Out of My Sight

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Made this song over the last couple of days using some recordings of my sister siging from a couple years ago. Remastered the vocals and made a new song for it. Could still use more work but I'm going to leave it as it is. Used 45 channels in FL, new record for me.

I mastered this with my right earbud larger than the left (i mix with headphones, yes) so the volume on each side might not be the same, it was hard to judge.

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A very good song

You did good at making the music feel up beat.
The vocals are amazing, and like Animith said the way it bounces between the two speaker makes it even better.

Overall it is just really good.
P.s Who sang the vocals??
5/5 10/10

Review Request Club

I like the way the synth bounces between the left and right speakers, a lot of tracks on here don't really make use of the stereo at all, so it was nice to be met with that from the very start.
The vocals are a nice addition, and the way you kind of didn't flesh it out with lots of synths straight away is a nice touch, because it gives you more of a chance to focus on the vocals and the melody itself. By the time it gets to the prechorus I wish there was more of a synth just to give it more of a variety than a simple melodic change. You add this in at the chorus itself, but it could do with a little more prominence than it had.

The instrumental break is a nice touch, though just to change it up a bit more you could hgave probably changed the underlying chords a little bit. The transition back into the vocal section felt a little forced, but only just. In general, this is a pretty cool piece; the synths are nicely done, I think only at the start I had the thought that they were maybe too aggressive, but they sunk into the texture really well when the vocals came in. There's a little room for improvement, but the track on its own sounds really polished, so good job there.

-Review Request Club

MusicIsBliss responds:

Wow, thanks.

The synth in the chorus was stronger, but it caused problems with the strings when it did, so I had to tune them down a bit. And for the verses, I tried not to add too much to them so allow the voice to stand out.

I don't actually remember making the instrumental part/breakdown/bridge. It just kinda happened when I was procrastinating studying right before a midterm, so I have no idea what I did or why I did it.

Nice song!!

I really loved it!! The voices are too awesome!! The drums beat is super nice and it fit w/ the voices, what give a really cool impresion of the music, it's very futuristic, that's why i loved it, it's modern, it seems you shot w/ your closed eyes, and you made a goal, you did a real great job here!!

The lenght is perfect, but it seems to have 10 minutes, I enjoyed every second of it, the voices are hipnotizing, the effects are greatly made, congratulations, man, you made a GREAT song...

Keep it up, make more songs, and use you sister's awesome voice again!!!
(Review Request Club)

MusicIsBliss responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your enjoyment. Don;t know what else to say, but I am trying out a couple songs right now, but nothing too promising yet. I can never force creativity out of myself, which sucks.

Nice vocals

I love how you've built a reasonably sedate sounding piece around the vocals. It sounds like you came up with the basic melody, then got the vocals sorted, before fleshing the whole piece out, much like drawing a complex image - start with the sketch of the background, work out the shape of the main subject and then tidy everything else up, so that it all looks nice as a finished article.

With the way that the music sounds, perhaps you could have provided more background detail, as it does get a little repetitive after a time, but I think that there is a good case for the vocals to stop and give you a good solo, that perhaps has a better beat, but other than that, you've done a good job.

[Review Request Club]

MusicIsBliss responds:

I had never really even thought of trying vocals before instruments until this song, I do agree that this process makes the song fit together a lot better, and I will probably try it again in the near future. I kind of got bored of working on the song after a while, which is why I don't have much detail, all I really did for that was att delay to the vocals when vocals aren't playing.

Hm, not bad...

Didnt particularly like the intro, the chords u used were slightly too generic for my tastes, and they got repetitive after a while. U also overused the panning a bit too much and this got a bit annoying.

Melodies in general werent bad, although they did remind of a melody i heard on the radio somewhere. I liked the fact that the backing melodies blended well with the voice and supported the lyrics quite well. I also think that you overused the same instrument a bit too much, try to put more of a variety of instruments as this gives the song an extra edge of originality.

Vocals were the best thing about this song, they were well recorded, and the lyrics were quite clear and actually made sense. The effects used on them were great and not too much.

Overall, i think that with more work on melodies and instruments, this could really shape up to be a great track.

=Review Request Club=

MusicIsBliss responds:

Yeah, I made the intro last, so it was pretty half-assed; piecing together other parts of the songs for it. I didn't really like the result but couldn't think of anything better. I overpanned because so many of the instruments used the same base location for main frequency, which made it sound muddy when unpanned. Couldn't think of other things to add to the song, so I pretty much reused instruments, cause I'm lazy.

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Mar 12, 2010
3:06 AM EST
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