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Well This is Shaggy HAired (http://shaggyhaired.newg rounds.com/) and myself submitting for the NGHH- Time Trial competition.
I dunno how many people signed up for this fun event but I hope we have sum competitors.

Here's the rules-
Ting-Tonger/ A.k.a BiG RED

This is a team comp; MC's will pair up with a producer (only one MC and one producer per track). Anything goes,
as long as it follows the theme and the MC rhymes with the words provided. Producers get points for how well they use the movie,
and MC's will get points for using and rhyming with the word (s) provided.

Theme: Two 70's Films.This means each pair of people PICKS TWO MOVIES FROM THE 70's! You can sample sounds,
or just create a lot of sounds that mimic the movie. Also, you can mix the styles together; or have half of the track be the first movie,
nd the second half the other one etc. Try to choose movies with solid soundtracks so you have a lot to work with.

MC Lines:Cantankerous, orange, purple, Nerf Gun, electroencephalograph, Newgrounds, Langston Hughes, Slutface McGee,
defenestrate, bladder infection."

+12 70's movie refrences, I used the names.
They are cap'd in the script or noted after refrence
9 In first verse
+Every Mc Line, not a challenge to do a lil research, you can aswell to check
my refrence but everything, is used correctly in context with what is being said
+Flow is pretty damn good. Watch ya self now chilruns, I might blow ya brain!

+Shaggy threw sum samples from American Graffiti on the intro and outro. Perfect selection, A grocery list on the intro for
what was given to us in the rules,lol. The outro is aswell perfectly picked.
+The beat has the feel like it's that one crazy night in the fall and your havein the time of ur life.

"The Literature"

well it's a DOG DAY AFTERNOON, I need a TAXI DRIVER soon
really twisted drunk and I'm cantankerous before noon
My war wounds don't show cuz there's no attrition
Defenestrate a politicians visions cuz it's contradiction
My jurisdiction gets afflicted from no competition
I steady Chomp like JAWS through an exorcism(EXORCIST)
The next to schism, Flip from zombies of the opposition
I'm not Langston Hughes hopeing for communism
I'm just the next to choose, but It's APOCALYPSE NOW
THE GODFATHER can't call shot's at ANIMAL HOUSE
My BLAZING SADDLES aren't settling down
I'm the acetylene torch to an unsettling crowd
And fix fire to the orange haired heavyh and loud
Puff purple Like it's formal, I'm NORML and proud
Post propagation, Now I operate to sew the seedlings
young and rebellious I am AMERICAN GRAFFITI

Hook 1
When life Hands you orange's You can make sum orange juice
If it hands ya purple you should prolly share a gram or 2
with Nerf Gun, Shirt Spun like I'm criss-cross
The way I'm like a grown up kid has u pissed off

Hook 2
I'm tip-top, Dome Thrown, Got a mad hat
Doubt That? Check electroencephalograph
A dope track attacks all of my Synapses
Like Roland heading for the tower before it collapses

Verse 2
My fever heightens for a Saturday Night (Saturday Night Fever)
To see 2 GREASE' d bitches get in jello and fight
I Insight the ruckus and then I buy em sum drinks
Ones fat and ones old but I don't care what you think
I keep the both of em around just for the money they bring
One pays bills, that's while the others always cooking things
just look at me synced, Another year and I could be king
I'm like ROCKY wit a broke jaw but stay in the ring
Sum dudes will sing pop songs and bang for protection
Lil Wayne was Rolling Stoned with a bladder infection
I ain't hatein, I'm just sayin, If you aint then don't pretend to be
Such fake actions make me call you Slut Face McGee
Just touch base wit me I keep the hairs orange
And barber on the regular so you ain gotta forage
I'll break storage after curing it to purple
I can deplete the stash, it's guaranteed reimbersal

reimbersal, Yeah I used a used word that ain't a word, "Ain't" too, Fuck you

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Shit is Tiiiiight!

awesome job, i will be rockin dis shit in yo honor man, you and shaggy both put alot into this track, i should sue you for making may brain work not so good after listening to this masterpiece !! ^^
I Kid, I kid

ThEiGhTYeAROldSt0NEr approves dis message

I'm not much of a rap dude...

..but this is pretty 'dope'.

A round of applause for you both!

Great stuff, man. Enjoyed it, man. Great rhymes.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

thanx GundamFreak, I'm glad u enjoid

Pleasent suprise

I wasnt expecting much since this being newgrounds, but this exceeded all expectations. Cant find fault.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Don't discredit us just for being on NG, Theres a few of us that hang around NG to give the net peoples good music


VERY well done. That first verse is incredible with the references. Good work gentlemen.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

yea that first verse was all that was needed lol, the second verse was a jack off

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Apr 4, 2010
12:08 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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