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Man in the Planet

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Author Comments

Came up with the concept of making a song about something from Eraserhead right after I watched it.
Over a couple of weeks this slowly developed from a very sparse arrangement of clean guitar arpeggios and simple synths to this.

Since this is a fairly long song the quality has been reduced to 128 kbps (gross, I know). If you're interested in hearing this at a higher bit-rate, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to hook you up with it.

For the impatient, here's an outline:

0:01 - 0:38 Intro (to set the mood)
0:39 - 1:20 Main theme
1:21 - 2:03 Melody comes in, full instrumentation of theme
2:04 - 2:45 repeat of theme
2:46 - 2:55 Short break
2:56 - 3:38 repeat of theme
3:39 - 3:43 Short break
3:44 - 5:07 A little 8-bit(ish) sonata
5:08 - 5:15 Intro teaser
5:16 - 5:57 Main theme
5:58 - 6:39 repeat of theme
6:40 - 7:02 Outro


Review Request Club

As you were so nice to outline the sections, I'll review each section as it comes.

0:01 - 0:38 Intro (to set the mood)

The parts either side of 0:24 seem unrelated to eachother. To the point where I'd say you could've started the track at 0:24 and been no worse off. What you had at the beginning was nice and added some ambience to it, but it just didn't really fit with what came after the pause, to be frank. But what did come after it lead into the next section nicely.

0:39 - 1:20 Main theme

Very nice beginning; quite down-toed, but you still get this very subtle sense of build. The use of the more static-y synth playing by the guitar was nicely done, though I think the guitar itself could have been a little sharper, just to bring it out of the texture more, because as it is there's quite a fuzzy nature to this section given the static and the distortion.

1:21 - 2:03 Melody comes in, full instrumentation of theme

Like the new lead synth, there's a nice sound to it and the melody it's playing is simple, but strong. The drum beat is also nicely done, has some interesting sounds in it as well which is always nice to hear. The section in general is perhaps missing a really bassy synth (Or just bassier drums?) to give it more of a frequency range.

2:04 - 2:45 repeat of theme

By this point I was expecting something to come in as an addition, just to keep the variety up a little more. And here especially I start noticing the muddiness of the guitar again because it feels like it's being turned up or the melody's being turned down more. This section could have used an extra synth just as a point of difference from this one and the last, to justify the repetition. Even a nice harmony line below the melody synth would've probably done it.

2:46 - 2:55 Short break

Definitely could have done more with this break, it felt kind of half-hearted, like you just needed anything to break up the second repetition of the theme and the third. Nothing much happens in it, and so it feels somewhat superfluous.

2:56 - 3:38 repeat of theme

Same as before; needs something to change it up a little more; this is the third time of hearing what seems like the exact same thing, and that's not really all that necessary. You could have taken 1-2 repetitions out and probably been not much worse off

3:39 - 3:43 Short break

This length of break works for the little that goes on in it; the shortness of it means that there's no real need to cram it full of things, so the break works better here.

3:44 - 5:07 A little 8-bit(ish) sonata

This section was nice...but felt unnecessary when it came to the track, like you'd thought of it, realised it used the same kind of chord progressions, and stuck it in the middle of the track because you needed it to move somewhere else. I commend you for moving out of the main theme, but here I think it's a step too far and it loses the cohesion.

5:08 - 5:15 Intro teaser

Felt a little random; the transitions in and out of this little section were quite awkward, though I sort of see where you were coming from. And I'm running out of characters, so I'll be more summarisey now.

To be frank, I skipped through the final sections as I saw it was the 4th and 5th repeats of the main theme. I think definitely, _definitely_ this could do with fewer repetitions, because it makes the song drag to no end. A song this length needs a way to justify itself, especially as you had to lower the bitrate so much to fit it in. You could have easily stopped at 3:44, and had the 8 bit section be a new track, and then you wouldn't have had to worry about bitrate or repetitiveness that much. There's a lot of good ideas in here, but I think in a more condensed version those ideas would have been a lot more powerful, instead of the slight over-use they have here. You had a cool main theme, the ideas were there...just don't repeat it 5 times next time and all will be weii. And I'm out of characters, so I'll just say keep it up.

-Review Request Club

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Cornilious responds:

Yes, repeats and variation. Will fix later.

I don't know about the 8-bitish section. I like it and a lot of other people like it too. But hey, to each his own.

Thanks for the thorough review!


Really nice song, man, I'm very impressed w/ the lenght and with the instruments, it's very eletronic, and it seems like an ambient song, great for listening while navigating in the Internet... Since it has a lot of instruments and different sounds, but the variation wasn't very good, since it's a 7 min. song, you should variate it a lot, but... Didn't messed up w/ the whole song.

The song elements were very good, I liked the variations you made in the middle of the song, also, I liked the main theme, it remembered me the times when I played the Nintendo games, it has a greatsound, I loved the way you builded the song... It seems like a man is in an other planet, it has a spacial sound, I loved the effects...

Anyways, I just found one bad thing, that counted 1 point for you... If you variated more, your song'd be 10'd, but, anyway, i liked the song, you made an excelent job, and, I wanna listen more songs from you, you have a great potential, keep it up!!!

(Review Request Club)

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Cornilious responds:

Thanks for the kind words!
Yes, variation is an issue in this so if I ever go back and edit this I'll either take out one or two of the repeats or bring some variation to the melody (solo maybe?).

Will definitely keep the RRC posted when I get a new track up (probably rock genre) in a couple weeks.

Sucks about the flood of audio you guys seem to be getting. =/

Great work

:00-:38 -Nice calm space intro that was cool and made me want to listen more. The pause gives it a nice break effect to bring you into the song too.

:40-1:20 -I loved the slow paced shuffle/static that you used to build momentum.

1:21-2:03 -I didn't however like how long it actually took to get into the actual instrumentation. Try shortening the overall intro time to bring the key aspect of the melody into the song sooner.

2:04-2:45 -Replaying the melody without any variation makes the song drag on even more. It's unneeded and could of been done without. Would of also helped with the bit-rate that is painfully low.

2:46-2:55 -Interesting robotic part of the song. I know it's used throughout but being played without the melody makes it sound more prominent and bold. I'd like to see something like this in the future.

3:44-5:07 -Very interesting move with the song but it works nicely with the whole theme of the song.

5:08-6:39 -Once again you could of done one theme playthrough and it would of sounded just as good but helped progress the song faster.

6:40-7:02 -The robotic feel is brought out again

-Sorry if I was a bit too nit-picky but I liked how you gave an overall outline that helped me break the song apart and review sections.

-I loved the song overall and like I said it could of been shortened just a little bit to progress the song faster and allow for a higher quality upload.

-Review Request Club

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Cornilious responds:

Man, I love me my intros...
Anyway I want to keep the beginning the same, but maybe I'll change the partial instrumentation section in the intro to half of the full progression. I'll see how it sounds.

You're right about the repeats: repetition without variation is boring and I regret that now looking back. I'll be sure to replace the current file with a shorter, higher quality upload with some added variation (maybe the lead synth changing its melody to a solo or fancy arpeggiation).

Ugh, the bitrate was painful for me to upload. Would have loved to do something higher than the nasty 128kbps. But, if someone really cared enough for it I could send them higher quality files. So, not as big of a deal as it is a pain in the ass I guess.

Nit picky? Hell, I like it when people pick apart my songs. It gives me something specific to work on! I think from now on I'll be giving an outline, especially if it's a longer song. Thanks for the review!

Very enjoyable!

Nicely done man, I really like it! I've listened to it a fair few times now and I'm still enjoying it. Your 8 bit sonata section sounds like something from a Genghis Tron break. If you're not afraid of heavy music, I'd give them a listen! They're a little bit mind blowing. And shouty...

I love your nice laid back drum beat and the noise elements mixed with the real cymbal sounds. If anything, I think there is a lack of real instrumentation. I'm not saying hire a string section or anything but it would be really nice to hear some string-like pads swoop in under the repeat of the theme for example. I think the lead line could be a little more expressive, adding in some vibrato on the long notes would make the part more interesting. Have a listen to some stuff made in Famitracker, I find it really easy to get expressive synth parts in that program. I use Famitracker in nearly all of my tracks somewhere along the line!

This piece has an excellent feel and you are brave for attempting a track of this length but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You're on my favourite artists!

Review Request Club.

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Cornilious responds:

And I thought that no one from the RRC would respond =P

I agree with the instrumentation. Now that I've heard it so much, some variance in the repeats of the theme would be good.

I'm using FL and Studio One so I don't think I'll look into Famitracker (8-bit isn't my primary style anyway) since learning a new program isn't high on the agenda.

Thanks for the add! I'm hoping to produce more organic tracks like rock (like my previous tracks "Coming Home" and "Beautiful Sound"), synth-pop, and acoustic pieces once this semester of college is over.

Hopefully this summer I'll put some quality tracks up!

Pretty tight

I'm not very familiar with this type of music but it sounds pretty good to me. It sounds like it would go in a video game just fine. Cool cool, good job. I like the changes, nice and smooth.

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Cornilious responds:


I took a little leap of faith with the length, knowing most NG'ers don't have the patience but I guess it paid off.

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Credits & Info


4.24 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2010
5:50 PM EDT
File Info
6.4 MB
7 min 3 sec

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