T888+AF - Lightspeed (wip)

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This is a collab between me and Aliaspharow, i tweaked the piano a bit in this edit, i hope you enjoy! His edit is here --> http://www.new grounds.com/audio/listen/

I added some more synths, changed the melidies a little bit and added some drums. I hope you guys (and gals) enjoy ^^

(copy the url and erase the space in between ^^)

Glory be to God from whom comes all wisdom, knowledge and talent.


This is even better than the other one.

Since I have already reviewed the other song and they're very similar I'll copy my review over here.

"It's so calm. And the sounds are so smooth. It feels very ambient, except it's trance. I don't know how to explain it. It's just a magnificent piece. I'll go check out Tigger888's version as soon as I'm done listening to this. I've been having this on loop for quite a while now, so I think it should be time to change soon. Whenever that will happen."

So I switched songs and I'm glad I did since this one is better in my opinion. They're still very similar, but you added some stuff and tweaked some stuff to add to the already awesome song. So while the other one got a 9, you filled in the missing holes and made this better than what it already was and you get a 10. Amazing job. To both you guys. I love this song.

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Ay, again very nice!

Let's not forget your version now, because that's unfair (and seeing that ya left so many nice reviews on my stuff I figured I'd return the favor lol ;) ). I guess I'll start with the one bad thing that I found in this song, and then continue to everything that I like. There is SO much going on in this song that it's very easy to get lost in sound, and it's hard to pick out the individual parts. However, the sounds that I do hear are extremely well-done. Once again, the drums stick out to me, which are extremely well done; very Transformers-ish, epic, electronica, glitchy. The piano part that you added was a nice add, and I enjoyed it a lot. A superb add. You really do have to listen to each remix completely to pick out the nuances in each mix, and they're both really quite exceptional. Y'all, keep it up, I love it! =)

tigger888 responds:

Thanks! You have just encouraged me to go back to the track and to remaster it with all my newfound knowledge and skill! Thank you very much for the review! I didn't know weather my piano changeup would be noticed!


Dude amazing, by the way this is Esaul's, brother I have to say this is an amazing trance piece you and Alias have made, thumbs up. The bit is sick even though not cohesive and I like the arpeggios and the pan effect keep it up!

tigger888 responds:

Thanks bro! I will remaster it sometime soon! It sounds too mushy by my new standards xD!


Wow... this is pretty darn cool. I love the filter and fx on the drums. The only thing it lacks is a little more originality, and maybe better mixing. but, hey, this is good!

tigger888 responds:

About originality, i just improved on the spot xD . Don't know where its from or who it sounds like ^^ And yes i admittedly suck at mixing = ( But i am getting better!


I can see this now playing in trance energy if it was a little faster and had aharder and stronger climax, sounds alittle ambient, you know what mean?
well whatever you do, I support 100%

tigger888 responds:

Thanks man! I'll try amping it up!

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Mar 24, 2010
12:26 AM EDT
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