<MWA> Erroneous Glitch

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I wanted to make something chill and exciting at the same time. Tell me what I can improve :)

made the pads myself, but the main lead is some edited preset. (and off course did not sample the piano and guitar by myself)

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Review Request Club

How you made glitches sound ambient is a little beyond me, but it is pretty damn awesome that you accomplished it. You set up a really nice pace by the first minute, and so while the pads are still technically playing the same thing, it doesn't feel repetitive, and while it is quite fast-paced, it still feels laid back.

A lot of the time, we have to say things like "You need to add more instruments or variety to this, because the main instruments sound repetitive otherwise"...and you do that perfectly. In the first minute you've got the drums and the other sounds, when the main melody comes in the second and third minute you've got all these different sounds coming in to support it, never mind all the little glitches and automations...it's a relatively simple melody and chord, and you create something really epic with it.

All the sounds are really nicely crafted/chosen...I think the one that comes in high at 2:58ish is perhaps a little too piercing for something so high up, but that's probably just me. And the ending with the piano/strings is really nicely done, and even the occasional glitch you throw in works really well.

Very nicely crafted piece, top-notch. First 10 I've given in audio for a while.

-Review Request Club

mjattie responds:

:) thanks a lot. It's nice to get good feedback on something I've been working for some time on.


I really liked this song the melody was simply great and beautiful, the piano was awesome, just as like the guitar... The intro was pretty cool, too, the oriental touch in the was awesome, too, it fitted very well to the song, the context was super cool, and you made anice and chilling song, congratulations, I'm pretty sure a lot of people liked it too!

The quiet part was nice, too, pretty relaxing, I liked it so much, it's a perfect song to listen while you're navigating in the Internet, it's so cool to listen while you're reading something, that's an awesome song for being home, it's pretty nice, man...

The song was great, very relaxing and cool, pretty cool, also, I tought it was very different, I liked it so much, you have a great potential, keep it up w/ the good work...

(Review Request Club)

mjattie responds:

w00t! Thanks a lot RogerBK. I'm glad you like it THIS much! I'll keep up the good work :D

Hehe, this is awesome :D

I really like this submission. The fact that you mixed ambient and glitch/IDM so well together really worked well in this song, and overall this song is enjoyable to listen to. I can barely find any problems with it: it's catchy, calming and a great song all around. Keep it up, I really enjoyed it :D.

The song's composition is superb. I really enjoyed the melodies you used, especially the main melody that first came in at 1:35, and the guitar's melodies were really soothing. Those staccato thingies at 1:52 were really cool too, maybe you could add more of them throughout the song. The amount of alternate melodies was also very good, and overall your melodies were really cool. At times the song felt a bit empty though, like at 1:36, and for Ambient I expect it to have more depth, so maybe you could add a few more bass pads; it would definitely help in fixing the high frequency that ChampionAnwar was talking about. On the other hand, panning (at least I think there's panning: I'm deaf from one ear so I can never hear panning properly) was a nice touch.

The instrument choice you had was really great. You're really good at making pads, they worked very well in this song and sounded great. I also like your addition of guitar, it added to the atmosphere a lot. I just think that the guitar could have more reverb; I always liked guitars with a lot of reverb. Still, overall the instruments sounded awesome, especially the main lead which has that unique sound to it, and I liked the pad at 3:19-ish. The glitch stutters were also very well placed, although I would've liked to see more glitching on those drums. Also, the reverse snare or whatever reverse effect it was penetrated the atmosphere at the beginning and ruined it since it's so loud, as Heith said.

The transitions are all extremely good. The song flowed really smoothly, and while I think you could have used some more sound effects to transit from one part of the song to the other such as sweeps and more glitch effects, overall the transitions were very impressive. You introduced new instruments really well and the buildups such as the buildup in the intro were excellent. Nice job with the transitions :D.

The structure, as ChampionAnwar said, was very good. New parts came in which made the song never get boring and yet never get random either. I can say the same for the variety, which was superb, with a great amount of different melodies and something new all the time. Variety and structure were also fantastic, so good job there :).

The intro was pretty good. At first I thought it was going to be some generic trance crap, but as it progressed with a good buildup, I was wrong. Maybe you can make the intro a bit more interesting with some more effects and maybe a few pads too, but to be honest the intro was fine. The outro was superb though. A perfect way to end the song. Intro and outro were great ^^.

The drums, wow, they were amazing. The beat was really nice, and the drums were so varied that they not only added to the background and fit so well with the song, but I bet I won't get bored listening to them even on their own because they're so well done. Kick sounded powerful but never got in the way with the song, the open hats sounded awesome, so did the hi-hats and the snare, sounded great too. The only thing which would make the drums a bit better was as I mentioned above: glitching them a bit more.

Overall, this submission is really well done. It's amazing that you managed to combine calming ambient with some glitchy stutters and effects to produce something as extraordinary as this. Just work a little on the mastering, maybe making the intro a bit more interesting, softening the reverse effect at the beginning and filling up some parts which feel a bit empty with some more pads, but as you can see, these are all small nitpicks which don't take much away from the awesomeness of the song. I hope you keep up the outstanding work, and I hope to hear more awesome songs like this from you in the future :D...

-Review Request Club-

mjattie responds:


It's been a long time, since I got my last great review! Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad that you took the time to write such a long review and listen very carefully (with one ear) to this song. I must say, you're right about everything :O Sometimes I not agree with reviewers, but this is not such case.

You're right about the (too) few glitches, lack of bass, improvable intro. But I also think the lack of bass makes it sound clearer.

So, I can type a hundred words more, but that won't make my response more interesting.

I thanks you once again and will upload something similar next week (or maybe 2 a bit similar songs)


Glitchy and yet somehow chill. It was a good listen though there were a few things that I picked up on. .

I'll start by saying I liked the melodic section a lot, all the things that you did the the melodic chops were really cool put together with the glitches was something I really liked, though in some places they didn't seem to go (in my opinion). The guitar and pad instruments were awesome and that lead theraminy thingy was really nice to listen to also :D.

Rhythmicly it was good also, nice patterns and all. . Just seemed to lean towards high frequencies too much and i found myself using my computer/sound card built in EQ at parts of the song so I could listen to it. . Nothing overly wrong, I'd just suggest that you try and re-master it for future reference.

In terms of structure, I loved it. . It kept me guessing throughout and I wasn't disappointed with what I got with every new section! Very well done. .

Only little things in my opinion, I've had a pretty shitty day and this kinda cheered me up, so that's cool too hehehehe.

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request club)

mjattie responds:

hey, first of all, thanks for the quite big review. You are right about the high freq, I'll update that and some effects are a bit misplaced, but hey, it's just me, trying to be original :D

thanks again

This is great

It kinda has an ambience feel to it then slowly builds i love it :)

mjattie responds:

hey, thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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