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0.00-00.27| Now, the bells of Eliu sound in honor of the ancient sages of Hura worshipped as demi gods.
00.27-00.48| Ancient protectors Metameci, Mijudes, Eluiscer and Bakuran. All with their respective statues facing Dam from all nations temples. Almost as if with their mere symbolical pressence they still guarded civilisation against the corruptions of absolute power.

00.48-1.11| And today, it is still early in the nation of Eliu, The machines are on standby, the people sound asleep in their modern houses. Cold on the streets.
1.11-1.50| Only the unnoticed footsteps of a man covered in rags as he walks the central road toward the near temple of Sage Mijudes slightly crackle through the invisible wall of silence.

1.50-2.21| Eventually.. In front of the temple he removes his rag hood with shaking hands. The man is heavily burned, covered in bandages. A regular of the temple, his name 'Dimudu"
But not today as suddenly the man yells out..
2.21-2.37| A mere moment later a paralyzing explosion disrupts our morning glory. Mijudes temple comes down in pieces and hundreds of city alarms activate in its event.

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Review Request Club

0:00-Very nice bell sounds; they had a great quality to them which set up the atmosphere well.
0:11-Came in a little abruptly for me, but sounds cool nonetheless. You get quite an RPG-ish, medieval feel from the sounds you're using.
0:27-Like the choir sounds, though everything seems a little on the quiet side
0:42-The flute melody seems a little random at times, but is a nice addition
0:48-Everything takes on a slightly darker feel, especially love the really low rumble at 1:04
1:11-Everything kind of takes on a happier more relaxed feel here, which is a little surprising. Liked the change to piano and how that set a slight increase in pace. THe instrumentation in general is pretty top-notch
1:50-Nice to see how the emotions follow your a/c narration almost to the letter. You can sense the points at which the man's removing his hood, and you see the bandages, etc.
2:21-The cymbal crash was a little too loud in relation to the rest of the track...also, to a point I was expecting this section to be minor, so now I'm thrown as to whether the temple's destruction is a good or a bad thing xD Very nicely done track, nonetheless.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

Yep the whole album is very story concentrated, and the temple's destruction isnt really bad or good, its actually meaningless after you understand the whole story, untill then it can be seen as either.


-I really liked the bells in the beginning. They were a great way to break the ice and start off everything nice and slow. Bells really give me a sort of gothic atmosphere for this one though. Probably the deep tones of the bells.

-It's just so relaxing to listen to as a whole. Everything was done so subtly and softly while picking some nice instrument combinations. Your little story in the author comments I can actually see happening with the timings that you put for them. Well done timing and it gives a nice backdrop for a story.

-Review Request Club

Calamaistr responds:

I know it was tricky to start off with a ..well.. lets just call it by its name 'terrorist attack' but in another light i wanted to let the reader/listener stand close to it, why the music is so 'praising' on the moment of the explosion is because its in a sense the final act of the story.

What happens at the very end (i thought we were family) has everything to do with it.
And more of it is explained in the text of the epilogue finale (proud denimus family primus)

In this way this is a very strong start of the story, that gives its core;time-travel' its composure.

Youll be hearing alot more bells in the album by the way, its one of the returning instruments that are oh so important in recognicing certain relevant locations, situations or people.

Greets and thanks for your review. :)


I liked this song a lot. Slow, calm, relaxing. I liked the choir samples really well. Didn't really care for the drum hit at the end though.

Calamaistr responds:

ah thank you :)
the hit was a means of closure i guess. :)

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Mar 11, 2010
5:24 AM EST
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