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NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition MC Knock Out Round 1 - Wyze-Stingray vs Murdaa
Verse 1: Wyze, Verse 2: Murdaa, Verse 3, Wyze

MC Knock Out Thread: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1155942

NGHH Comp. Thread: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1156388

Beat: Day 5 Beat 10 by Haywyre - http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/287301

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Wyze V1 - Okay name diss, guest appearance is a good personal, autistic/realistic was lame. Pop filter line seems to have come out of nowhere, Murdaa's audio quality has never bothered me.

Murdaa V1 - Something unintelligible about Jean Gray, a decently delivered line smudged by a double in post-production. Fantastic/ass kicked/tragic/mattress is pleasant to the ears but is also filler. Flow is in every way superior to Wyze though.

Wyze V2 - Can't hear you is a great diss, 'fear you' is a weak follower, calling his lines out as generic is good. Finishes up with some weak filler and doesn't fill all of his designated bars. You could at least have turned that into a diss, like "I don't even need a full 16".

Murdaa has good flow while Wyze almost sounds like he's whining. On the other hand Wyze throws much harder punches. I'd give Wyze the advance but not enthusiastically.


easy choice murda won the other guy sounds like shit

wyze i think had it

even tho his flow is much more choppy then grim

his rhymes made me say "ooh!"

grim's sounds better but the insults were not has harsh

i dont know it was a first round thing but wyze should take it

Not a strong round be either

I'm gonna be commenting on both of them.

Wyze - You definitely had the stronger lyrics and it was blatantly obvious that you were more direct in your insults which is always a plus but one of the biggest problems I had with your verses was that your flow AND delivery fall way behind your strength (I.e. - Lyrics.) You're still missing that certain "swag" (as much as I hate using that word but it fits for what I'm trying to explain,) there's a certain feeling to battles that was just missing from your delivery and flow. This is something I would hope you will work on so good luck to you in the future.

Grimcredible/Murda - While Wyze did have the stronger lyrics and more direct insults, you had enough strength in your lyrics to get by but I would like to think that you can do a better job at researching your opponent so if you get the chance to advance to round 2, make sure you do. As for your flow, honestly it wasn't that much better than Wyze's but it was still better none-the-less. You're strongest point would have to be your delivery because that's where I felt you shined the most.

| Final Verdict |
While neither of these 2 MC's impressed me because of their lack of flow, I still believe someone has a slight edge. Wyze had the stronger lyrics but the impact of them suffered because of his weakness in delivery and flow. Grim didn't have enough direct insults but made up for it in delivery and decent lyrics.

This was a close round but in the end, I feel that Grimcredible has the most potential in providing a more interesting round 2 but he's gonna have to work harder to impress because you have to show no mercy in battles, no matter who your opponent is. Both of these artists did their things but in the end, I feel Grim should advance to round 2. Good luck to you both.


Much respect to both. It just seems like Murdaa came with it from the start. Wyze came back in the 2nd but my vote is for murdaa

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Apr 1, 2010
11:33 AM EDT
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