Muss: The Beginning

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I have a new username and a new song too!
This one was so much fun to make and i really like the result too.

So, i hope you enjoy and perhaps you can rate and leave a review :)

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I guess I'll do this like the reviews on Newegg.

Pros: I LOVE that synth, and the song is the exact speed that I like.

Cons: It's free, so I cant put "It's not free" here. How about "It doesn't heat my room"?

Other Thoughts: My cat likes it.

FairSquare responds:

If you want it to heat your room, you should invent a machine that turns sound waves into heat! :D
Oh, and i'm glad you (and your cat, please say hi to him from me) liked it.
Thanks for the review!

My turn to review.

As soon as I heard the intro all your previous music all came back to me. You have put SO MUCH more into this song then what I'm used to hearing from you which is awesome. When the synth came in at that point I thought this is what makes the song but then you gave the piano a little solo and well I can't ask for more from this. I'm not gonna get reall technical or go into any real detail with the song because after listening to it over and over, I think this song is as perfect as you can make it. Great hype at the end. I would like to put more in this review but not having any real criticism, I'm gonna leave it at that.

FairSquare responds:

Thank you!
And yes, you're right that i've put much more in the song than usual. I'm just taking my time for each song now and i try to keep the attention of the listener by switching things around and bringing different things forward. Hard to explain, but i think you get it :)
Again, thanks for the review!


synths melody was awesome! high five man,you deserve it!

FairSquare responds:

Thank you!

Good job

Hi there Mhussirius (sorry, couldn't help playing with the Mh!) :-)
Hey, that name looks more "seriuous", you are write, at least more mature.

Look, I have been listening to your song and reading the reviews. Yes, I agree it has something of the MH sound, but I think it's also an evolution. You have risked it a bit more. I think it's interesting to try new sounds and this is a start. You're good at this. What about trying out a different sort of style? Pop, rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz... I wonder what the result would be! :-)

FairSquare responds:

Haha, Mhussirus :p
A different sort of style?
Like rock? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/222057
Or Jazz? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/200762
Hip-Hop? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/199326

But you are right though. I improved since then and if i try one of those genres again it might turn out better than the songs that i already have in those genres.
Thanks for the review!


geez, its been a really long time since I reviewed one of your songs.

Intro 0:00-0:20
Initially, it wasn't very impressive, but as I listened to it a couple times, it grew on me. I liked the chords, the builds were nice. I thought the low piano chords also worked well, but could have been louder. Then at :14, the chords changed, giving a really nice effect and set a strong mood for the melody.

Melody 1 -:48
Nicely varied, good sound with the synth. Also enjoyed the background synth that came in partway through. Again though, you had this little high-pitched piano thing going on that I could barely hear, I think that could have been louder also.

Melody 2 0:49-:1:30
Ooh, a change in volume. Again, almost everything you do, it seems to work perfectly. Change in drums also matched the melody. Then the last 10 seconds had a nice crescendo (louder please!) building back into the familiar melody

Closing 1:30-End
Familiar melody, still nice, although I think the ending should have been a single note to fill the space, as opposed to the series of 8 notes. Also, ending with the cymbal crash as opposed to continuing a second past it

Conclusion: Still has that classic MH16 sound! :D

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for the review!
I don't agree with you on one thing though, because you said ''you had this little high-pitched piano thing going on that I could barely hear, I think that could have been louder also.''
I don't agree with that, because it's supposed to be in the background. If i make it louder the song gets too busy and you don't know on what to focus anymore.
But that's the only thing i have to say, the rest was good advice :p
Again, thanks for the review!

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Mar 29, 2010
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