The Ritz - It's My Destiny

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just a little song i whipped up with my new and improved guitar. sounds sexy if you ask me...but i'll let you be the judge of that....


Pretty bad....badass XD

Once I 1st heard this, i started playing this song's rhythm on my guitar. It just got so into my head. Nice work by the way. 5/5, 10/10, fav'd and downloaded. =D

Ritz190 responds:

lol i do that alot with songs here. they're jus sooo much better than anything you hear on the radio to be honest. glad you like it man! this is my favorite song to play! it has a deep meaning for me and i'm glad you enjoyed it! :) thanks for the review!


Your guitar tone is getting better mang, Some cool riffs going on some kind of harmony/melody would be cool in the back ya know? A little low in the mix but not too low. Kind of how you had it with the clean part in the middle of the song. The stuff after is nice flow pretty good there cool melody going on too. Drums could use some work lol you told me bout the drum flutter sounds pretty funnny and cool but yeah fix that shizzy and maybe add some more fillage on the transitions to the next part. Overall pretty groovy track mang! I got some great tunage coming out with my band in the next few months its going to own!

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Ritz190 responds:

haha thanks man! i've noticed my sound getting better i'm so happy bout that :D but yea. i'm actually trying to remaster this song and fix the little problems in it, makes a big difference...but yea man! let me know bout your new stuff dude! and thanks for the review!

Kick ass

I really like this song. It reminds me of an epic battle between two armies. Great job


you've improved a lot dude !! The guitar sound is way better, and the drum is great !

That ROCK !

Ritz190 responds:

HAHA I KNEW YOU'D LIKE IT!!! it's a Punk/Metal song inspired from your songs man. you rock! therefore i rock! thanks man! XD

I don't care about your opinion

Joking lol, I only said that since I wanted to force my opinion of the guitars. Since I think they're SUPER sexy. Really, I like the assembly of everything here, what's not to like? I first got into this song all uninterested, thinking 'Oh, an artist I don't know about, what a bore.' And look, I just got my arse whooped by someone I don't know.


Now for some reviewing, first those guitars you mentioned. I like them. I really don't have a substantial point of reference, since I have never heard anything of yours previous to this, so I'm going by what I've got here. You made some progress if this is improved. Since the tone and everything is solid! It's just a slight bit fuzzy/overdriven for my taste. Maybe if I was doing this song, I'd include another rhythm track, but clean, but meh, I really don't know. What I do know is that this is good so far.

Also, the main riff sounds like something I've come up with once before. It also copes well with the signatures of the percussion too. I believe they're on eighth notes, but what the hell. The main riff also gives me the impression that it was something indie, but tuned down and meated up for metal, but again, silly Ryan's opinions.

I mentioned those drums earlier. If I didn't like them so much, then I'd hate them. But since I like the drums so much, I can't hate them. Like the thump of the bass and the duller snap of the snare. It's not too in the way, which I enjoyed. Again with silly opinions, I would try to somehow to pan the cymbals more into the respective ears. Although, some programs can't do that, so I won't harp on it.

That flutter effect was just plain weird and random lol.

I know I'm being anal about details and all, but I freakn' loved the break. It took me for surprise, and since I liked it so much, I think I may have gotten some ideas for my music production, myself. I wouldn't call it early if there were a few more parts and all, but it occurs in the first third of the song. Although, it goes into the third fifth of the song, so I can't arrive at a conclusion.

I liked the distant feel of the lead and the assembly of the cymbals in that break. They made me feel good. :P

I didn't recognize any bass guitar, and that's really about it. Go make more sexy guitar tones and breaks, lol.

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Ritz190 responds:

whoaaa! that is one kick ass review! lol to be honest, everything was intentional except the flutter effect. that caught me by surprise as well. yea the tone is great and i know hat you mean by the fuzzy guitar since i didn't do any mixing. i wanted a raw feel to the song...the program i use is pretty simple...my style has improved alot thanks for checkin it out! lol! i decided to go more of a punk/melodic metal type mix. thus the guitar hitting right on the percussion. and there was no bass. i wanna get a bass guitar so i can put them in my songs...but as you know, musicians are broke most of the time. lol. the guitar may have too much distortion, but for some reason i like it that way. but hey man this review made my day thanks for listening! XD

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