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Apr 3, 2010 | 6:09 PM EDT
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Rated 3.84 / 5 stars
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what do u think ?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

really well done!

also love the quality.
has this unique charme of analogue recording to it :D
added to faves!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


sugooooooooooiiii , aishte iru !! zutto zutto aishte iru , watashi ha anata no mono :)) as u know ,watashi ha kotoba wo arawasu no ga heta dakedo... dekirudake arawasu :) keep up the good work

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hamzawy responds:

boku no kokoro wo ureshiku shite kurete, daisuki de, aishiteru zo


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Like ear candy

First off, this is a rich and emotionally complex song that i really had an enjoyable time listening to. I usually can value a song by how well it sets an atmosphere. Immersion is key to good song writing, if your song makes people want to punch someone in the face or propose to their girlfriend or take a spaceship to the planet of lesbians, then you have created something worth listening to. Your song really set me adrift in my own imagination and for that i say this is a fabulous work of art. Great job.

Most of the things i find criticism of in your song are very little things that all in all i don't really need to mention but would be good things to keep in mind to avoid in the future. So lets get these things out of the way first.

There were a couple times in your song that i heard clipping, mainly at 0:41 and 0:53, 1:05 and 1:08. Peaking is a bitch to get rid of because it was most likely introduced when you recorded it, so to remove it you will have to re-record that part. Over all it is not that big of a deal that you have peaking in your song. I have heard professional artists have peaking in their music. The biggest concern about peaking in your song is that it broke the mood, at least for me. Maybe because i am trained to listen for things like that, but i bet other people hear it too and think the same thing. I know that in some audio manipulation programs there is a feature that can detect when the waveform peaks. The one i know of is Peak Pro. Another little thing, and i'm not even sure if i heard it, but it seemed like you had some feed back throughout the song whenever you struck certain notes, i can't say which ones because your guitar is way way way off tune. But i am not a guitar player, so i don't know what to listen for in terms of feedback.

Over the whole song i could hear a large amount of static. This was mainly noticeable when it transitioned from the intro vamp to the main song at 0:22 and at the transition to the outro vamp at 2:52 because of the contrast of only one static layer to many static layers playing on top of one another when you multi-tracked the guitar. The part that confused me is that you actually had no static the last 16 seconds of the song...i don't know why. It just very noticeably stopped right at 2:52. This mic static can easily be erased by putting a low-pass filter on all the tracks in the program you use. I know that Logic has a plug-in specifically for eliminating static.

The last criticism i have is your use of reverb at 1:35. The whole piece up till then had none and it was fine that way, then it just completely changed and felt like i was listening to your song in an empty cathedral; that was okay too. The problem i have with that is i think you should probably go with no reverb the whole song or have reverb the entire time (maybe a little less reverb too). It was such a big change and it snapped me from my meditative state back into reality, which was kind of frustrating.

Everything else that i didn't mention about your song you can assume that i loved it. Here are a few of those things in short. The style you have is amazing. You play the guitar with a passion and calmness that really comes out in your melodies. Also your awesome use of the stereo field is fantastic. Most people leave everything in the center which is okay, but is kind of boring and monotonous. You, on the other hand, had every track in its own specific position in the aural stage. It really added life and movement to your song that took and immersed me in your music. And that is what i liked about your song the most, your ability to bring across a series of complex and deep emotions while also displaying your skills as a competent musician. I have heard songs on NG that are just talented guitarists jerking off in your ear for a few minutes that have no depth or purpose to them. Overall, this was a great piece that i will be listening to over and over again.

5/5, 9/10 for the little things.

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hamzawy responds:

first of all, i really appreciate the time you took to listen, criticize and rate this music. secondly, i TOO think that the reverb part is...kinda not it's place, right ? yes, but it kinda made me feel like....spaced out, or empty, even empty is a kind of feeling, that's why, even though it's not exactly the place for it, but, i kept it that way. and for the last 10-15 second...maaaaan !! thank you for noticing the static-free zone, i don't know why it kept the static for alll the song, and for the last couple of seconds it disappeared !? anyway, my "equipment" isn't really anything i guess, i would even be ashamed to tell you about it ! but it makes the job done, and i love it...thank you so much, you've been very very helpful, and you gave me a big push forward, i really appreciate it. i hope you enjoy more than one of my pieces, enjoy !