Ruined World

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Yet another short piece.
I'm a little unsure about this one... Does it have the right feel?

Starts off a little odd. Please be patient and wait for the song to reach at least halfway before actually considering what you'll vote. Instead of just going with a zero because you don't like the start. People have been known to do that. And when they actually listen they realize, 'Hey this is actually kinda nice'. But, they already voted zero. Pity.



Indeed, the song is actually kinda nice. To be honest, the empty spaces between the noises at the beginning could be filled with something, may it be a long reverb on the noises or some kind of background noise like a soft pad synth or at least some kind of wind/seashore/ambient noise or whatever. At least it would make it not sounding too empty.

Aaroca responds:

I'm not participating in the creation of music anymore, but thanks for the review.
True, in hindsight, filling those spaces with some kind of worldly ambience would have been the better move, but I have no plans to return to musical composition.
I mean, this thing is four years old.
Thanks for the review though.

Also, your stuff is badass. I look forward to more, K-pone.

Very interesting.

Sounds pretty sweet, I don't think I could make anything like this bro. It's got it's own unique style to it. Kind of paints a picture of a screwed up barren world... Maybe post apocalyptic kinda world. Also slight visions of the Military involved... Anyway awesome song man. It's very interesting.

- Zerest

You certainly paint your world.

As one review stated on one of your other songs, your song does have a way of painting what you're trying to describe. I've listened to all three of the "world" songs and some others of yours too. They're nicely done. Although there is plenty of room for improvement.

Being within the genre of Ambient music, this song along with the other two World songs are rather slow paced and take quite a long while to pick up. Not quite my taste, however I do understand that it is part of the genre.
I know you've stated that you used some loops before in some of your other songs, so I'm unsure as to whether or not you also did here. (I don't remember all the random loop samples that come with various softwares) Nonetheless some of them get quite repetitive in their usage. Notably drums and some of the background accompaniment. Drums really could use more variation where it's needed to suit itself better to the melody.

Thirdly, your mixing needs work. It sounds fine as is for the most part as this is a rather simple song. However it could certainly use some better mixing so that the sounds blend together better. Everything kind of stands out on their own, which I suppose is fine. However you would also want them to support each other. That strengthens a song.

In any case that's my review for your three World songs. I like this one the most out of the three. Why I chose to review your stuff? I dunno... I guess you just somehow caught my attention. :P

Nonetheless, good job. I hope you keep on making music and get better at this.

~Phyrnna ^_^

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Aaroca responds:

Now that is a review!
Thanks for your kind thoughts and constructive criticisms. I appreciate them all.
I've started using less loops for music too, and it's starting to show good results (well I think so).
By the way... there is potentially another of the 'world' songs coming. I'm not promising, but keep you eyes open.
Just in case.


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Mar 12, 2010
7:39 AM EST
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