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Into the Stratosphere

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Author Comments

Once again, I return to my slightly-progressive Trance roots. As usual, it builds, so don't be afraid to wait for it. I'm starting to realize just how much delay I can actually get away with, without messing up the song. Anyway, enjoy, my computer almost crashed in the making of this.

And REVIEW, damnit! :D


I will review!

-I'm going to assume that your computer almost crashed due to the sheer amazing-ness of the song you were putting together here. I mean should I expect anything less from you? Most of your work is some of the highest quality that comes into the audio portal and I always look forward to listening to your stuff.

-It comes in a tad slow for my tastes but the melody and pace quickly pick up speed when everything starts to come into fruition at about the two minute mark. You get by with the slow start but I wouldn't try pushing it any longer unless you are going to start making longer songs. Having the intro be half of the song takes away from the diversity that you can create.

-That being said the second half of the song was more diversified and even though there were less transitions involved there was a lot going on so changing instrument structure in the song could of been detrimental if a problem arised. But nonetheless everything was crisp and clean. You ran this at a very high bitrate and it shows.

-Review Request Club

DjMindsweeper responds:

My work? Some of the highest quality that comes into the audio portal you say?
That's quite flattering, I didn't expect that...
So, maybe I should cut down a tad on my intros, or perhaps, divide them into intro, second intro, Midsection transitional, and exit of intro? XD Yeah, I have a tendency to stretch them out a bit...
Anyways, I'm glad you liked it! It's very encouraging.

Review Request Club

0:00-Initial sweep felt a little out of place, but what came after was nicely written.
0:14-Nice bass and drum; thought the kick was a little on the muted side, but not extremely so.
0:30-Love the synth that comes in. The synths in general were picked well; really love that occasional high note, which shouldn't-fit-melodically-but-does, not to mention the fact it actually plays throughout that track, acting as a little quirky tie between the sections.
0:55-Nice break. You definitely have a good knowledge of delay, or are at least gaining one quickly.
1:28-Love the bassy boom, gives a nice sense of gravitas and atmosphere which levels out with the higher synths; I think without it it would have felt very top-heavy, so nice thinking, there
1:54-The silence before the new section is very effective. Although you've kept the chords the same as before, the amount of transitions and breaks you've had in between times keeps the sound fresh and interesting to listen to.
2:45-The transition between the two lead synths is sliiightly too far apart, the melody feels quite absent for a second or so. Not overtly so, but just enough to be noticeable.
3:21-Can't remember whether you used this melody before, but it sounds new, nonetheless, so kudos.
3:44-Nice fadeout, I think where it not for the 'whoosh' sound at the start you could probably loop this. Or even use that ending to break into another new section if extending this crossed your mind.

You've got the buildups and transitions basically spot-on, doesn't mess up the song and indeed, adds a lot to it and there's always a sense of anticipation as you're not quite sure where the song can go next. Which is a nice change from some NG techno. Keep up the very good work. ;D

-Review Request Club

DjMindsweeper responds:

Yeah, that sweep in the beginning was supposed to have more stuff over it, but I never really got around to it, finally I decided that it gave the song a nice little unexpected element.
Also, I am literally THRILLED that someone actually noticed that subtle little high-note pad that you described as shouldn't-fit-melodically-but-does (Which is very true.) That was actually an accident. I was messing around with pads, trying to see if a slide would sound good, and instead of pressing Ctrl+left to nudge it a bit, I pressed Ctrl+Up and raised the whole thing an octave.
And finally, I just noticed what you mentioned about 2:45, the melody being absent. Now that you've pointed it out it seems so obvious, I have no idea how I didn't notice before.

I guess that's just a sign of a damn good review. : )


Awesome man. I couldnt help moving around. Then I just started spazzing at 2 minutes. Really nice man. If you get a lazy person like me moving there's hope for America yet! Keep it up or die! :)

DjMindsweeper responds:

Yes! I am going to play this at the nearest McDonalds as soon as I can!


This is trance. I love the intro with the synth-choir pad, very mellow and relaxing. I like the triangle arp at ~1:20, very spacey but still keeps the whole vibe going, 2:00 is definitely my favorite part of the song, I really love harpsichords and that's pretty much the synth version of one :P The outro fits pretty well, I like that you bring back the slow triangle arp from the beginning for a bit, it fits really well with the rest of the song. Lovely job on this one, you should be proud.

DjMindsweeper responds:

Proud, I most certainly am. Intresting what you said about the synth being like a harpischord...I was thinking nearly the same thing. 0.0 Uncanny?


OgottOgott (oh god oh god!) this really makes me happy! The way it builds up..oh..well oh my god! Have you ever considered becoming a pro???

DjMindsweeper responds:

You mean I'm not one already? XD! Haha, just kidding, but I may be on my way there... I already have a last.fm page! Thanks for the review.

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2010
4:41 PM EDT
File Info
7.1 MB
3 min 52 sec

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