Clear (Rezurrected Mix)

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Hi! This is my new version of my song Clear. People seemed to generally like it (I think..), but there were problems, such as certain elements being too loud.


+New, Better Percussion
+Added Soundgoodizer effect
+Added Compression
+Added EQ
-Old Percussion

Hope you enjoy! Please Rate, Comment and Download!



Hey man hows it going (Max here)
Few things:
1. The sidechain didnt sound that great because you used that long thumping kick for it.
Generally while sidechaining, use a different kick that suits.
2. I personnaly think this is too far down in the low frequencys.
3. It got pretty repetetive after awhile (i can see you tried not too by changing the chord proggresion, but i didnt really like what you changed it too)

Anyway, these are some things you could try fix for some future projects

-The insane trancer

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ReziUze responds:

Yeah about the sidechaining, I only recently learnt about the power of the kick affecting the SC, also this was volume sidechaining, not compression which sounds much better. I don't exactly get what you mean by low frequencies lol (I'm special), and I'm not very good with holding off repetition. Thanks for the review!

Review Request Club

Nice powerful beat to start with, which is always good. The bassline could be a lot bassier than it is; right now it's kind of hitting the mid frequencies more than anything. And the cut-out of the kick beat at 0:45 really felt awkward; you lost that gravity and were just left with this mid-frequency synth and light drums in the background, which felt a lot less cohesive than it did when it was weighed down by that really heavy beat.

The change at 1:29 in instrumentation was good, but the fact that the melody stayed unchanged was quite noticeable. If you're not going to change the melody, you definitely need to add more elements or automations in just to try and keep the track sounding fresh; nothing feels more repetitive than a repeated lead line, that's for sure. Another quick-easy-fix would be to change the melody up. You do this at 2:45, and it works well; if you'd incorporated that in at 1:29, I think this song would drag a lot less.

Generally, you've got a lot of good elements here, it's just a case of tying them in together a little better. Mix up the sections a little more, bring out the bass...if nothing else, bring back the heavy beat from the start at some point, because that was a definite highlight of the track. Melodies are hard to do, but you've already got two here, so its just a case of incorporating them both more evenly into the song.

-Review Request Club

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Quite Enjoyable

-The nice thumping bass in the intro was very good at drawing me into the song. The only problem with this was you just completely dropped it at :45 for a much less thump and didn't add any more dynamics to the song to replace it. This left the song rather dull for a good fourty seconds.

-The song picked back up with the pads at 1:29 but you didn't really go anywhere with it which was dissapointing. You just seemed to do a rinse and repeat method with the song.

-It would of been more enjoyable with more dynamics involved with the song. It would of became less repetitive and more interesting to listen to. It is much better than the previous version of it though so it does show improvement.

-Review Request Club

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ReziUze responds:

Thank you very much for the review! As I've mentioned before, I am not very good at adding in new elements, resulting in repetition. Thanks for noticing it's better than the other version!

Good thump!

I like the drums dude, that kick is really cool. Nice and meaty! and it doesn't lose definition when your other parts come in so you've made a nice little space for it in your mix.

The change into the deep pad at 1:29 sounded promising because I thought you were going to introduce a bass sound but you just sort of swapped out the high part and saved it for later. It's all about balance and your song isn't very well balanced until 2:12. And even then the parts are in unison. This doesn't make compelling music. You need changes of texture and dynamics, sections where loads is happening and sections which are sparse. It's all along one level with this one.

The gated synth parts you've used are quite nice but you need a bass line to counterpoint that pad and there isn't really a melody. You need a part you can hum with stuff like this otherwise it all gets washed out. There's nothing to separate your track from everyone else's. If I play two catchy dance songs either side of this, I'm going to completely forget it.

I see you said you're getting stuck on where to go once you get started. Try singing over the top. Not words and not loudly but you have to be able to imagine a melody line. If you're not sure what I mean just listen to any electro or dancy pop track with a vocalist. When you've got one, try and play it in to your sequencer and if it doesn't fit, work out what you need to change to make it fit. This gives you somewhere else to go in your track, you can have a bit before the melody and then morph it into the bit that does.

Creating a catchy melody is probably the hardest thing to do in music but it is absolutely essential. It's the part average people take notice of. Only technical people or music producers will be able to recognise why your kick sounds nice but everyone is capable of humming a good tune.

Review Request Club.

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ReziUze responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed review! It's seems as though everyone has something to say about the lack of bass, I will definitely fix it when I make a new song! As I've only made 1 or 2 good songs, I don't believe I've ever made a proper melody. I will give it a try!

All in All...

I liked It. But I do Agree with sawdust, a prominent bass would have sounded perfect. Also, it may be a tad repetitive; a change in melody would have helped alot. Really good though, Keep at it Dude! <>,..,<>RAWR

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ReziUze responds:

Thanks heaps! I'm still just an aspiring n00b, so this is very flattering and nice to hear! I have a bad repetition problem, I make something good then don't know what to do next.. Anyway, thank you!

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