Jax *Revamped*

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Track i made to Shadowvilles "BEAST MODE"


this is jax underground just so u know
when u hear us comin, man, this is how we roll
cuz when u come and hear the thunder and the bump bump
from the trunk trunk then u know ur gettin fucked up

Verse 1:
Let me start this off by sayin
This here aint no game we playin
no nintendo inuindo when we roll it's tinted window
straight to yo face blastin nothin but the indo
smoke to ya motha fuckin lungs attacks like rambo
Rollin 24 with the goldspoke rims then
with the neon green when i creep shinin
at night, when i take flight
it's like they get right and they all run in fright at the slight
turnin up of the crunk so the trunk
starts to bump
and the thunder hits makin all them bastards jump
JAx underground at it's best we aint no punks
cross us though and they'll find u by the river washed up.


Verse 2:
Bump means u jump cuz i'm gettin out the pump
cuz north east west or south ur gettin jumped
by my gang or fuckin crew even if u belong to
don't even matter though i thought u knew
respect is earned in this town
we don't fuck around
when we put this shit down
we bust another round
When u think u know and you get put down
like a stray dawg with the bullet to the brain, mane
now we end this whole ordeal
this aint no fuckin, deal or no deal
this shit is all fo' real
no body hears, ur petty cries fo' help
When we kick in yo ribs and smash yo face in<*said to the bongo sound*

Chorus x2:

Verse 3:
This is something that u should know
if u see the J-town exit don't turn off the road
cuz if u decide to it wont be long and you
will hear the bass hit so hard u think it will rain soon
it's just a warning, from this JAX G
ready and willing, to roll up on the seen
Some people use a nine, maybe even a gat
but my weapon of choice is a steel baseball bat
Homerun derby is what i imagine
when i'm steady swingin like a Major league legend
til ur limp but not like the bizkit
it's til ur on the ground and they call for an ambulance.



Words cant even explain how hard this goes.. I need to smoke more cigarettes a day, so I can get that demonic voice. haha..its not happening. Mixing good, lyrics good shit and message was great! Jack these hoes for thier kicks; they dont even know! hahah

RIZZIN999 responds:

Haha thanx. Nah its a voice i developed so i didnt harm my throat and get a harsh sound as well.

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Mar 22, 2010
11:14 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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