Kina Grannis-Valentine (Cover)

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Hi everyone! This is a piano cover of Kina Grannis: "Valentine" song, hope you enjoy it!

Don't forget to leave me a comment to know what you think about it.
Take care everyone, See ya!


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Missed the Audio Portal

Long long long time. I've been to busy to check out the audio portal and as soon as I logged on I checked my fav's and the only one I could remember was JABICHO!!!

Great piece my friend. You have out done yourself and you can clearly hear that you are becoming more and more talented. Im so grateful that your willing to post your music for everyone. Really good piece for almost any occasion. A sense of Romance, peace, sadness, and playfulness. I don't have to say much just listening to this I can feel what you mean't.

Keep it up JABICHO! Don't stop or doubt yourself. Yeah theres alot of great music out there and then there's your music that sounds great put has all the feeling a song really needs...and that my friend is what makes music wonderful.

Take care hope your doin well.


Jabicho responds:

Hey there nintesu! its great to know you re back! everythings going great =) thanks for checking out my new content! I appreciate a lot what you wrote, it means so much! thanks again for taking the time to check it out!, take care!

Absolutley fantastic

This is your best piece so far, you should be extremely proud of yourself for making this. It is a pleasure to listen to so simplistic and yet so creative. Thank you :)
Sarah xxx

Jabicho responds:

Thanks so much Sarah! Im glad you liked it =)

Review Request Club

Bearing in mind this is a cover, I'm going to focus on the actual playing and execution of the track, because that's the real test of making something your own, is if you manage to play it and make it your own. Having listened to the original, I can see you've easily and comfortably made it your own here.

There's a nice technique with your playing that instantly makes it seem very emotional and personal; something you'd not get with a simple MIDI piano track. There is a very beautifully subtle string part in the background from what I can hear, which is really nice (They're two things which always go so well together), but I think it's almost too deep in the background to be truly appreciated, as you only start to hear it at certain points. I think making more use of the stereo in the piano would be a nice remedy to this, just so everything's a little more spread out in the channels.

My only criticism would perhaps be that it was often in a quite loud dynamic, and I think you could have perhaps played with the volume a little more than you did, even though as it is you have a really romantic feel for most of the end of the piece, which is really nice. As well as that, given the broadness of the piano you could have used a few more octaves than you did just to really use the range a bit more, because everything sort of sat in the middle frequencies. As sixflab said, you could even get away with adding more complex instrumental lines to give it even more of an emotional feel. But as it is, this is a really nice track, well played and put together. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing a few more of these kind of requests in the RRC.

-Review Request Club

Jabicho responds:

Hi there Animith! thanks so much for your review it's greatly appreciated! yeah I'll work on adding new instruments to future pieces, and recording in stereo so the notes can drive the music while listening, some pieces I heard with stereo sound are beautiful so I'll get the cables for it =)

Thanks again for commenting, it means a lot!


-It's so slow and dramatic in tune. Quite different than the actual version. This is very hard to do since the piano is such a delicate instrument for being so large. I'd like to see some more classical instruments slowly added as the song goes on to make it even more dramatic. Even if they are computer programmed in it would be a nice touch.

-Review Request Club

Jabicho responds:

Thanks for the review!
I'll try making some instruments additions in future pieces =)

Beautifully played!

This certainly made a change to all the stuff I usually hear on NG!

I wasn't familiar with the song before this and your version sounds a quite different to the original. Once I was finished with your version I listened to the original and wasn't expecting it to be so upbeat! You're version is a lot more emotional and melancholic. Don't know if you were going for that but it's a testament to your technique if you can change the character of a song simply with the way you play it.

I think I can hear a really subtle string part going on in the background here. It's a little too low in the mix, the piano does a fair job of burying it! I'd also like to hear the piano spread in stereo a bit more, it's all down the middle so there's a lot of space to fill.

I don't normally like instrumentals but I enjoyed this one. Excellent playing, it was really nice to hear.

Jabicho responds:

Hi there! Thanks for listening! It's cool to know it had a change to give it my personal sign, thanks for saying that!
Yeah, I'm gonna get another cable so it could record in stereo, it'll be awesome to get one! Thanks for the review, suggestions and support!, take care!

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Apr 14, 2010
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