I should probably review this, seeing as along with a few other of your songs like Crystalline Cloudscape and Soar, this is one of your songs which I listen to the most. Why it wasn't accepted in the EP is a mystery, but whatever...

The atmosphere of this submission is undoubtedly what stands out in it. The sounds are all so well chosen, from the piano which keeps the main melody flowing wonderfully to the background instruments such as the choir with the cool EQ on it. The atmosphere definitely reminds me of a starry night sky, which I assume was the intention you had when making the song.

I also like the little details you put into this such as the echoing click sounds which you can hear pretty clearly at around 2:27 and the constant sweeping sound you had going in the background. Not only did these small additions fill up the background nicely but they contribute a lot to the atmosphere, which is awesome. The various effects around the song were also very fitting.

Still, what probably did it for me would be the two climaxes, especially the one at 1:41. Just hearing the transition from a calm part with minimalistic percussion to a sudden cool sweep effect and a much more powerful climax is amazing, which brings me to the transitions. They are all so smooth, strengthened by some superb effects. I also love the subtle entrance of the piano at the beginning, playing the main melody.

Now for the structure, and this is also excellent (as usual I'm finding it hard to stop complimenting you in my reviews). What I particularly liked was that despite the fact that the melody didn't change that much throughout the song, this definitely doesn't get repetitive at all, probably because of all the different layers of sound you put into this, as Kebess pointed out. The fact that a similar melody plays continuously throughout the song made it very memorable and catchy.

Speaking of melodies, the melody here is great in my opinion, albeit a bit more unoriginal than the other aspects of the song. As I already said, it's catchy and has a great hook to it. What I think was a particularly nice touch was the fact that in the softer parts you can hear the melody very clearly but when the song reaches a climax the other sounds take over and even then you can faintly hear the melody playing in the background. This is original because you usually hear melodies being played in the foreground and the other atmospheric sounds complimenting it, not the other way round.

Maybe you could've changed the melody a bit since the song basically revolves around that same melodic idea, but like I said, it's not too much of a problem since the number of different layers of sounds and effects provide enough variety to keep me interested for the whole four minutes that the song plays in.

Regarding the production, I really don't have much to say. Everything was EQ'd to perfection and the song was just the right loudness. Not much to talk about when it comes to the intro and outro either, since they were both awesome. The intro began perfectly with a calm and peaceful sweeping effect followed by the piano, and additionally the song ended flawlessly.

The only one thing which I'm not really that keen on here is the percussion. The drum sounds themselves are pretty good, namely the clap/snare, but I just don't think the percussion is up to standard with the energy that this track manages to possess. It could be just me though, I'm not particularly good with techno drums myself anyway...

All in all, this is one of my favourite songs from you and it's only fair to review it after I listen to it around three play-through's a day while walking alone in the out-of-bounds sections of school in the lunchbreak >.>. If I had to really complain about anything, it'd be the percussion, and maybe the fact that you could fit in a few alternate melodies, but these minor faults aren't enough to make me lose interest in this song by far. Keep up the good work!

-Review Request Club-

ErikMcClure responds:

The drums have always bothered me in this song but I've never dared touch it for fear of ruining its atmosphere.


Dreams are unknown thoughts that tell a story. Sometimes, it is a fortune tellar, or something falsely tragic. They truly are the greatest things that ever happen. And if you believe enough, they may come true.

Wtf did i just wrote? Anyways, love the song.


I know I am late but i just found out that this song was finished. I loved the demo.
Also i was making a song but I gotten lost because of a virus, Funny thing it was the same name as this.

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Apr 27, 2010
7:53 PM EDT
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