Tell me why - [feat. T-Free]

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Here is a song I've written for a poetic day. It's on T-Free's "We'l keep together"... And if you don't understand what I say in English, it's because of my F***ING FRENCH ACCENT XD !
Here is the translation, I'll write the French Lyrics later :

1/While, below the horizon,
The sun sinks
Tell me why my questions
Are never answered

2/While the neon,
which shines down on us, is erased
Tell me why the reason
Never let traces

3/Tell me why, even
I'm not so immature
When I go outside
I feel I'm in a cage

4/Tell me why, like
I was a Necrophage
The see of all this sadness
Causes my brainstorming

5/Tell me why love works
Only in the movies for old folk
Tell me why I love her
And it's not reciprocal

6/Tell me why, even I do
My best
I make the ones I love

7/Tell me why
the sames ones take
While the same ones
Pay and are upsets

8/Tell me why
The same ones crawl in hate
Tell me why my father
Votes for Jean-Marie Le Pen [a rascist French politician]

Tell me why Tell me why
How hard we try So many die
We can't live in peace While their reasons
Before we die Are only lies


9/Tell me why every day
I see my brothers die,
Born from mother earth
To collapse in dust

10/Tell me why this world
Is the reverse place
When we feed the wars
With those iron prayers

11/Tell me why there is this quest
For torture and pain
When we follow the traitors
Who are the priests and the masters

12/Tell me why the hell
Of their "world" is so different
While their "light"
Likes eating our flesh

13/Tell me why I have
To keep my faith
While it's the 100th time
that "God" doesn't answer me

14/Tell me why I have
To prefer the wonderful beyond
While this imperfect world
Is all I have

15/ Tell me why you already have
To tell me good bye
And to leave my arms
With a silent sob

16/Tell me why I already have
To close my eyes
Tell me why our lifes
Don't matter enough


17/The world is an exercise
With infinite answers
Sometimes when a problem is hot
The solution is worst

18/You see the news
Full of pain and hate
Sometimes you even abuse
Your own existence

19/You're desperate
Sometimes you don't understand them
You would prefer them
To let you put a bullet in your head

20/Nobody's listening to you
When you denounce their crimes
And you often suspect that
You're also consumed by your evil

21/Because you asked it
I'm gonna tell you why
This world sucks so much :
You have to look in front of you

22/Life is very dark
And there are a lot of bastard
Who kill and dare
Speak about God or about Dollars

23/The world won't change so easily
And you have to take on
The one you are
Before life screws you

24/Enjoy your feather[=quill ?]
Cause like a TV
Life can rapidly go out
So enjoy it and assume yourself


[when the music stops]
Finally, I think I've understand... Thanks...

That's all !! I hope you like it ! Tell me what you think about it !


WOUAH, Mon ami,

J'espère I' ; m n'étant pas offencive, mais est-il correct si je traduis à votre langue maternelle ? Vous avez le talent, je pouvez être anglais mais j'ai des amis que de phase en France ainsi moi peut vous comprendre. Tout que je peux dire est que la chanson est impressionnante

One-Winged-Raven responds:

Hey, merci man :D I didn't expect someone (except Akken) to write in French :)
I'm glad you understood what I meant (and you liked it ^^ )
Your French is okay, even if you made one or two little mistakes :)
Thanks !!

Beautiful !

This song is so, Incredible. It's the only thing I have to say.

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