Moonbow (Mans0n)

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Made with FL8 XXL. Song Info: 55 patterns. 26 Automation clips.
song breaks down at the 60th bar. And the Buildup is at the 99th bar.

This song is dedicated to my dog that died a few weeks ago.

R.I.P Bailey!

EDIT: re-uploaded; made some minor fixes! if you already listened to it clear your cache to listen to the updated version.


100th audio review... :)

The intro have a nice sound, i liked it, the voice in the back is very cool, and the beat is still in my mind, I love when I listen to a (nice) song and the sound and beat keep playing in my head, it's an awesome thing...

Thye intro was very quiet, I tought that my speakers were at the lower level, since I was hearing only a little voice and the song was still quiet, but, anyways, the song was very cool, I loved the awesome voice and the nice beat.

The drums are super nice, they have a great beat and they fitted so well with the main beat, what is great, since the two beats need to be matched.

Anyways, it was a cool song, but it needs a bit of improvements, since the beat was the same for a few moments, but, except for this, the song was great, congrats...

(Review Request Club)

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Mans0n responds:

thanks man :) glad you thought it was good. And I agree the intro is a little too quiet which is something i will get around to fixing.

Review Request Club

I really like the use of vocals here. Sometimes with dance/DnB tracks the use of voice clips can feel really forced, but here it mixes really well with the track, and the little echoes it has are really atmospheric.

1:49, I thought the absence of synths was a little offputting, but that's forgotten about when a new synth comes in and starts the buildup. With the first section, the synths were really light and almost incidental, but with this new section they take on a far more prominent role and you really can appreciate the work you've done on the automation and levels. What you did with the percussion choice at the start of the track was pretty unique, but when the more usual kit comes in the levels on it are nice and it doesn't cut through the synths at all, which is nice.

You'd think the vocals would get repetitive, given it repeats, but what you do with the synths for some reason stops this happening, which is something I can't quite understand, but applaud you for accomplishing. In general, it was a little quiet at the start and maybe a little too loud at the more climax-y parts such as around the 3rd minute, but in general the production level of this was nice and high, and it's a job well done, overall.

-Review Request Club

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Mans0n responds:

thanks for the kind words with yet another great review!

thanks bro

A little quiet

I think that this piece would be made to sound so much better if you increased the volume slightly - the first minute of the piece seems to be too quiet to hear at reasonable volume levels and while it does increase, it is too slow to really justify the length of time without quality sound in the tune.

I think that there is a great deal of good vocals being used here, complete with the reverb effects and the beat that goes along with it. When you get all of this working, you can really put together a great tune, but the volume levels were the real game-breaker here for me.

[Review Request Club]

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nice vocals

wow i really liked this, you have a few good number of stuff in here, the female vocals really got it down for me you dont hear that too much here and this version was preatty neat, so very nice job here i thought it was well rounded.

If it can be improved at all i would have more of the vovals with more timing to it


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Mans0n responds:

thanks for the review bro

Great Beat

The intro sounds very spaced out and nice and it keeps spaced out as other sounds come in and voices? Very good job here.

Space feeling: Amazing how it feels right here anyways.

Voice: Sounds quite awesome. Something about the moon?

Drum 'n' Bass: Simple and nice.

Keyboard: Actually probably liked it best and some retro sounds.

Overall: Excellent piece of work.


Mans0n responds:

thanks for the review! it's a good one :D

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Mar 27, 2010
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