Deep in the <3 of Us (instr)

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Well this one kind of wrote itself, I got lucky with the bass line and everything else just fell into place.
It's about human nature, different aspects of it.

youtube DOT com/user/marknessmusic

You can listen to the version with vocals @
newgrounds.com/audio/list en/323017

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Great song

I loved the bass, the drums, and the other intruments in the song, I think it was a great song to listen to, it has a great sound, and the whole instruments are working together, I loved the drums and the bass, they're working in a great harmony, I liked the kind of distorted guitar, it has a great sound...

Also, I liked the way the song is builded up, the drums in the back adding something more to the little solos in the middle of the song are great. it sounded awesomely, the song has a different sound, I never heard something like that, it's completely new, I liked to review this song, it's a great one. Keep it up w/ the awesome work, man, I wanna hear more from you!!

MarkArandjus responds:

Sure thing!

As soon as I get some school stuff out of the way I'm going to go back on making this bluesish song I'm working on.

I don't know exactly what genre this sogn belongs to either, it's not rock even though it has double bass drums and some distortion, it's not blues, it's some kind of progressive ambientish thing I guess.

Thanks for the review!

Review Request Club

Bass, definitely a highlight of the piece. The volume and depth of it is really kickass, and kind of fills the need for texture all by itself, so when the guitar comes in, even though it's quite thready in sound, it's got a nice deep bass to lean into, and so while the instruments themselves are few in number, it doesn't feel empty, so by the end of the first minute you've got a really kind of dark, moody atmospheric feel to the track, which is kind of awesome.

The way the transitions aren't all that uniform is also really cool, because the instrumentation of the piece kind of makes it work; any thicker a texture and it probably would have seemed just messy, but here you've just got a nice element of surprise and anticipation because you can't quiiite tell when things are going to change up a little more. A really nice part is where the drums start getting heavier at 1:40, and for about 3 seconds you have a pretty defined rhythmic aspect before everything goes back up in the air a little. I love how the drums pull everything in a little more together in the parts where the toms come into play a bit more. Seriously, this is some really nice work, I'd be surprised if this didn't end up in a flash at some point.

In all...I can't really fault this. You've got a great atmosphere, a pretty haphazard structure which fits that atmosphere perfectly, and a nice set of sounds to pull the whole thing off. I love the way you've got the click sound filling in for the percussion in the lighter sections, as well as the static throughout. It's a great track, just nicely roughened around the edges. Really good work.

-Review Request Club

MarkArandjus responds:

Hey thanks for your review, I'm glad it's getting good feedback. The song was actually nearly lost when my computer crashed, luckly I showed it to a friend so he could mail it back to me when I got my new hard drive.

Thanks again!

Nice bass :3

I like this song a lot. It has meaning to it, and sounds really well done. I can definitely picture this in a scene in a Flash movie where there's a suspenseful and daring atmosphere. I think I prefer this instrumental more than the version with vocals, IMO, since I think that while the vocals are extremely well written, they seem to ruin the cool atmosphere you've set in this version, although maybe that's a biased opinion since I never really liked songs with vocals. Whatever, great job on this!

The melodies are just great. As Shellac said, these definitely sound sloppy, but sloppy in a good way. I'd hate it if this song had everything perfectly the right time, since it would definitely take away from the smooth and natural sound of the track. This song is actually really relaxing, with a variety of different melodies. I usually don't like songs like this; played by a guitar without any fixed melody, but I'll have to make an exception over here. In addition, as the review summary might lead you to believe, I really like the bass. It sounds so catchy and fits really well in the song. I'm starting to wish I didn't have to use my old crappy subwoofer instead of my new one which decided to break out of nowhere. Every sound comes out thin on this subwoofer and I can't hear that bass to its full extent X(. Oh well...

I think I'll have to agree with Shellac again on the fact that this could do with some repetitions to give the track a more solid structure. You should add some sort of climax since the song never seems to reach a new level. Don't make some epic climax beyond proportions, but some part where the song gets a bit faster and the drums get a bit stronger would really help, since I can't really say 'Oh, this is my favourite part!' in this song, if you get what I mean. Sure, the song has a few small parts where the song becomes a bit more powerful, but maybe somewhere towards the end you can add some climax.

The instruments all sound awesome. The bass was very deep, and the guitar sounded great. 1:46 also has some sort of instrument that I can't seem to make out, which sounds really cool too. I also like the delay/echo effects you put on some guitar notes, that was a nice and interesting touch. Excellent use of the static as well, it DID add some overall warmth to the track.

Regarding the transitions, I can't say I didn't like them. The song flowed really smoothly from one melody to another. I like how you introduced the guitar, although you had a whole intro played by the bass and drums, and then after around 40 seconds you finally introduce the guitar. Not saying you should introduce it earlier, but perhaps you should play a few really subtle and quiet notes with the guitar here and there in the intro as an indication that the song is about to add a guitar eventually.

The structure, well, as I said, this doesn't have some sort of fixed structure, which works excellently in this song, but I strongly agree with the fact that you could repeat a few melodies with the guitar. On the other hand, the fact that you kept the bass playing roughly the same rhythm and notes throughout the song really kept the song in place and gave it a good structure, so while you didn't repeat any of the melodies at all, you added repetition with the bass line to stop the song from getting random. Intro was very good, the only thing that could help it is what I said above; adding some subtle guitar notes. The ending was awesome, but maybe some splash or ride cymbal accompanying the ending note would help it a bit.

The drums are absolutely brilliant. Loved the use of snaps, and the drums fit really well in the song. Maybe you could add a bit more of the snare, but heck, this is fine as it is. Fantastic job with the drums!

To summarize, I was impressed by this. Relaxing and suspenseful at the same time. Just work on some of the nitpicks I mentioned and this'll be perfect in my opinion. Keep up the amazing work and good luck with your future submissions!
5/5 - Ouch, this got 0-bombed badly :(.

-Review Request Club-

MarkArandjus responds:

Yeah I don't blame you, I prefer this version too and I thin kthe vocals kind of distract you from the neato details of the instrumental.

1:46 is actually an organ. I just love to put organs in the back sometimes, maybe even too much I even put one in this metal song (though it was a pleasy part of the metal song).

Thanks for the sweet score, and yeah there are always a few trancefags 0-ing non-trance songs. Not that I have anything against trance, but those are some mean folks.


Huge bass sound! That's really nice. I like the clicks and the expressive lead style. It's nice that you haven't quantized it and it's a little sloppy sounding. I like your little twinkly sound as the bass comes in too, nice touch!

I would have liked a little more cohesion between the different sections, it all sounds like one big solo and it would have been nice to get a slightly more repetitive melody line going on. You could have added in some chords and stuff to fatten it out in places too. I know the whole point is it's meant to be sparse but a few more sustained notes rather than monophonic organ lines would have helped to define the structure. Bringing the static sound in and out could have helped that too, and making the drum parts a bit more substantial and less free-form. It's hard to get into the groove in this song as it is.

The mix is nice and deep though, there is plenty of feel and attention to detail which is great. I couldn't listen to it over and over again though myself.

MarkArandjus responds:

Thanks, I'm glad somebody noticed the chimes when the bass comes in!

Hm, gotchya on the cohesion, I was hoping the bass line would do that though as it stays pretty much the same throughout the song.

Yeah I like to have this song on loop, unless you're paying attention you don't really notice it ending becuase of the static in the background :)

Thanks for the review!


-I think you did a nice job overall of mixing things up as far as the pace goes. Many different chord combinations, subtle use of the drums, finger snaps, and slight static( I liked it even if it might not of been intentional).

-It came in a bit light for me though. I think the guitar could of been brought in a little earlier.

-Review Request Club

MarkArandjus responds:

The static was intentional, I just felt like it would bring some warmth to the sound :)
Thanks for reviewing!

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Apr 3, 2010
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