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Hey guys, here's a nice tune that I've been working on for awhle now, titled Beyond Compulsion from my upcomming album Beyond Compulsion. Yay!

This is only a little snippet of the breakdown, leading in to the build up.

The song is still a work in progress, there's definitly more room for improvment here I think so. But I'm just needing some feedback on where it's going now. Thanks for listening.


And also, if anyone is interested in my album, let me know and I'll be happy to send you a PM when it is released. But untill then I'll have updates on my news page of release dates and such.

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i like it

yeah the begining was iffy

Review Request Club

Nice work on the intro, the first 12 seconds really help set a pace and buildup so you have that sense of anticipation right from the offset. So even when it goes into the calmer section at 0:12, that anticipation still remains as you've given the listener a chance to hear what the heavier section sounds like.

The calmer section iself is really nicely done, there's a great depth to it, and yet still that sense of build, so even by 0:40 or so it still feels like it's building back up into the more dance-like section. The drumwork there is also nice; it's quiet enough not to cut through the calm texture, but prominent enough to be heard. At 1:05 I think the drum could have done with being a bit bassier just because the bass itself isn't all that prominent, just to even out the frequencies a little more.

You bring it back into a heavier section nicely, though I think you could have gone even more overboard than you did; maybe that would be an easier thing to achieve with a longer song, but I think in general by the end you could have had a really majorly heavy beat if you'd wanted to and it still would have worked because the beat's been building up throughout, just to give more of a sense of climax.

In general, its a really nicely crafted track. Could use a bit more bass in places and maybe move onto a heavier beat by the end, but in general there's some really nice work done, here. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club


I loved this song, man, it has an awesome beat and a great atmosphere, I really liked the whole song, the beats are awesome, the drums are very good, and the synts are simply awesome, you putted it in the perfect part, adding life and speed to the song... I simply loved it...

The song was pretty nice, too bad it was way too short, I know it's a preview, and you have potential to make a better one, I know this song is good, but I wanna listen to an even better song... Keep it up, guy, you have a great potential...

(Review Request Club)


-I really liked the fast paced first twelve seconds that jumped at you and faded out with a "Pop". This really allowed for the piano to build with an ebb and flow. Meshing brilliantly with the soft, gentle melody.

-You gave this a nice build which seems pre-planned. Everything worked well except for the nasty sounding snare you put in at the end. It does nothing for the melody or the build-up. It's so conflicting with everything else that you did which makes me question why you decided to put it in.

-I would like to see more bass and less treble with additional harmonies to continue making things flow nicely. I really liked what you had at about the minute mark. Bring elements similar to this is what i'm trying to convey.

-Review Request Club

mmmburgers responds:

Thanks for the review. I've changed much of the build up to the climax of the song. It sounds a little different from what it does now in this preview. But it's still a WIP, and the feedback is great. Thanks!

very cool intro

I'm not going to list all the elements I like here because you know what you've done. I'm only giving it 7 because it's not finished and I need somewhere to go if you were to submit it for review when you are done!

I don't like the glitchy snare sound at 1:36, that's a bit random and then it keeps repeating sporadically and gets annoying because it ruins the flow. I reckon you should go for a latin feel instead of the snare. Add in some big deep drums maybe like the ones in the back row here;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR0rOi t22sk

That's my only criticism really, I can't fault it other than that. I love your reverse sounds at the start, it builds really nicely and then sorta fades into nothing...

You know what you need for the next bit... A nice groove with hats on the off beat, a big dirty bassline, a nice expressive lead sound with plenty of gliss. and vibrato, a few harmonies.... Some strings maybe? Or you could throw a curve ball and turn it into a spooky sounding glitch track. It's coming along though I'd like to hear the full version.

Review Request Club.

mmmburgers responds:

Thanks for the review, as for the snare. If you listen to Hard Dance and Hard Trance will you encounter that type of snare roll alot. Haha. Only sticking to the roots of the genre.

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