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can any vocalist be so kind and record for me? :D
i want some 1 to record
this phrase
''an epic journey....house'' :D
female or male voices..dun matter

PLZ do review...i did make this in a hurry...ill make it better on my final realese


(updated some parts and extended it -abril 14, 2010-)


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The opening is cool, if a little abrupt; it sounds like you write it so it would be smoother to loop, but at the same time it doesn't loop like that...and in general, it might come out a little strong as it's near-silent by 0:08. That being said, 0:08 heads up a cool transition into the first main section, so there's a nice small sense of buildup, there.

THe drum beat's pretty solid, though could have done with being a little stronger. You've got a pretty catchy melody, but what makes it more so is the synth you bring in at 0:24 to reinforce it, and then how that synth and the lead synth kind of bounced the lead melody between eachother for the next thirty seconds or so. Which is definitely a good thing, as holding a melody on the same synth for that length of time would have dragged majorly, so flicking between the two worked well.

There's a lot of transitions to different synths, which is cool, but sometimes a little too abrupt, I think at 1:20ish, it starts feeling a little messy as well as abrupt, just because you have a fair bit going on and a lot coming in and out. There are a few things that you can't quite here but are still there, which just lead them to sound muddy. The synth that comes in at 1:56 and a few other places could have been turned up a little more, cause it's hard to tell what is, and could be good as a point of focus. Definitely need something more in that section generally. I see you're looking for a vocalist; I'd go scour the NG forums if I were you, just because at least that part of the track does feel like you wrote it for something else to be the main focus of the track, so as it is parts of this just sound like backing.

At 2:46 you hear the synth from 1:56 a lot better, I'd say if you always had it at that volume it wouldn't be a bad thing.
By 3:00 it feels kinda repetitive, you could have done with a change in beat or maybe a break to a different section in general. You start doing that at 3:20 melodically, but by that point the track does feel like it's dragging a little too much. Take a second look at the transitions and more ways to keep the variety up without overloading. Generally though, there's some nice production values on this track, especially given that it was a bit of a rushjob.

-Review Request Club

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Still needs work

-It still needs some overall work to it. It's quite sloppy in some of the later parts in the song.

-I like how you built everything around one single melody. At times it doesn't show out to much or it gets covered up by other elements in your song. Try and keep the melody at a solid volume as to not just have everything else cover it up.

-You had a lot of transitioning to different parts which was great since a song with good variety will hold more people but it's a bit sloppy at times. Try remastering this and smooth the transitions out a bit.

-So far it's sounding great but a few touch ups here and there wouldn't hurt anyone.

-Review Request Club


I love this song! It's so... FULL. I love the beats and the melody and everything about it just seems so perfect.
I can do the recording if you want, But give me all the details in a PM.




It has some good parts, but overall it's quite sloppy. Transitions aren't the smoothest and the song sorta just randomly changes. Though you used the FX's wisely so I'll give you props for that!.
your melodies aren't bad, but can definitely use some work.

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Apr 13, 2010
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