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In My Dreams - Jxl180

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Author Comments

Please review/vote after fully listening to the track.

Thank you.

A Capella from Looperman



Repetitive bass...

Which basically screwed up what could have been a great song. Its small loop got immensely annoying quickly. When it did finally disappear it jsut suddenly disappeared, and then just appeared again.

The bass also served to completely block out any synths that could have been playing some awesome melody at the foreground, heck it even obscured the drums :S Pity it didnt stay out when it did go out really, the main synths had one heck of a main melody going.

As for the voice, its quite good, lyrics actually make sense and have a great sense of rhytm to them, remaining in sync with the music. They could have been slightly louder though....

Overall, not a bad track, and with more work it could become much better...

=Review Request Club=

P.S. Dont worry about the zero bombing, it happens to everyone. They really should make it that you can only give a low score if you review....

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jxl180 responds:

Thank you for your review. You aren't the first to suggest this. I will try to see what I can do.

Thank you.

Review Request Club

The bass line kind of dominates every other synth as they're added, which is a shame. I'd have liked to see the other synths that come in have a lot more presence than they did, or have had the bass line turned WAY down. Because it's much lower down in the texture, you don't need as much volume to give it presence; like at the 1 minute mark where the bass gets toned right down for 15 seconds...you can still hear it fine. But it's not overpowering everything.

Because it's so present for the rest of the track, its small loop gets very repetitive, very very fast, until it kind of fades into obscurity by 2:00...if it had STAYED faded out, I think I would have enjoyed the rest of the track a lot more. Which is a shame, because what the OTHER synths are doing sounds really cool. As in, throughout. There's some really nice sounds and chords in there, the voice works well, the trainsitions are nice (Especially the ones into the piano/ambient pad sounds). If the bass was turned down, and you gave people a chance to hear the other synths, then I think even the voice wouldn't feel as overpowered as it did here.

Look at the levels, turn that bass down or other things up, and this would be a really great track. As it is, the bass line in this lets you down massively. Everything else is fine, and works well. SO just one tiny fix needed to make this a pretty solid track.

-Review Request Club

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jxl180 responds:

Thank you for your help and review. I will definitely heed your advice. Originally, I was trying to make the bass the main hook, but apparently that wasn't the way I shouldn't have gone.

Thank You.

Quite repetitive

I'm sorry, but the bass beat got to me on this one - it didn't really seem to do too much. I liked the fact that you had a good melody and vocals blended in together, but the persistent bass beat throughout the song was a little over the top. I'd certainly suggest lots more variation there, to bring the track a much needed relief.

I like that you've used some sounds that could be akin to Spore - the one twinkle that you used sounded very much like a part of the game, but that's just an aside. Try giving us more vocal samples and throwing in more variation on the bass, to really improve this track.

[Review Request Club]

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jxl180 responds:

I've never played Spored, but this comment I have gotten many times. I'll see what I can do about the bass. I'll adjust the levels of the different leads and the bass to add variety.

Thank you.

Good song

This is a very nice song. The melodies and the beat sound pretty good and I love the deep bass you used.

The vocals are a very nice addition, they fit good into the song, even though they are a bit too quiet when they first set in. They are nearly drowned out by the other instruments, so you may want to have a look at that again.

{ Review Request Club }

jxl180 responds:

OK, thank you for the review. I'll check it out.

Audio Review Number 1,000 :)

I'll start off with my only complaint if you could even consider it that. The very first vocals that you use kind of got drowned out by the music. After listening again I clearly heard what it said so perhaps it was just the fact that I wasn't ready for vocals to be used.

Hm, perhaps add the lyrics to your author comments? The vocals and lyrics were by far the best part of the submission in my opinion. I think you used just enough were they were getting repetitive and there wasn't a need for anymore of them.

The music behind the vocals was very good as well and would have probably done good without the vocals. In my opinion though the vocals really add to it so don't think that I'm saying to take them away or anything. :P

Overall, a very nice song where the vocals really add a lot to it. Nice pace and beat all the way through.

~ Review Request Club ~

jxl180 responds:

Thank you very much for the great review, and I'm glad I was your 1,000th review!


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3.88 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2010
8:55 PM EDT
File Info
4.7 MB
3 min 25 sec

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