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arceus battle remix


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this is my own remix of the theme that plays while you're battling arceus. I made this with orchestral sounds but I think it worked out very well. Hope you like it. Ps: the zelda fans will hear some familiar music through the piece maybe. Please subscribe.

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Wonderful remix. This song conveys a sense of grandeur and foreboding without resorting to chaos or sheer volume. It gives great inspiration and imagery for a flash movie. That constant string orchestra really carries the song. And even if the song goes completely silent at points, the silence has a definate place. The extra snap to those drums is appreciated as well.

The only potential fault with this I could find is that the song sounds generally the same the whole way through....though seeing as the song sounds good through the whole piece, this isn't as big an issue as it would be for other works. It would probably be very difficult to change this though, considering the original song was also singular in nature. I don't know why, but I feel like I hear some Star Fox Adventures music added to this. I wonder if it might have been inspired by Zelda muic too though. (I think it was in one of the mines.)

Nevertheless, it's one of the best Pokemon remixes I've heard. Kudos to you!

Amazing remix!

I love this man! Am I the only one who thinks Arceus should (like the guy below) said the final Pokemon, and they stop at Platinum, but he be nigh-invulnerable unless you've got a trained (leveled them up the right way, not rare candied and not just caught) team with Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, seeing as these Pokemon embody everything he made, essentially? That would be an epic end to Pokemon. Defeating a god with his own most powerful creations.


I love this song, the percussion at the beginning kind of reminds me of battling Ganondorf in TLoZ Twilight Princess, they both have the same rhythm, not sure if that is what the Zelda piece was, but awesome song.


this is epic!!! i imagined an epic boss battle with a character i imagined as gannons incarnate, as he was holding an awesome great sword! great work!!!

Stone Tower.

Didn't think that would be what you put in there, but you made it fit.
9/10, 5/5


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Mar 12, 2010
9:53 AM EST
Video Game
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