Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final

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Here it is, the FINAL version of my Lance Battle Theme. I didn't leave a retarded cliffhanger ending this time. Instead I made it loop! I also had a clip of Dragonite's cry sounding really badass at 3:31 during the silence. It was pretty amazing but... it's a copyrighted clip and I'd rather not get banned for something that stupid.

Hope you like it!

Technical Audiophile Information:
- Guitar, drums, and midi synth all programmed/composed/recor ded by Burn7
- Bassline by Burn7, played by Forestlomn
- 9 Rhythm guitar takes
- 87 Solo guitar takes (I was having a bad day)
- 6 Bass takes
- Rendered at 192k 24bit 5.1 digital surround enabled.
- 2 Angry yelling sprees. (I was having a really bad day)


=D awesome

Woooooooooooo! im not a real fan of hard rock but this is good nice job with the drums and the guitars lol

Burn7 responds:

Ha, well thanks! And how can you possibly NOT like harder rock?! COME ON! Lol

it's there

Everything does sound like there was no leveling and everything is just blaring....however i've been playing heartgold and this sounds like another option for a remix of it.

Burn7 responds:

Oh come on. There was leveling. Of course there was leveling. It doesn't clip at all, does it?

I agree, knowing the things I now know about mixing and mastering that there are things that definitely could be better.

Very Cool

Although some bits just seem slightly wrong somehow, I'm not entirely sure why. It just doesn't sound right.
But other than that it's very cool.

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Burn7 responds:

Hmm... if you could point out where and why I could go about fixing it. Or checking why it sounds wrong.

Well done

This goes on to explain why Gold and Silver has always been my favourite series

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Burn7 responds:

Hell yes, G/S/C for lyfe.


I thought Lance's theme was pretty cool beforehand, but when I heard this...I was driven to tears.

You mixed the in-game music with your own audio takes splendidly, and it had just the right amount of metal and bass in it, and the quality was mindblowing. The edits you made from the older version were smart, it would be a shame to be banned over a 2-second clip.
I give it a 9, simply because giving it a 10 would be saying it's perfect, and since there's no such thing as perfect music, that would damage both your credibility and mine. But I still think this is awesome. You did really well.

Now I need to find some album artwork that can match the epicness of the song.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks for your kickass review. I tried to mix in bass so as to appease those who play it. I also tried to make the drums believably real. And being brought to tears wasn't exactly my intention, but... alrighty! haha

And if you find some artwork let me know! Because I'm not exactly the best graphic designer ever to walk to earth, and I'd like something at least decently cool.

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Apr 25, 2010
10:22 PM EDT
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