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And so it came to be, starting immediate that night Sanake and Ega were dispatched on a mission.
Nenu, palthes and sebek left for the frontlines to defend the cloud temple from the roamers again.
0:00-0:12| Lone had been deploying supplies right in sight of the enemy requested by Eken..

0:13-0.55| At the Roamer encampment past the meadow..

A black armored knight walked back and forth..
"Could you stand still for at least five seconds.." Said a red armored knight that came riding from the frontlines..
"you would think..." The black knight started.. "that their ranks would crumble with such a loss..".." but they fight even harder now.."

"Yun..".. "Yunberi.." replied the red knight.. "they arent ordinary people or the ancient wouldnt have fled to them".." so stop stressing out and lets use the same tactic on the right flank"
The black knight named yunberi stroked his chin.. "That sounds to easy".. "If they arent ordinary people they will expect us trying again, or maybe they expect us to try something else because...grr.."
Yunberi took off his helmet... "Am i going mad?".. "Im filled with this feeling of..."

"We all feel it yun.." answered the red knight.. "Its natural.. we are bound to.."
"NOTHING...about us.." interupted yunberi.. "is natural..".."But here we are struggling to do what we must"

A white knight approached..
"Kain, yunberi.., it seems their front is abbandoning camp"
The red knight named Kain seemed in thought.. "No, thats probably another tactic to lure us in Hymon.."
Yunberi seemed to agree..

The white knight named Hymon seemed to disagree..
"You both already had a piece of the action, didnt you say it was an easy win? How hard can it be!" Hymon yelled and turned around on his steed to return to the frontline..


0.55-1.02| "Well, seems like at least some of them fell for it" Ihuren said as a blurr of troops led by one of the three roamer knights came closer..
"Was it not to obvious?" Lone asked..

"we just enjoy the view" Ihuren sighed looking serious this time.
Lone scratched his head.. "Huh from here? But they are coming right at us"

1.02-1.15| But before lone realised the plan, he saw Ihuren run off directly at the incoming division.. sword held ready for first blood.

"Target him! Target that man!" Hymon shouted and stood up on his steed unsheating his blade.. He was going right at Ihuren with his troops.
And for a split moment time seemed to have stopped..

Lone on the other side held his hair away from his face witnessing the clash commence.

1.15-1.36| Hymon leaped forward from his horse, and while still hanging mid air as everything suddenly seemed to drag in slowmotion..
Without warning the sound of a rusty nail on a plate struck through the fabric of space cutting through Hymon and a deafening bash followed as Palthes forces rammed into Hymons troops flank.
Lone could not believe his eyes seeing Ihuren turn around resting his sword gallantly on his shoulder...
Eken had killed a roamer in a single blow..

1.36-2.18| "Something changed" Kain suddenly noted in the Roamer camp.

"Yes, the fool got himself killed already" sighed Yunberi "And if we dont regroup we will be next"
"So where do you want to go?" Kain said sounding rather desperate..
"Just... lets just leave" Yunberi answered slightly irritated "We will think of our next move when we get out of that man's sight..."
"who is he anyway.."

Kain mounted his steed alongside Yunberi.. and took one last look over the meadow..
"psht... a shame"

The Roamers took off, the siege of cloud temple was at an end.
But the threat would be fresh as long as the origin of the roamers remained intact.

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Just as expected.

0.00 - 0.12
A very nice buildup. Preparing the reader/listener for the story in a simple, soothing way.

0.13 - 0.55
A rather simple section. The three knights discussing, I can clearly hear them talking about going mad in this part. Towards the end it's easy to hear the white knight approaching and telling them what's going on.

0.56 - 1.02
Not exactly prepearing for war, but preparing for something. I don't hear Lone's confusion, but I hear that something's about to happen. Something weird?

1.03 - 1.15
I would be expecting something more dramatic here, as Ihoren suddenly charges at the approaching troops, and with orders being shouted. But there's still that mysterious aura in the air.

1.16 - 1.36
And there it is. The surprise, the mysterious, almost divine thing that we were waiting for. Very clearly, sounds almost like an angel's choir. Divine powers, or just magic?

1.37 - 2.18
There is a lot of despair, sadness, and lack of hope in this section. The two remaining knights have pretty much given up and just wants to get home. Away from all of this.

As usual, a great track. I've been starting to expect a lot from you after hearing some of your tracks. This is one of the better ones, if I may say so. The story really fits the music, but both of them can easily stand alone and still tell the same story. You put a lot into the feel of your songs. It seems important to you that the song directly affects the mood of the listener, which I believe you accomplish very well.

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Calamaistr responds:

thanks, nice compliments and accurately experienced.

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