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Cobalt [DEMO]

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Author Comments

This one was a fun try at some gliding between notes.


Review Request Club

Long story short, you're still on the right track. This does need more work still, but there's a few good points to it which you could carry through as you keep improving.

The main melody for me was a little hit and miss. 0:15-0:22, for example, I thought worked in itself. But the next five seconds of it felt quite weird, as if it was going onto a completely different set of chords. That being perhaps the main problem with the first half of the melody; the synth itself sounds pretty cool, but definitely needs more support to make it fit better. Whether that's a few ambient synths in the background or a more vibrant bass line or more harmony...just something more to thicken it out more, because the texture here leaves a little to be desired. The melody's almost there, you just need something else now to keep it up there.

The pitch bends were generally nicely done, and the synth had a good sound to it...it's the rest where you run into the most problems, just because it's quite sparse. You've just got the simple drum beat and the bass on the offbeats, and there definitely could be more done to them. It was a try and gliding between notes, and in that you passed well, as the pitchbends sound good. The rest is what you fall back on, but now you know you CAN do pitchbends with a lead synth, you can implement it into your later tracks as you keep improving and learning how to incorporate a melody better into a track itself.

-Review Request Club


Well, I can't say it was horrible. For your fifth submission, it's good, although you yours31f (:D) can get better if you keep on practicing, as sixflab said. It's a pretty cool submission overall, although it sounds quite peculiar and could definitely do with more work. Not a bad job though, you're on the right track and you seem to be improving at a good rate! :)

The melody was really strange for a Techno song. Sure, the note gliding was alright, and gave the song a unique touch to it, but still, the melody was weird. The chord progression was good, but the melody could definitely use more work. Don't worry though, it took me a while to get used to making decent melodies too :P. Also, maybe you could make the bass a bit more... busy? It just plays on the offbeat and gets a little plain. Also, this definitely needs more melodies. Add some breaks, solos, and different melodies, since this just sounds too plain and basic.

As for the synths, the bass sounded fine, but the main synth was really strange. Maybe you could change it to some sort of square lead; they usually do pretty well for pitch bending, gliding, etc... or you can just add some multisaw or something. In addition, there really weren't many instruments. No pads at all, no gated synths, nothing. Just a weird lead and a plain bass playing on the offbeat. Add a few more instruments and give the song a bit more depth. Also, the song is pretty dry to be honest, especially the clap/snare. I think this really needs some reverb in the master channel or at least some reverb on the clap/snare and maybe the lead. It could also help to give you a bit more depth.

Transitions were OK, although there weren't really many in this song. You could've introduced the lead a bit more nicely, maybe a fade in of it, or some pitch bending effect before the lead enters the song, although other than that the transitions were decent. The structure, on the other hand, isn't good. You just had the same bass playing for the whole song and a peculiar lead coming in and repeating the same melody over and over again. As I said above, add some solos, breaks, etc... This song doesn't really have a distinguishable climax either...

The intro was alright, but the ending was strange. You mark this as a song, yet it works better as a loop, and even as a loop it doesn't work too well. If you want to make it a song, firstly, you have to make it much longer, and secondly, you should give it some powerful final note and leave some silence at the end. If you want to loop it, then fade out the lead before it loops, since it's the lead which interferes with the loop right now.

Drums weren't that good. Just a really generic kick per beat and clap/snare every other beat. You didn't even add any open cymbals or hat lines. Sure, the samples were OK if not a bit weak, but the beat itself was extremely simple. Not to mention the fact that the drums remained the same for the whole song without even a minor change in them here or there.

In all, this isn't too bad, but you can tell it's made by a beginner. I'm not saying for you to give up, because I think that if you keep on trying, you'll definitely get better. This has a number of problems, but it's better than the average standard that I see from beginners here on NG. I wish you luck in your next songs :D.
5/5 because this got 0-bombed.

-Review Request Club-

Nice transitions

-It's just too simple. It's just practice but you can save the practicing for yours31f(pun lol). I would trust that you can tell if transitions from note to note sound up to par.

-As far as everything transitioning from note to note it sounds good and isn't botchy or cut off. I would of suggested using more opposites and trying to test extremes if you're just going to test.

-Review Request Club

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3.29 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2010
3:55 PM EDT
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