Endless Storm

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This will be going into the next Darkness Spawned album Bloodshed.
Also I really like how this song is sounding, so any reviews to help make it sound better is good.
Mainly I need to know how the levels are, too loud or too soft, not the actual song itself.
ANYWHO After listening to some old In Flames, I felt inspired to write a song. I figured that normally when I do that, I make a song similar to that style, so this is somewhat similar to their old style I guess.
Here's the lyrics:
There's a storm brewing
All across the earth
From east to west
Engulfind all who are weak
The innocent will not escape
Their destiny within the storm

As it hails all around
killing all in it's path
Blackened skys are frightful
As the storm is on its way
Seeking shelter in a shack
Knowing that it's all about to end

It's an endless storm
It's all about to end
The fear is all around
It's a storm of flesh and bone


The storm is on its way
The darkness is surrounding the earth
As the wind is picking up
You shiver at the thought of death
As you look upon the blackened sky
Witnessing a red whirlwind

Flesh and skulls going round and round
In the endless storm
Running for your life
As you try to outrun the storm
Running out of Breath
as you drop to your knees

It's an endless storm
It's all about to end
The fear is all around
It's a storm of flesh and bone


It's an endless storm
It's all about to end
The fear is all around
It's a storm of flesh and bone

Praying it will be quick and painless
All you feel is agonizing pain
It's a storm of flesh and bone
You Will

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Recorded in your grandma's basement? My fucking ass! These vocals are sick, don't listen to that shit. Like the other guy said, I can't understand a word you said either, but fuck man...I can totally feel the emotion behind those sick ass growls so to be honest, I didn't even give a shit. I mean come on, who can understand every lyric in every metal song they listen to anyway? lol...

Guitar riff is sick, drums sound great man, and I love the fade out at the end. I will agree about the very beginning though, it does sound a bit strange...I can't really put my finger on why though. Oh well. Keep up the good work. I knew I added you as a favorite artist for a reason.

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Thanks man, it's much appreciated! =D


I like it. It's angry, dark and definetly metal (doesn't have to be fast, like the previous reviewer said). I like how it sounds, and the mixing is really good. I couldn't spot anything off about the levels. It's neither too soft, nor too loud. The sound is clear and the instruments are well individualized in the mix. I'm not sure if I should complain about the vocals, it's just that I couldn't understand a single word (except the DIEEEE at the end, which is pretty distinct). If it's a creative decision to up the sinister factor, it's OK I guess. All I can say is that overall, the vocals are well mixed into the track but the synths/effects applied to the voice may be a problem. Love the lyrics by the way. I really like the track. Professional metal all the way ! Keep it up !

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Onizero also mentioned something with the vocal effects (at least that's what I got out of it) So what I could do it adjust the reverb and delay to make it sound much better, and I should probably rerecord them too so that they sound more distinguishable
My band's rythm guitarist wrote the lyrics, and I also feel that they're kickass lyrics.
Thanks for the review, it's really appreciated!

I don't like it.

First off, it sounds like you recorded the vocals in your Grandma's basement and the overall sound of it is lacking. It's not very fast for a metal song and doesn't sound good enough to pull that off too effectively. I also don't like the beginning which sounds like the average song in the video game section. Please do better in the future...

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Lots of editing to this simple response.
1) I don't live at my grandmas, I live at my mom's because I'm still in high school.
2) There's plenty of slow metal songs such as A Tout le Monde, Moonshield, Gyroscope, etc.
3) You haven't given enough advice on how to "pull it off effectively"
4) Listen to the intro of Moonshield and Gyroscope both by In Flames, you'll see why I picked that.
Please give better reviews in the future...

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Apr 10, 2010
6:49 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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