.:A New Life v2:.

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This is a revamped version of a song I submitted earlier. I used this as a backing track for my Berklee College of Music audition, might record the guitar parts if I get some time when I go back home.

A million thanks to Supersteph54 for changing my samples to East West Orchestra samples and for giving a lot more life to the drums.

Made in FL Studio 8.

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/316566

Previous version ^

Edit: Forgot to credit Darklight17 for helping replace the samples too. Cheers.

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Hello Berkleer :)

You are in Berklee also? Nice to meet you! I'm newbie for only the first semester, in film scoring. Pretty nice song.

GronmonSE responds:

Negative, sir. I didn't get in.

I'm currently just learning theory, might reapply in a year or two though.

Thanks :)

Nice beat

I liked the ambient feel in this song, it has such a chill mood. I wish I could have heard the guitar go with it, I could definitely imagine some nice riffs going on it here.

The kick in the drum set was kind of bothering me, I would suggest using something with a bit more punch in the higher end.

Overall, nice work man- keep at it. Did you get into Berklee?

GronmonSE responds:

I'm getting a decision in a week. REALLY nervous about it to be honest though. I got really nervous during my audition.

SuperSteph worked on the drums, can't fix that myself unfortunately.

Thanks for the review :D

Review Request Club

Nice start. The pizzicato strings were cool, but at times felt a little artificial; it sounded like there was a low arco string underneath it that could have used being brought up a little more just to flesh the texture out a little more. The drums were a nice addition, but were a little too dominating over the other strings to begin with. As it developed they kind of settled into the texture more. The melodies in this were really nice; they were simple, but that made them very strong and effective.

At 1:10 or so when the strings come alongside the piano melody was a really magical point, and the following 20 seconds or so was really nice; the subtle change in drum beat, the little harp glissando that was just casually present in the background, and then the really emotional string run up to the big climax at the end; in general the choices of instruments were just really well done. THe arpeggios in the strings start getting a little artificial-sounding by 1:50, but that might have just been me. The climax in general though was very emotive and effective.

The cutout at 2:03 was very abrupt, but it just about works for it, leading down to a more subdued finish. When the drum kicked back in at the end, I was expecting it to build up again into another section, but instead it just finished. If you get another look at this piece I'd really consider expanding it even further than you did, just to have even more of a variety to it. All in all though, this was an awesome piece. Keepe it up.

-Review Request Club

Good work

While this was a piece that faded away towards the end, I still think you did a great job with it. There's a good sense of purpose to this 'life' in the beat and the way that the melody is quite simple, but rather effective is a good sign.

Perhaps there is a little more scope to expand upon the track and get a little more variation in, but you've got a good start made, nonetheless and this can certainly be viewed as a very sturdy foundation and probably more than that.

I wasn't entirely happy with the counter melody, because it seemed to go against the melody, as opposed to complimenting it. More work is required there, I feel.

[Review Request Club]

GronmonSE responds:

Leave it to Coop to kill the streak of 10's )':

By counter melody, I imagine you mean the violin detaches. I personally didn't feel it going against the main melody, I thought it added a more dramatic feeling to it. But hey, music's subjective. I could have played a little more with that I guess.

Thanks for the review :D


Man, I don't know what to say... I simply don't know, you've taken my words, your song is simply AMAZING!!

The drums are awesome, the piano is amazing w/ the drums, it has an awesome sound together... The beat has power and it seems to dominate your ears, I couldn't think in anything when i listened to this... It's simply magical...

Like Fro said, I don't know what to say when I hear such an awesome song, I couldn't find anything bad, because of this, half of my review is trow in the trash, so, I can only tell you the good things, I told you yet, so... I'm done!!

Congratulations, keep it up, you have a nice combo man, 5 10's in a row, that's great!!

(Review Request Club)

GronmonSE responds:

Yeah, I think that's a first.

I just wish this song got more exposure >>;


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