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Too Awesome For Your Phone!

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Author Comments

Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Too much awesome to handle!

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1156499

Awesomesauce: n Something that is more awesome than awesome. It is a modifyer of your basic awesome into a more awesome version.

Cowbell: n. That of which more is needed.

Eargasm: n. The experience of hearing something (i.e. music) so incredible that it could be considered the auditory equivalent of an orgasm. Also adj. eargasmic.

Source: urbandictionary.com


Review Request Club

Really didn't understand the first 6 seconds; you had a really nice heavy riff going on after that, but before it it just seemed quite messy and just an excuse to use a phone sound, I really think that start needs a second look.
That besides, I liked the first heavy section, there was some nice guitar and drum work there...I think in parts the drum fills could have been a little more animated, but that's not that big a deal, especially for a ringtone (Consider making this into a fuller song at some point, this'd be an interesting track to hear without the ringtone restrictions, so to speak).

The second section at 0:30 was a nice transition that worked well, though the drums were definitely too quiet and the phone sound felt really out of place. Nice solo work, though.
The transition back into the heavier section worked a little less well when it just went down to the light drum beat, but that was only for a second or so. The addition of the strings (I think?) in the final section was nice, if a little unexpected. The phone sound coming in again was perhaps a little unnecessary; I think the phone sounds in general were more of a distraction that anything, though that could just be me.

-Review Request Club

SantaBro responds:

Hm, well I thought I'd begin it like that, kind of as a warning to the phone's owner that if you don't take it now, prepare to be shot in the face with a riff. Kinda. :) It's a ringtone after all so I think the cliche ringing tone fits.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll take all of into account if I eventually do a full-blown version of it. Cheers!


-I'm going to guess this was made for the sole purpose of ringtone use. It's a rock song with nice riffs but you can't elaborate it too much as speakers on phones really suck. Really good songs sound aweful on my phone just for this fact and I really hate it.

-Rich sound textures really make this enjoyable to listen to even if the bass is drubbed down a bit. I think you can do a lot with this concept if you decide to make a full blown song out of it.

-Review Request Club

SantaBro responds:

Thanks! I guess I could elaborate on the riffs and melodies, but not the general sound.

Nice and silly!

This is pretty good fun. I agree with Sawdust though, you need to allow a bit more space for the bass. You can just about hear it which isn't the case with most rock songs, they have lots of bass and guitars take up a little less room at the bottom end. Maybe you're right to optimise it for a ringtone but even then you can bring out the attack with compression and emphasise upper harmonics with distortion. Your acoustic sound is a bit flappy and lacks sustain and sparkle. Maybe old strings? Mic too far away? I'm not sure exactly what it is.

The scream at 5 seconds was pretty funny and I love the pizzicato strings you bring in at the end. I like the little dive bomb into that part too, it's a good fun track. Isn't it a bit long for a ring tone though? I would have given 7.5 so I'll round down for some of the mixing and give you 4/5 for your effort.

Review Request Club.

SantaBro responds:

Again I had to scoop out the bass as to not mud up the song when played on small speakers like those on phones. I'll see if I make a non-ringtone song out of this someday, then I'll definitively put in a fatter bass in it. The guitar parts have been compressed and distorted as far as I am willing to go and I'm not sure if I agree with you on the acoustic guitar :P

Thanks a lot for the review siiir

Good as a ringtone


It gets the job done as a ringtone properly enough, I love how it loops really great, how varied and rich in sounds and effects this is, I also love the tone you got out of your guitar, though I think some fuzz on top of the distortion would sound cool. I also loved the switch to acoustic guitar at around 0:38 where you also got some melody laid down, great part. It'd sound cooler probably with some pinch harmonics.

One gripe I have with this though is the apparent lack of bass. Sure, you EQd your guitar to have a lot of bass, but in the process you made it a painful process to attempt to find a slither of bass guitar in the jungle of distortion, I'd assume there was no bass, but if there was I'd advise you mix it differenlty next time so that bass is still pretty hearable and stuffs.

Good song.

Sawdust RRC

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SantaBro responds:

Yes I agree about 38.

I have a bass in it, but when I do riff-based songs like these I usually just play that riff on the bass to give make it heavier. Here I also had to remove a lot of bass to make it suitable as a ringtone. So it will be hard to pick out the bass in it.

Thanks for the review!


It sure was pretty awesome indeed :D 10/10

SantaBro responds:

Of course! It was carved out of a rock of pure awesome! Thanks much!

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2010
8:58 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
3.2 MB
1 min 25 sec

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