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I've been on a bit of an acid jazz kick lately thanks to my brother, so I thought it'd be fun to try my hand at doing something sort of similar but in my typical trademark fashion of melding it into a highly progressive structure. The first half of this song has a strong, steady bass line with a calm, simple and detailed drum backing without too much deviation. It borders on simple ambient, almost.

Towards the middle the song takes a bit of a breather and gains more of a blues vibe, and then finally comes together in an explosive, metal inspired finish with a bit of a Porcupine Tree flair (I confess, i've been listening to them a lot too lately :) ).

Fun facts: First song i've done in 3/4 time. First song utilizing the new Amplitube 3 from IK Multimedia for all stringed instruments (amazing!) and first song i've ever managed to get a drum sound i'm completely happy with. I will be releasing some of the presets that I used in this song (for Amplitube 3 and Addictive drums, respectively) if anyone wants them. They will be available on my website shortly.

For high quality download links, see here:
http://www.rottenbread.ne t/2010/04/coalescence/

Thanks for listening!
~ Daniel

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Wow this is great. It reminds me so much of Mogwai, especially the end with the tremolo guitar part.

Great production too. I have no complaints.

Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks for the review SineRider, glad you enjoyed the tune. I haven't heard of mogwai but the wiki writeup sounds promising, i'm all for instrumental rock! I'll have to give them a listen.


It's nice...

To finally hear something down-tempo and skillfully played. Not to mention something longer than 2-3 minutes, and well worth an entire listening! When I listen to this it brings to mind the movie SEVEN with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, and how the murders kept occuring and they were ending up empty handed...sort of that feeling of suspence. Well worthy of a download if I must say so!

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Alrubedo, thanks for the great review! Glad you dug the track and gave it a download. This is probably my least popular song (in terms of downloads) that i've done this year. Oddly enough, though, it's probably one of my own (personal) favorite tracks of mine. Anyways, glad to see others enjoy it too!



I have question to you. ;-)
Do you record yourself playing the music or is it all made on the PC?

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Vojife. I usually record my self to pc, but I also do a lot of programming too for stuff I can't do my self (like orchestration).
This song is actually mostly live playing unlike a lot of my stuff. All the synth parts were recorded live via keyboard and then just time adjusted later. The drums were performed live as well via a midi drumkit, also time adjusted later. Guitar and bass work are all performed live as you hear it. Some of my other songs which use orchestration are all programmed.

Generally speaking though, guitar, drum and bass work I play live in my songs, everything else is programmed. Hope this helps :).

Thanks for the review.



I was having trouble identifying what I like so much about your music, and then I realized that it's because you're inspired by Porcupine Tree. I second everything the guy below me said.

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to review another one of my songs! I'm glad you enjoy my work.

It's also good to see Progressive Rock is not dead after all, seems to be making something of a comeback these days which is nothing but good news, believe me!

PT is indeed a big influence on me, especially Gavin Harrisons drumming, the guy is godlike in ability. Lyrically they can be a bit washy, but musically PT is unmatched, and they're by far one of the most interesting bands in my music library, every single album sounds different, but they all have that unmistakeable style, and that's what I love about them, they're never boring.

Anyways, cheers for the review!

What an ambiance!

Dude this is priceless!! It's like I'm listening to some early Porcupine Tree on Newgrounds, when they were really into ambient stuff. I'm digging this song so much.

The first part was beautifully arranged, you have some skills in using synths. That's something I'd like to be able to do and my lack of ability in this field shows on my own songs :P. What plug-ins are you using? those synths sound beautiful. I liked how the bass is playing an ostinato and how the chords over it change, give a enjoyable dark mood to the song.

And wow! I had an eargasm when the drums and guitars kicked in around 3:35! This is just epic. That's a nice guitar tone you got ear, I think I'll try Amplitube someday and do the comparison with guitar rig. Anyway, brilliant tone. Ah I recognize Addictive drums here, I assume you are using a Tama kit? At least the snare is? Anyway, it sounds great I liked how you kept a natural sound to it. Though I would advise you to polish some licks, especially the hi hat hits. For example at 1:49, those 32th notes were too "straight", you should lower the volume of the two first hits to make it sound more realistic. See what I mean? Also nice use of the 3/4!

What can I say? This song is brilliant, nice arrangement and composition. And over all, incredible taste in music, I mean Porcupine Tree was sent by god! ;).

Rottenbeard responds:

Hey man, thanks for the awesome and lengthy review.

I don't remember 100% but I was either using Atmosphere or Sampletank (might've even been a combination of both). They're really the only two synth vst's I ever use anymore since they seem to cover what I want to do most of the time. But yeah theres nothing fancy with the synth going on in this song, just 2 (or 3) different pads playing single notes with some filter automation, thats it.

I'd highly suggest amplitube. I was a GR user for a long time too but even GR never sounded real to me as good as it was. If you were to blind test me with amplitube and real amps i'd be hard pressed to tell you which was the real thing! Amp sim tech has come so far..

About the hihats, yeah, I hate those 32nd quick fills too, when I was all in depth mixing and mastering this I had never noticed it, and then a week later when I listened to the song I was like, wtf was I thinking.. Another thing that bugs me is some balance issues between the drums and the bass. But really it doesn't bother me enough to go through the process of editing and re-mastering the whole thing, i'm awesome lazy like that ;).

The drums are indeed Addictive Drums using a custom preset I made which utilizes kit pieces from both the Retro and Jazz adpaks (I think i'm XLN audios best customer, lol). I think the only original piece of kit from stock AD i'm using is the kick drum (tama) otherwise everything else is from an adpak. I hate the stock sound of most of AD's drums if only because they're just so overused these days, ESPECIALLY the presets.. (if I hear that 'startup' preset in one more commercially made song, I might stab somebody).

Anyways, thanks for review man, I appreciate it, hope some of my comments on the vsts has been helpful.
And hell yeah, Porcupine Tree is ear sex.


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Apr 12, 2010
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