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I might start uploading more stuff here, maybe, though I doubt with the same frequency as I did before. But anyways, here's a start with a kind of cinematic sort tune using some rather unconventional samples (from a fun little contest, actually). Sorry for the lower bitrate, but had to use it due to the length of the piece. If you want a higher quality version, or want to check out some of the other cool entries, go here: http://iiichan.net/boards /music/res/10420.html

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Review Request Club

I get the idea that you just kept writing until its done, but at least for NG you have to take the size limit into account; it's better to have two higher-quality tracks that were meant to be one than to have one lower-quality track for the sake of keeping everything together, sometimes. That being said, onto the track:

The opening synth was interesting, had quite an unconventional melody to it, but I think it wasn't supported enough by other synths; it needed a bass line or a warm pad behind it just so it wasn't playing by "itself" for the first 40 seconds with just the drum underneath. The drums as well...didn't really work in my mind, it felt like they lacked a sharpness or any kind of attack to them, so it was just some form of wishy-washy percussion in the background, instead of the kind of backing you'd expect in a DnB song.

The change of melody at 0:40 and how it developed further at 1:00 was nicely done, but the lead synth wasn't quite loud enough; it needed that extra volume to bring it out more in the texture. That and I keep hearing these incidental synths which are again, too quiet to really be heard completely. I think in general a second look at the mixing wouldn't go amiss.

The section at 1:40 was a nice change because you started getting more depth with some pad-like synths, but again I think the levels were a little low, and by 2:10 you almost completely lose me because everything changes into this kind of whole jumble of different things, and into what sounds like something entirely new by 2:30. To the point where I'd say you could have split it at 2:10-2:30 and make two songs.

The new section is quite frantic, but it works for it, because you've got a depth with some bassier synths and the drum beat is a little more conventional...if very fast. There seems to be an odd silence at 3:22 and 3:42, for about a second? Might just've been the computer slowing down, but it seemed quite awkward. I think I'd agree with the previous reviews and say you need a slower section in this just to even out the drums and keep the pace a little less crazy; 8 minutes of fast pace, especially 8 minutes of fast percussion, can get quite tiresome.

And at 4:45 again it seems to go into an entirely new song again for at least 50 seconds before reverting back to the previous section...ish. I think if you'd said "I put three tracks together to see if they'd work", I wouldn't have called you a liar.

The section at 5:20-6:40 seemed quite lost in itself...like there wasn't as much choerency as there could have been between everything. In a sense I think the drums could have done with being less frantic then, because the synths themselves are quite laid back and creepy, so it would have worked well as a slower section. The ending minutes seem quite drawn out in themselves, I think you could have halved the ending and not down yourself much detriment.

Annnd i'm running out of characters. So...in general, I think you could split this song up into smaller chunks. That'd let you increase the bitrate, and maybe polish off each section a little more. You've got a LOT of variety in this, to the point where I think there's too much; there needs to be something that links everything together in some way, and it seems like in parts it moves onto completely different areas. There's some good ideas, I think they just need to be condensed into a smaller timeframe so you have a chance to pick out the best ones and make a really solid, shorter track. You've got some nice elements of frantic and creepy, so just find a way to bring them together in a shorter time and you're fine. Sorry for the ramblesome review.

-Review Request Club

shizeet responds:

Thanks for the comprehensive review. Again, I didn't write this specifically for NG, as mentioned in my description, else I'd probably would've kept the length lower. Also, the quality of the track really isn't so much degraded by the lower bitrate (most of the samples weren't very high quality to begin with) as much as it is by mixing, which I didn't spend a lot of time on.

The opening melody was more of a bassline/chorus riff rather than a full theme, though the instrument was kind of lacking in bass. Agree with the drums though, didn't really spend enough time processing/mixing them to pierce through enough the often thick mix.

The next part the melody really wasn't played on a "lead" synth (that instrument ended up being used as more as a pad throughout), but due to the somewhat limited instrument availability, I felt that it could work there as a contrast since it was a relatively less busy section.

2:10 was meant as a climax/breakdown of sorts, not sure why you didn't get that. The section right after is actually just a quick redux of the 1:40 section but with different instrumentation. Actually, there really isn't a lot of completely new sections throughout, mostly just older ones reimagined. I'll post a full section breakdown at the end of this response.

Drums might be too fast here, but I wouldn't count the parts before and after as fast paced - felt it was of a more moderate pace to me :/. Those silences were intentional, but weren't executed very well. Think I needed to leave some stuff still playing for it to sound more convincing.

4:45 was certainly the part that truly be could called a "new song", since I did recycle the ideas from another piece I started on but abandoned. I did make this part somewhat more busy on purpose since there really wasn't much melody to digest most of the time. Probably could've made it work well with better mixing though.

The ending, though, I actually felt had it more or less spot on. It was really meant as a huge release of sorts since this section has been building up and down for the last 4 or so minutes - making it too short wouldn't serve it justice in my opinion.

But anyways, thanks again for the review. I didn't feel it ramblesome at all and it really did help me better understand your perception of the piece section by section - and also gives me a lot more to respond to ;).

Structure (roughly):

A - B - A - C - Transition/Climax - C' - C'' - A' - (A' + B) - D - D - B' - D - B'' - D - B''' (with modified melody from C") - D - B'''' - D - End
*B', B'', and B'''' sections use a modified version of the A section bassline/motif

Very long

-It's quite understandable for the bit-rate to be low with the sheer length of this song. Try limiting your work to somewhere between 3-5 minutes so you don't have to worry about bit-rate and can upload higher quality tracks.

-It's a bit too frenetic and fast paced overall through the song. There weren't enough breaks or additional slow elements to balance out the drums.

-Even with that aspect I did like how eerie it felt in the later stages of the song. It has potential to have a flash video made for it if someone took the time to build around it.

-Review Request Club

shizeet responds:

Yeah, normally I don't compose stuff nearly this long. But I also rarely set time limits for most of my stuff - just keep on going until I feel it's fairly finished heh. The criticism about lack of breaks and such is understandable; I did want to have some less groove driven, slower parts, but the program I used for this is rather "gridlocked" so it's kind of hard to do that convincingly without recording it live. Thanks for the review.

certainly interesting

I can definately see this being used in an arcade type game. I'm sorry but the superspeedyfast drums bring down the piece. I think if the drums had not been so frantic, the piece would have been a solid 8. at parts the drums didnt really match the other parts. I can also see this being split up into a couple separate songs.

rev req club kinda

shizeet responds:

Thanks for the review. The drums in the middle might be bit fast, but I don't think it's that atypical for some DnB stuff. But in the end it's all up to taste.
Also, for splitting into multiple songs, I imagine it could work, though my aim was to keep it somewhat holistic even with all the variations.

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Apr 26, 2010
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