AF - Magic (Demo)

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Dream Machine Bonus!
This is a demo version of a song that will be featured as a bonus in my upcoming album:
Dream Machine


0:01-0:22 is beautiful

cant wait to see the real deal

Review Request Club

Like the introduction, the amount of filters you put on that piano meant that even for a 4-second music loop, after 30 seconds it still didn't feel repetitive, which is quite a feat in itself. The reverb off it also gave a nice sense of magical atmosphere, which was a good touch. The entrance of the bass and drums is also really nice and subtle, so you have that tiny thickening of texture without wrecking the pretty ambient mood you've set up. So much so that even when the drum beat starts coming into its own, you've still got quite a relaxing vibe going on throughout. It's pretty impressive how you keep the same melody throughout and yet don't really make it sound repetitive. I think as a point of improvement, despite it not sounding repetitive, you could think about maybe moving onto another melody, simply so you don't have to continue to use filters and automations on the main tune just to keep it varied. A second melody would probably be a much easier path.

That being said, this was a nice upbeat 100 second listen. Pretty simple, but not repetitive for it. Has a good atmosphere, the entrances of the instruments work well...in all, was a pretty cool listen. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

aliaspharow responds:

Thanks allot for the review

Nice song...

I liked this song because of its melody... It's pretty contagious and nice, I think it's very relaxing, too, since it has soft beats and a nice piano in the back... Also, the drums are awesome, it made a great atmosphere in my room, fitted perfectly with the main soft beats... I loved the great melody it has.

As I said before, it's pretty relaxing, because of the soft beats, I was reading things in the Forum, and it created a great sound, I was a bit sleepy, but this gave me a bit of motivation, I tought it was a great song...

Another great ong from you Alias... The song is very relaxing and it's very cool, too, you made a really great job here, but I think that something is still missing, I think that you can improve the lenght, I know it's still a demo, but I wanna see a flawless song in the full part... You have potential, man, keep it up...

(Review Request Club)

aliaspharow responds:

I am actually almost finished with this song. But i think I'm gonna keep it for my upcoming album. The full version is a real keeper.

Thanks allot for the review man! I have you know that your reviews, next to steph's, are definitely the ones i appreciate the most!


-I'm a little confused. It says trance in file info but you say it's house. It's completely irrelevant anyhow since it's just a demo and the song can be changed anyway.

-Good melody with many filter combinations that slowly progresses as you go along. It sounds great in concept but when it actually plays out a few times it just feels a little overdone in spots. I'm not saying completely rework it but it could use a tune-up that can make the song feel fresh even after several playthroughs.

-Review Request Club

aliaspharow responds:

Yeah i know... i'm pretty confused myself


This track's pretty good. I reckon it's more techno oriented than house but it's pretty subjective! I would regard this as house;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73kozp 74V5k&feature=PlayList&p=3F19A16F3076 DF5F&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&inde x=7

Lots of funk influence, a female vocal, slower disco tempo etc.

You have paid a lot of attention to the dynamics in your track and all the various builds keep the song sounding fresh. I like the way you gradually bring up the detail in the frequency spectrum of the piano and that little lead into the bassline is cool. It's good to hear the piano with a fair stereo image, so that the bass is more on the left and the treble is more on the right, I would maybe widen it to accentuate that effect. There's not much melody going on in the left ear, an upper register counter-point in the left channel would fit quite nicely I reckon.

I think you need to go easy on the filters though, there are a few too many for me. The effect gets stale after repeated listens and your song ends up sounding like one big filter sweep! I'd also like to hear the main groove go on for a bit longer. You have a lot of snare hits and fills breaking the flow of the song when I would like to really lock into the rhythm for a little while.

There is lots of dynamic movement in this song, it's definitely enjoyable to listen to but I'm not sure how it cope in a club.

Review Request Club.

aliaspharow responds:

Yeah i wasnt thinking club either... lol but yeah, i guess there are way to many filters...
Thanks a bunch for the review

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Apr 16, 2010
6:18 PM EDT
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