{Meinsla} Elysium

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I'm done messing with this one. You know, it really intrigues me that I can go on other people's pages and see "Finished another song. This one took a colossal 3 hours." WTF. Even my crappiest work takes days, on and off, if not weeks. Maybe it's my short attention span. Anyways, here's the latest thing I've been working.


Not bad.

Sorry to deviate from the actual reviewing process, but your insight really strikes a happy nerve. I do burst a blood vessel at the sight of such comments.

It's really a situation of quantity vs. quality. I've noticed that although certain artists can crank out a dozen tunes in two weeks, the quality of composition and originality is really lacking, despite what the reviews might say.* Overall, I can say that my more lengthily-produced songs are more satisfying than songs that were rushed through, even if it brings me less attention.

So, in other words, do what gets people moving while pleasing your conscience at the same time.

*If you want me to go into fuller detail about this, feel free to ask.

meinsla responds:

I understand what you're saying, I'm just saying it's something I cannot do. I see no reason why this should strike a nerve with you.


wow this one is nice!!!
there is not much i could give bad critics on, the things i could give on are just because those parts are a little different style then i prefer, so its not even important to mention
only i would probably make a part in it where i played a little with the main melody to make it in that part more advanced (only the idea i have might sound great in my head, but in reality it might be too hard or not sound so well)
guess i even favorite this one

also everyone has a different way of creating songs... mine are sometimes finished in short time too... i get a burst of inspiration and i can make something nice very fast... but once i loose my inspiration i get stucked and then i can spent days on it without getting any progress...
~K4P~ 22 - sunshine (after the rain) was finished in 3 hours because i had a giant burst of inspiration... but when i wanted to do things on it later to improve it more nothing happened, every try to make it better failed because i lost my inspiration to continue on the same project...
the first 3 hours were with inspiration and created 95% of the song... the next (i think i spent around) 6 hours trying to improve without my burst of inspiration gave only a little 5% of the songs progress

but there might always be some people who wants to show of by saying how less time they need to make something... so they might lie or not count some time they spend for the preparation for the project like the time you need to find the right synths... most people spend a hell lot of time to create something simple, just like you do... dont let others who might even lie about it make you feel less good or fast!


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meinsla responds:

Thanks man, your reviews mean a lot to me. Glad you liked it. :)

I totally agree with your comment. Hahaha.

"This one took a colossal 3 hours."
How do they do it!?

This sounds great. I really like it. It's not happy nor sad... it's just pleasing to listen to. I love the piano sounds. Which program did you use to make this?

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meinsla responds:

Thanks for the review. I used FL Studio 8 with the VST 'Edirol Orchestral' for the piano.

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