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Newest track.



Solid tune. I like it, the drums sound nice and tight. The bass is great, too. There's really nothing bad sticking out in this track. Maybe you could extend it into a full-length drum & bass tune, but that's not necessary. Sounds good.


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Everything melds so well into the general feeling of the song. Just really great coherence between all the instruments. Love the energy @ 1:12 or so. Very driving and awesome. I love the general flexibility each part seems to take in morphing so dramatically between timbres.


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Review Request Club

You set up a really nice feel right from the start. While it's definitely a drum and bass song, you do have this sort of laid back feel to it, as if it was just a Rasta guy walking down a street and this was the song accompanying him.

It's got some really nice melodies which develop pretty nicely through the track; you keep adding in these new synths or new ideas, and it really helps keep the variety up. The transitions in particular were probably the best part about this track, because there was not a single one which didn't work really well with itself.

While there are a lot of transitions (Perhaps even too many? Or maybe it's just because my DnB experience is from NG and I'm used to only hearing 0 transitions in a track xD), I think the main melody could have done with a change at some point. Given the length of the song, I think you probably could have had a transition into an entirely new idea at one point, or maybe a really nice buildup. It's obvious from this track that you've got a lot of skill in what you do, and so you have a lot of scope insofar as pushing the boat out in changes and melodies.

Really nice track, in all, and coming from a person who doesn't really like DnB. Definitely keep it up, I look forward to seeing more stuff from you requested in the club.

-Review Request Club

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Skela responds:

Thanks for the review!

Yet another ridiculously catchy song from you!

This is a very catchy song, I have to admit. IMO I think Mellow Man has a catchier melody, but what the heck, this is still just amazing. You really give a new name to DnB; I don't usually listen to DnB but your songs are so catchy and have such an awesome vibe to them that I can't help downloading every single one that I hear from you. A few more songs like this and I'm adding you to my favourite artists list... Keep up the great work man!

The melodies... wow. I mean, I instantly smiled when I heard them. As ChampionAnwar said, melodies were a pure win. I really like the creative pitch-bending you added to this song, it added a unique touch to the song. The song was COVERED with pitch bending and yet the pitch bending never got old or annoying :D. Loved the part at 1:07, that bass was really catchy. The melodies in general are really brilliant. The amount of alternate melodies was also excellent, and the production was great. Guh, I hate giving too much praise without finding anything wrong...

The synths are also simply fantastic. You had a very good amount of different synths and instruments, and each one of them sounds unique and not the slightest bit generic. The woman choir-like synths you used in this submission were also extremely cool, and I'm surprised how well the pitch-bending fit with them. What also impressed me was the amount of effects you put on the synths, and all of the different sound effects too. The vocal samples here and there in the song were great too, as ChampionAnwar said. Do something wrong for once, will you???

The transitions are just out of this world. The song flowed very smoothly, and all of the transitions were flawless. I liked the transition at 0:59-1:06-ish. Each transition either had awesome pitch bending, a unique sound effect or a great drum transition. The buildups were also superb.

I think the structure is a great improvement from the structure in Mellow Man. In Mellow Man, the structure was alright, but it was really simple. This song's structure, on the other hand, is the definition of perfection. Complex structure, yet not random or weird. Variety was nothing extremely special, because although you had a huge amount of different synths, melodies and effects, the song still seemed quite repetitive for some reason. Maybe it's the lack of dynamics, lack of a break, I don't know. Still, maybe it seems repetitive to me since I've had this song looping for like half an hour xP.

The intro was a bit abrupt. It was a great way to start the song, don't get me wrong, but I think the intro would be much better if you made that sound effect at the beginning a little longer and add a few seconds of silence at the beginning. Just make the first part of the intro come in a little more gradually, instead of come in almost immediately when you click the play button. The ending, on the other hand, was fine. The only thing you can do to fix it is either make the final note a bit more echoey or you add a crash/kick at the end to indicate that the song just ended. You have a good idea for the ending, so all you need is so make the final part of the ending a bit more powerful.

The drums are also a great improvement from Mellow Man. Not saying that the drums in MM were bad, but just saying that these are way better :D. The beats were now varied very nicely. There was a nice number of different beats (I like the beat at the beginning and the one at 1:50) although maybe you could vary the amount of drum samples. Speaking of drum samples, they were (although similar to Mellow Man's) great. I especially like that kick; bassey and powerful.

Overall, this is another excellent song from you. Just work on that intro/outro a little, the variety (maybe), and making the drum samples a bit more varied. The fact that this is such a unique song is awesome, and I'm sure that even the people who don't like this type of DnB will love this song. I enjoyed this song a lot, I hope you keep up the amazing work, you're among the best DnB artists on NG :D.

-Review Request Club-

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Skela responds:

Giant thanks for the reivew!
Deffenetly working on more dnb.
I had a max limit of 4 minutes for this song, so I had to cramp in a couple of stuff, and everything got "shortened".
Variety is the hardest part about making music IMO.

Anyway, thanks again for the review!


Wow, very very nice! I'm not even into this type of D&B as much as I used to be, but this song is just awesome! In all seriousness, I could hear this on the radio and in clubs. .

Drums were good, I preferred the drums at the beginning to be honest, as they reminded me more of a something more atmospheric (not saying this tune isn't, but that bit was my fave). No complaints really.

Loved the dubstep feeling this gave off, it was a joy to listen to. . Melodic elements were just amazing too. Everything fitted together really well, and to be honest. I really loved the flow of the whole thing.

I liked the structure too, it changed every so often making it move forward. I really liked that alot. The little vocals were awesome. I think it was mixed really well too, I have no complaints, to me this is perfect.

Amazing submission, I wouldn't change it a bit. *downloading/faving/putting on my iPod" :D :D

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request Club) :D

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Skela responds:

thanks <3

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