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Nature Is The Law (WIP)

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Author Comments

Another outline (pretty rough) for a tune which could do with some feedback.
The drum break about halfway through is a 'placeholder' for what will be a bridge. The drums used are some samples which go abit out of time -most noticable in the drum break

Unfinished Lyrics are:

Verse 1:
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new

Verse 2:
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new

Chorus 1:
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now

Verse 3:
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new
Take me home and fix these bag of bones
Make me immortal and brand new

Chorus 2:
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now

(Drums - for now)

Chorus 3:
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now
(ah ah) Nature is the Law now


Hot frickin diggity

Good stuff man, good stuff

Review Request Club

Gotta love indie songs on NG. They're something of a rarity to see in the RRC, so it's nice that when they do come along, they're done well.

You've got a really unique-sounding voice, and what you're singing, while having a pretty simple melody, is memorable, which is what you want in a song. The lyrics you have are a good start, but you do need a bit more variety by the second and third verse. Even in the outro as well, either having a lyric or slight melodic change would have been nice as you're essentially singing the same thing over a few times by then.

I like the idea of the bridge but it's a bit hard to imagine what you'd do with just the drum part, so it'd be nice to see what that sounds like once this is finished. The drums in general were cool; came in a little abruptly and at points started overpowering the voice and guitar, and maybe could have done with a few more fills by the end, but in general had a really solid beat to them and held the track together well.

The piano as well was an unexpected choice, but a good one at that. You could get away with adding a few more instruments if you wanted, but the semi-acoustic-sounding nature of this is quite nice as it is. For a WIP, this is pretty close to completion. Just changing up the lyrics a little and finishing the bridge I think would leave you with a pretty nicely completed track.

-Review Request Club

Ramones Lyrics...

I liked the song, I think it's pretty cool and it remembers me of Nirvana, I don't know why, but it seems very grunge, just as like them. You must be wondering why I wrote ''Ramones Lyrics'', here's the explainment: The song has only 3 phrases, and Ramones have 3 chords, but they're awesomely well made...

The first verse was great, the guitar fitted so well to the voice, the drums were great too, since it gave life to the voice, but I felt that something is missing, a guitar would be very nice in the break, a little solo, maybe... It would make the song way better, I'm not saying that the song is bad, but it can be imroved...

Also, I think that the end gets too repetitive, there are so much ''(ah ah) Nature is the Law Now'', I think you could be more creative, but the song is super cool in this way... I just want to say that you have a great potential, keep it up, man.

(Review Request Club)

Cool :).

This is a cool song, really great to have songs like this on Newgrounds. You just gotta love Indie. Still, you can tell that this is a work in progress. Some things seem unfinished, this needs some little touches here and there, and some of the volume levels suck. However, in general this is a very good song, well-written and I enjoyed it from beginning to end, even though I never really liked songs with vocals (yeah I'm weird I know). Great job man!

The melodies are excellent, and catchy enough to make you hum it when the song's over. Piano was a very nice addition, you don't usually see guitar/drum/vocal songs with a piano too, but it was an awesome addition, and me being a piano player myself, I really liked the fact that you added it. Vocals also have great melodies, and as MonkeyV said, the singing style was unique and cool. Lyrics were really well-written, and I also liked the bridge in the middle, although it felt a little plain with the drums only, but I suppose that's why this is a WiP. In general the melodies were really cool and I enjoyed them, good job :D.

The instruments were superb quality. Those drums sound like a real drum kit, and the guitar sounds real too (although it probably is). Did you do this in a band or are those drums and piano samples that you found on the Internet? Anyway, basically, the instrument choice was awesome, and I won't complain about it. Maybe this could do well with some strings, although that's just a suggestion, since the song already sounds really nice as it is. Instruments were excellent ^^. Volume levels, on the other hand, could use work. The vocals and guitar were too quiet and the drums sort of drowned them out a little...

The transitions were just superb. The song flowed really smoothly from beginning to end, with some really epic transitions. I liked the drum rolls you added to the song, since they provided great transitions. Actually, the only transition which I think might be a bit better would be the one at 0:22: maybe you could add a small snare roll to indicate that the drums are about to kick in and the song is about to start. Still, it sounds good as it is, so I won't complain about it much. Nice job with the transitions, they were good ^^.

The structure was a basic structure, and you see it in a lot of songs of this genre. Still, the fact that the song structure is basic doesn't make it a bad structure, since it fit well in the song. The variety, on the other hand, could use some work. Your probably already know this, but the vocals are repetitive. Still, if you're going to change Verse 2 and 3, then the repetitiveness of the vocals won't be a problem anymore.

The intro was an excellent way to start the song. You can never go wrong with soft introductions I suppose ^^. The only thing which might make it better would be what I said above: adding that small snare roll or something to indicate that the song is about to start at 0:22. The ending, however, could use some work. It sort of skipped from loud to soft all of a sudden, providing a really abrupt ending. That final soft note seemed to come out of nowhere. I don't know if you're planning on making the ending a bit better when you finish this, but if you're not I strongly recommend that you do, since the ending right now is pretty weird in my opinion. Maybe give it some sort of slowing down towards the end until it final ends with an epic loud final note with the piano, voice, guitar and a crash cymbal or something.

The drums were great in general. Beats were good, and the drums fit with the song well. The only thing I would suggest would be to make the drums a bit less repetitive by adding some more drum beats, since the drums got a slight bit repetitive throughout the song. Other than that, I was really impressed by the drums.

Overall, this is a great song, really fun to listen to, and even for a work in progress it already sounds awesome. Keep up the great work, and good luck finishing this :D. Sorry for the long review, I tend to go over the top :/...

-Review Request Club-

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StickyRemnant responds:

No need to apologise for the length of the review! it's great. Thanks.

Yea the bridge is just abit of a filler at the moment. I have a chord sequence in mind that i'll probably be going with.
The intruments, except for the keys, are all real instruments. The drums are a sample of real drums aswell but I'll be recording live drums on it at a later date when I can. The keys are VSTs. I used to be in a band but not atm, tho im looking to put something back together
. I was thinking of putting some strings in towards the end actually, good shout.
I'll look at adding a drum break at around 0:22 and put your other advice (re: levels, ending etc) into practice. Oh and yea the other verses will get their own lyrics. I tend to leave lyrics until the end.
I'm glad you like it and thanks very much for the excellent review. Feel free to review my latest tune "Alot of Heart" if you fancy it ;) Cheers

Very neat :)

Reminds me of some Kingbastard songs.

I like the lyrics and the singing style (the way your tone shifts down in odd places).
Not much else I can say, because it's a pretty simple song overall. I like it. Maybe you could add some more lyrics, possibly modify the second and third versus from the first one.

StickyRemnant responds:

Cheers. Not heard of Kingbastard before. Will have to check him/them out.

About the lyrics, yea, I should have said that the lyrics aren't finished. Verse 2 and 3 will have their own lyrics by the time I come to finishing the recording

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2010
11:04 PM EDT
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