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NGHH KO2 - Gasmasq vs RetVox

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competiton Round 2: Gasmasq vs RetributionVox
MC1:Gasmasq MC2:RetributionVox MC3:Gasmasq MC4: RetributionVox

MC Knock Out Round 2: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1158762

NGHH Comp. Thread: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1156388

Beat: Delinquent Correspondence by DJ-Delinquent: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/2 59801

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Decent battle. I really like Gasmasq's first verse but Retribution is sorely outclassed here and has some really dull lines (force a dick in the clitoris with AIDs on top?). Gasmasq's second verse was a mixed bag for me, I can't help but feeling like he was goaded into making his entire verse in doubletime by the fact that he was probably going to win anyway and that the beat was kind of slow to begin with. For the first verse, I'd hand this battle to Gasmasq. By the way, not a huge fan of this beat, seems a little overdramatic and it was almost a minute before the battle started.

Also I've listened to this about four dozen times and have done my best to transcribe what the hell he's actually saying. Some lines, like "Clinical lil' girl scout the lyrical holster" are obviously incorrect.

Retribition vote while I send it to you slow
Where you get it from and tell me what he said? Wait, no
Scratch rap track rapping on your whack gas
Little pitiful kid whipping up the track mass
Don't playin' no games, fed up I'm so pray
And forget about your own break, long day
I'm bulking on the fact you be choking on a gat
He just pushing on the mass
Imma show you where it's at
You fold like poker, Origami made me closer
Clinical lil' girl scout the lyrical holster
Then stop in your tracks pissed off on bat
Slipknot till your head and Beretta's gonna mat
I'm better than you now and I'm better than you'll ever be
Hitting on your chick and she's gotta hit some alchemy
Kid you are about to see down for the count of three
Two one, you don't get the fuck up out the ring
I don't care if you gotta shit, nope, not a bit
Echoes on your vocals ain't gonna make you ominous
I'm on a solid tip, go ahead and ask 'em
I can look track run then it's blast 'em
Last one standing fans be demanding
With their hands in the stands for the grand champion
Don't look at me what I did to hip hop
And be you about to see that this is ripped off

Joshua, I can't wait to see what your fans are gonna think when they hear some real "double time" spitting.

Gas Owned!

Gas your lyrics are sick bro. Even though you spit fast, I can still understand it. But the fact that you don't get stuck, or even tongue tied is amazing. You can do both, slow and fast spitting. Keep it up bro!


Your first verse was good. but dam... did u have a dictionary right next to you to drop all those big words? Lol comon mane. gotta get clever wit it.
Your 2nd verse.... -___- comon man.. On this beat... that was insanely too fast. and i had no clue what you said so i cant say it was tight.... cause it wasn't. Speed doesn't mean shit if the delivery is wack... Jus sayin.

You had some clever lines. But that Reverb is overwhelming....
Also. you had no emotion... Stop reading from a book...
Gas Wins...

Poor fight from both MC's.... Not impressed.



good beat, second dude sounded queer but other than that liked it

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Apr 11, 2010
4:21 PM EDT
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