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In Luv With U {^}-{Alix1}-{^}

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Apr 3, 2010 | 12:32 AM EDT
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Rated 4.24 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Okies. Hallo NewGrounds! Here is my newest song "In love with you". I just felt amazing and my heart exploded with music and this popped out! I hope you guys like it! In this song I use plenty of bass and a few samples from Blutonium Boy V2.

Please leave a fair vote and REVIEW!

thanks guys,

P.S. - I give R4R. That is review for review. If you review my work i will review some of yours in return! :) I love you guys! <3 Have fun!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

The piano at the start sounds quite artificial, could definitely use some more reverb to it. It's got an alright melody, but some of the notes do seem a little off
0:14-Whatever that sound effect is, it really doesn't work at all for me, especially when it's being used behind a piano and with the frequency it's being used in. If you're going to use it, I think it needs some manipulation, even just turning it down the octave would have helped a lot. Definitely at 0:26-0:28 it was really excessive.

The transition at 0:28 is nice, but the synths here need a lot of work, they just don't really work well together, the drum's not really doing anything but cutting through everything with the bass, the 0:14 sound effect is still cutting through everything,
The melody synth, while having a nice sound, is still playing the same thing it was at the beginning and could definitely use a different melody and more harmony. The piano sounds like it might be playing something different in parts, but I really can't tell past the harsher synths.
I like the concept you have at 1:27 with the different parts coming in and out, but the synths you use totally wreck the idea. I'll stop labouring the point, but...yeah, in general I think the synths wreck this track for you.

The transitions in general are alright, but anti-climactic. At 'another level', it didn't really go anywhere at all, and you had the scope to change it up a lot. I think there's a few good things in here, but the synths need revamped. There's a few good points, like the start and end, and some of the ideas you had...but they were a little lost in the exection. Has promise, but needs a lot of work.

-Review Request Club

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alix1 responds:

i know i have a lot of work to do on all my tracks. Someday soon I plan on fixing every one of them that I still have the project files for.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Really sorry man, but this didn't really impress me much. I'm probably going to give you a pretty harsh review, but I hope you can use it to improve your next works. This song isn't really too good, it's basically the same as any other generic hardstyle track except with a piano and some weird FX. I don't really like this one much, sorry :(.

The melodies, unfortunately, aren't that good. Usually when I hear the same melody loads and loads of times (before I started reviewing I left this song on loop for like half an hour or so) it ends up sticking in my head, but these ones just didn't. The piano was alright, but the notes at 0:10 actually sound a little off-key or just wrong, IMO. Then, when I thought the song was about to turn into a new direction at 0:28, it ended up changing for the worst when the generic annoying hardstyle saw synth came in and the song became a cluttered mess with random weird FX, a kick drum, piano and saw synth playing altogether. The song doesn't really live up to its name either, since all the instruments except for the piano, are way too rough. Sorry man, but the melodies, to be honest, aren't really that impressive.

That goes for the instruments you used too. The piano really wasn't such good quality, and the saw wave was extremely generic and bland. This also lacks effects. I think the piano could really do with some reverb to it, maybe some delay too, and even the saw synth could do with some faint reverb. As for sound effects, that 'balloon deflating' sound effect was really overused, and doesn't sound too good either. I'd suggest completely removing it from the song, or at least not using it so much. On the other hand, the sweeps were used well and I liked the fact that you added some vocal samples too. So while you have some good sweeps and vocal samples, if I were you I would seriously consider completely changing the instruments and doing something about that deflating balloon.

The transitions were alright, and I especially liked the ones with the well-timed vocals, but a problem I have with this song is that it never reaches a climax. For example, at 0:56, when there's a vocal sample saying 'another level', it doesn't really go to another level, but stays at the same level: a kick and saw wave. Actually, the song is full of anti-climaxes, such as 1:39 as well. The transitions are good, but unfortunately the fact that some transitions lead to an anti-climax when I expect the song to become more powerful really doesn't work too well.

The structure and variety, unfortunately, really need work. Basically you only had two simple melodies topped up by a kick per beat except occasionally some parts where the kick plays every half beat, 2 vocal samples and some random FX. I think this could really do with more alternate melodies since only 2 melodies to last for almost 2 and a half minutes isn't such a good idea. The intro and outro were pretty much average. Intro was a little plain, but still not so bad and the outro, although abrupt, was alright too.

To be honest I really wasn't impressed by those drums. You only had a kick drum to support the song, and it was really badly varied too. No crash cymbals, no snares, nothing... just a ridiculously bassey hardstyle kick which gets rough on the ears after hearing this song loop at least 5 times. Sure, hardstyle focuses a lot on kicks but more percussion would really help out over here.

Overall, this isn't such a good song. While it has some good sweeps, vocal samples, the transitions were alright and the intro/outro were OK, the instruments were bland, the melodies weren't too good, the drums were simple and repetitive, the song itself was badly varied and the fact that this is really generic and there are so many parts which sound anti-climatic really ruin this song. Don't give up though, with some practice I think you could turn out to be a great artist. Sorry for the long, harsh review, I figured you'd prefer if I was harsh and honest rather than dishonest. Good luck on your future songs...

-Review Request Club-

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alix1 responds:

This is honestly one of the best reviews i have ever received. :) Honestly I dont do too much hardstyle or hardcore at all. this is all trial and error for me. I've been wanting to fix the deflate sound and clean the song up for a few weeks now but haven't had any time. haha. I guess there is a LOT more work before this is perfected. expect another song to come out within the next few days. Similar melody but UBER EPIC. Hahaha. <3 u SuperSteph54! PLUR to you! Thanks for this amazingly fabulous review!

--Alix1 (Alix Gutierrez)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

That noise. O.o

Sounds like you deflated about 30 balloons for the sound effects. Lol

I think without the whole farting sound effect every 5 seconds, it'd be a lot better. The melody is great without it.

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alix1 responds:

haha. lol. thanks man. ;P <3


Rated 2 / 5 stars

weird song

meh didnt rly like u need but moar figuring place for the notes =)

alix1 responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing! Seriously! 5/5!

Don't stop making music! This was fantastic! KEEP IT UP BUDDY! :D

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alix1 responds:

Thank you! :) I'm glad you like it!