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Author Comments

I do apologize for the shitty quality, as of late my songs have been steadily increasing in both length and filesize, necessitating the lowering of their quality. Hope you all enjoy this one, it's just a touch progressive, so don't be afraid to wait for more.

P.S, Fuck you zero-bombers. By clicking the zero on the left of the page, you agree that you are insecure about your own submissions, and view this song as a threat.



cool genre relaxing start then Trance good job :D

Review Request Club

Nice dramatic piano introduction. The synths work really well here mostly to add that little bit of place to the slow piano part and make it that much more emphatic. I think maybe the piano was perhaps a little more strongly played than it needed to be, but that doesn't detract very much from the introduction.

The next section with the drums is good; you've got a nice beat with the drums and piano, and new pad synth that comes in does really well to thicken the texture. The way you slightly variate the harmonies as well lets the track keep fresh while still remaining coherent, which again works well.

The one synth I perhaps didn't like was the one that came in at 1:17 or so. It felt too sharp for something so high a frequency; I think you'd have probably been better off just using the high piano, or manipulating it slightly so it didn't have so much attack; at that height of frequency, it could be a soft pad and still come way out of the texture.

The next section had a nice sense of slow build, which was really cool, but what it eventually went into was pretty disappointing. 2:10-2:28 just seemed like something of a mess of high frequencies, to the point where I'd suggest cutting it out entirely, because it does you no favours. The ending is nice, but I think after the massive buildup you had it could have gone into a stronger climax and then had a slightly shorter fadeout, just not to labour it too much.

In general, this is pretty good. Definitely the section at the start of the 2:10 needs another look mixingwise, and some of the synths could do with a little editing...but it's a pretty solid track, that besides. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club


I liked the song, man, it's pretty different of what I ever heard, it's new and innovating, pretty fast, loud and agressive, I love songs like this one, where you mixed pianos and violins into a technologic and fast beat, a very nice combination, it fitted really well with the back drums... You made a great job here...

I liked the 2:10 until 2:28 part, I just think it got a bit too lound, and you didn't create a proper ambient for a fast and loud part, you could add a louder part before it, so, we wouldn't be so surprised in this part, but, right after the louder part, you made a great sound, i liked the way it ended, but I think you could make a better end, more fast and animated, since the end is near the louder parts... But, anyways, I liked the song.

As I said before, it's a great song, but it can be improved, add more sounds and elements, and then the song would be cooler... But, great job, man, keep it up, I see you have potential...

(Review Request Club)

Good job

-It really is dissapointing that the quality is downgraded to make it fit onto NG. I enjoy listening to a long piece of work but this is one of the things that usually has to happen. You can always upload it somewhere else that doesn't have a limit and give a link in the author comments as to give the listener the option to listen to the song in it's entirety.

-Well paced intro that was the best part of it. Couple of well placed synths and dramatic piano playing mixed with a fast beat.

-I liked how you changed things up by slowing the song down or changing the octave to give it some edge and keep you guessing as to where the song is going to go next.

-I'm not sure what you were thinking though when you mixed the part at about 2:10 to 2:28. It just became an annoying drone of a sound that made me want to just stop listening.

-The ending became a bit slow and repetitive where you could of ended it with a bang. You could of really done something with the piano instead of just a continuous key being played.

-Overall it's a good audio work but there were a few places where you could of done a little more.

-Review Request Club

DjMindsweeper responds:

Thank you for the well-thought out review. I will now absorb your critique into my squishy brain.

P.S The repetitive ending was an attempt at making it 'DJ friendly', something that's been a habit of mine lately.

Good effort!

DJ mindsweeper piano thing?

Your intro starts off so promisingly. I'm thinking maybe it'll drop into a nice little hip-hop break, maybe there'll be some 808's or something, maybe some rapping even.. And then, bang! The NG staple; Euro dance beat. I was a little disappointed after a promising intro that sounded like this track could go somewhere different.

I like all the interesting filter sweeps and stuff, plenty going on synth-wise and I like that you've paid some attention to the stereo field, but some of the mixing is pretty awful. That bit at 2 minutes is rediculous. Painfully high levels of treble. I had to skip through it on subsequent listens because it was so grating. the hats in the previous section stuck out a little too much for my liking too but that's a small thing.

The bit at 1:30 where the piano jumps an octave is nice because you've taken the melody into a higher register. You need to do that more and also, pianos are polyphonic! you can hit more than one note at a time. The only point at which the piano plays a chord, from what I can hear is the intro. And even then it's just a single note! A piano player would really help fill the track out by accompanying and harmonising with themselves so your playing/programming needs some work. I'm not expecting beathoven but this part is completey unrealistic. I only play guitar and nothing else but I always try to consider how an expert would use their instrument and emulate this. Check out youtube demos of performers and watch them play and then try and program what they're doing.

I've given you a higher that average score because it is better than a lot of the stuff you find here but only because of the context. I really don't think this would get far outside of New Grounds and I certainly wouldn't buy it. I'd like to give you 6.5 and would have rounded it up to 7 if it wasn't for that horrible trebly bit. 6/10, 3/5.

Review Request Club.

DjMindsweeper responds:

Finally, I get a critical review. Now, I don't want to sound like I'm making up excuses, but even I recognize how terrible the mastering is, and I'm quite embarrassed, because I lost the original flp file before it was finished, and I had to attempt to EQ it in Audacity.(Bad idea.)
Nonetheless, I must thank you for the helpful suggestions, I have taken them to heart, and will hopefully improve as a result.

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2010
10:10 PM EDT
File Info
6.2 MB
3 min 51 sec

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