Drum Journey

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Ratings don't really need to be applied but if you do rate please rate high. Basically it's a drum solo I guess.....


hey listen please.

dood, please go to hell....please. i want you to burn there so no body will ever known of your existance and so we don't have to ever hear this piece of shit of music. GOD i hate your brains soo much.

Has great potential, but needs work

I hope you were joking about the "please rate high" part, because if you seriously expect people to rate something based on what you want them to rate it as, you are kidding yourself and i can't believe you are taking yourself that seriously. You will get a score based on your submission alone and not what you say you should get.

Now about the music:
For about the first .5 seconds i really liked it with the glitchy MPC style horn stabs. Then it seemed you just looped the same pattern for next 39.5 seconds. I have worked with most major sample libraries and i could immediately recognize the generic, unaltered drums you were using. My teachers have removed every sample drum sound from Reason and Logic and any other sample player in our tech labs because everyone has heard them before and they are honestly pretty bad. If i want to use drums in a song, I have to record, edit and mix drum loops and samples of my own. This is tedious and boring work, but it really is worth the effort. Disregarding the repetitive and obscure nature of your rhythms, your song will sound ten times as good if you produce your own samples.

Like i said earlier, the first moment of your piece had me expecting great things. Often on NG i listen to a piece and i can immediately tell if i will like it or not. So this disappointed me greatly because i listened to the whole thing expecting more awesome horn stabs or in the very least, more rhythmic variety.

This piece has great potential. I can already hear the chest pounding break-beat/jungle style drums flow perfectly with punchy horn accents in my head. If you decide to redo this piece, i honestly can wait to hear what you come up with. Keep on trying and never give up, no matter what jerks like me say.

xsnrgman responds:

Fair enough, then! Maybe you misunderstood me about the please rate high comment. I simply meant, in other words to not blast my ratings with low scores just because it's really short and incomplete.

Guess what? I don't think you're a jerk for giving it a 3. If anything, I appreciate the criticism because without it, I won't know what should be improved in a song, and what I should add more of.

I mentioned in my previous submissions that I have real trouble using FL Studio. I was going to try Music Maker but had trouble with installing so I'm stuck with FL for now. I really want to add more of that beginning 1 second part but had problems with recording the track and ended up with this drum loop. I actually had a decent synthisizer thing going with a melody but for whatever reason, it got lost in the recording process when I transcoded to mp3. I'm sure you understand what a bitch FL can be for some people.

I can tell you that in the future, some way and some how with trial and error I will have better quality songs and loops posted here. Bear with me and thanks for commenting!

Also, if I may ask: what drum program you use to make it sound "not so generic"?

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Mar 20, 2010
7:34 PM EDT
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