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Fulfillment Part 1

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Author Comments

The "prototype" second FL piece I've written, featuring much better production quality than the first. As always, tips and advice are surely appreciated.

Available on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=jKiFY5BkVzw


Review Request Club

Damn, I love people who aren't afraid to use odd time signatures. You had me sold with this track within about the first 3 seconds with that alone. The piano could possibly have had a little less reverb on it and the drums definitely could have done with more (just to give them more of a bassy feel to it)...but in general you started this track off brilliantly; even though you used the same idea for the first 47 seconds, it didn't sound repetitive because you kept adding new things in, giving it a great sense of build for that new piano part at 0:47.

By 1:00 or so it sounded like there was _something_ underneath the piano that my ears couldn't quite pick up. Maybe it was me imagining it, or maybe the mix needed to bring whatever that was (If it's there at all xD) a little further into the mix. The next section with the bass/drums/what sounds like sax was nicely done, although I think the sax line could have been a little more fluid and followed the main theme a little less; even if it was just some kind of scale above it, just to give it a little more life, or just have what came in at 2:17 come in a little earlier, because that does sound cool. The bass also could do with being a little bassier, just to balance out the frequencies more, because you've got the mid-hi covered well, but the lower frequencies are lacking somewhat.

At 2:37 or so you lose me a little because the harmonies change pretty quickly, it sounds like its wanting to go into another section instead of ending. The last 40 seconds or so for that felt a little repetitive as it ended up not going somewhere new as you'd almost expect. However, it's not of much detriment to the track.

In general, this is really nicely done. You need to take a second look at the mix and the bassline, and perhaps vary the solo a little more, but for your second stab at FL this shows really huge promise, so definitely keep it up, whatever you do.

-Review Request Club

WizMystery responds:

Sorry for the late reply, AP tests had me busy for a while.

I realized how muffled the piano sounds compared to the settings I use now. I like to add on for steady growth because I'm an "Octavarium Person," where I want to eventually use that skill to write long, flowing pieces.

There's the bass underneath, it barely crescendos so that the piano is the main focus. The sax is actually a modulated Electrik Guitar in Kontakt that gives it a sort of synth sound, I was sort of experimenting with tone because this is only my second piece that uses FL studio. I'm actually using this as my composition for AP music and intent to cut down the repitition and attach the second part. I kept the bass standard, because it started sounding muffled when I turned up the bass frequency.

Like I said the last 40 seconds are supposed to lead up to something, it was split up because I didn't know what the filesize limit was (now I do) and thought it might go overboard.

Thank you for your review :D

Nice song... I liked it...

That's a pretty cool song, man, I liked the beat and its variations, you made a nice and different sound, it's a very cool thing to listen, I liked a lot this song... Also, the piano was pretty nice, also, the keyboards made a great sound in that solo part (or it was a guitar??).

The drums were very nice, it gave a new look to the song, also, it gave life to the song, since it created a nice back atmosphere in the song's ambient, what's pretty cool, since it's a very important requirement in a song, and you made a great song here...

The main beat was nice, I liked the variation, but I still think that the end was a bit repetitive, but it didn't mess up w/ the whole song... You have potential, man, keep it up, I wanna listen more from you!

(Review Request Club)

WizMystery responds:

Thanks for the review!

The end was a bit slow-changing. I originally planned this to be longer, but decided to split it into two. The second half is being worked on, and has a lot more variation in theme.


-First song that I have listened to today with actual effort that really shows. The intro just pumps and gets into your face. At :47 the piano only helped with this even more.

-Nice pace having it go up and then go right back down. I felt it gave it a nice tempo that felt a little progressive.

-The solo felt a little underdone and could of had some undertones or a follow up of the same notes in the background.

-Review Request Club

WizMystery responds:

Thanks for your review!

I'll always put effort into my submissions, otherwise I'd feel there wouldn't be a point in making them :P

There are actually undertones in the background, but with little mixing skills I couldn't bring them up without them taking over the other instruments. I'll have to learn mixing from scratch, or use multiple project files per track.


Brilliant! You are the exception to the rule sir! I now have certifiable proof that not all FL users try to make dance music. You've made me happy!

This track is great, it kept me guessing the whole way through and made me want to listen to it again. I love the 7/8 intro going into the 4/4 with the snare on every beat, that gives it a rolling, train-like sound and carries the build to the piano crescendo. The kick coming in out of the piano crescendo is timed perfectly, I was just starting to miss it at and that very moment, in with the kick! Nice touch. The lead line at 2:14 could be a bit more expressive I feel. It's a bit of a whirlwind of notes where a few choicely chosen legatto passages, some glides and vibrato would have really helped bring the solo alive.

I reckon you can improve the sounds you've used in places also. I don't think the track is balanced particularly well across the frequency range. Some more low end would really help the track. Your bass sound isn't chunky enough and the drums are a little low-fi. That's great in the intro but it would have been really nice to hear a thick, punchy snare come in at the same time as the kick. The piano crescendo's quite cool but you can hear where the velocities stay the same for the passage between :46 and 1:04. It gets a little annoying towards the end of that phrase but then it goes into a cool bass drop, so I can deal with it.

I love the chord progression right at the end around the 2:40 mark. Very Jeffro Tull! Keep at it though, I'm looking forward to your next track.

Review Request Club.

WizMystery responds:

I'm getting similar comments with my mastering, it's something that I've yet to really learn about. As for velocity, my current project is a guitar driven one (after finding a good library of samples), and will vary a lot in that field.

Thanks for reviewing my submission!

Dream Theater would be proud!

Sounds very progressive which is sweet! I really dig it!

WizMystery responds:

Yes, I'm also going for a progressive edge :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2010
3:52 PM EDT
File Info
3.2 MB
2 min 49 sec

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