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Mar 9, 2010 | 2:12 AM EST
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Rated 4.28 / 5 stars
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I am an up and coming Techno artist and I use all the latest software. I have run into a rut here lately and could use some input for my next song. Please, any and all comments are wanted.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Review Request Club

Nice set of meodies; a little erratic at points, but they have a nice character to them. The lead synth especially was probably a highlight of the piece. One of your problems was perhaps that you didn't have enough synths to carry through the whole track; one pretty easy way to keep variety up is to change up the synths, or just have a few more ambient synths or pads to give an extra dimension to the track. But to have a melody that isn't repetitive on your first go is VERY important, because I think getting structure right is a lot easier to get than getting a melody right, so major kudos for that. Could have done with a few more melodies by the end of the track, but the initial melody did work well.

On structure...the transitions are a little unorthodox. Don't underestimate the power of a simple structure, because it's the foundations of the track that'll predict how well the track will go. Simple structure doesn't mean simple songs, you can have some really awesome melodies and transitions with the most generic structure, but you need that structure worked out to give the track more of a cohesion to it.

It could have done with being a little shorter, as the variety was somewhat lacking. A way to counter this is either by adding in a few countermelodies, or playing with the different transitions a little more; have an ambient section, have a buildup and climax, make the track go somewhere before it loops out again. It needs work, but there's a lot of promise here. Keep it up and you'll improve fast.

-Review Request Club

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yours31f responds:

I appreciate it. I have started introducing more structure in my newer songs.


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You can tell it's made by a beginner...

...but you can also tell that it's been made by a beginner who has a lot of potential to become a great artist. I don't know if it's the first song you ever made or not, but heck, it's your first submission, and it's pretty well done too, even though it has a number of different defects. Not a bad job in all.

The melodies are alright. They were pretty catchy, and sounded pretty spacey, making the song loyal to its name. My problem isn't the melodies, but the fact that the song is so hard to get a 'grasp' on, if you get what I mean. You remove synths at unexpected times, introduce synths/drums too early or too late, and with the main melody playing all over the place, it's hard to keep track of this song. Make it simple; a 4-bar intro or so, and then introduce the drums at the beginning of the 5th bar, add the bass at the beginning of the 9th bar and add some new instrument such as a pad or something at the beginning of the 13th bar, then continue from there on a simple and solid structure like that, since in my opinion, the song is very hard to keep track of. Yeah, you may not be understanding me pretty well, if not send me a PM and I'll see if I can help out.

The instruments are fine, I enjoyed listening to them quiet a lot. The main lead was awesome, and the bass sounded really really cool and added a lot to the submission. What I think you lack in was variety of instruments, since you only had a max of 3 synths or so. I think this could do with some pads to fill up the background a bit more. You can also add some sound effects too, spacey ones in particular (I can send you some space-like sound effects if you want) such as sweeps. What I'm trying to say is, the song lacks depth, and you can achieve this depth by adding more instruments, possibly some effects, and you can even experimenting a little with reverb and delay till you get a good spacey sound which fills up the background nicely.

The transitions, as I said above, could use some work. Some things were introduced or taken away from the song too early/late, and a clear example among many different examples would be when the bass exits the song for the first time at 0:40; it's as if it just muted itself for no reason at all, only to come back to the song out of nowhere a few seconds later. I think you could work a bit more on introducing/taking away some elements from the song at better times and adding stuff like reverse cymbals, sweeps, reverbed kicks and crash cymbals to indicate that something new has entered the song or something has exited the song. Maybe you can experiment with fade ins/outs too.

The structure isn't too good. The song, like I said, is hard to keep track of, and doesn't have such a good structure. You started it off pretty well, but once the drums started to kick in properly, I totally lost track of the song, and when the bass came and went all the time, it confused me even more. There are many examples of well-structured techno songs here on NG (my recommendation would be listening to some of Blackhole12's techno music, namely SunStorm, Absolutia or Now). The variety wasn't too good, unfortunately. The same melody was repeated loads and loads of times, and while it's an OK melody, it gets annoying to listen to for practically the whole song without any alternate melodies. The lack of variety can also be considered as a problem with song structure, so I think the one thing you should try and improve on would be your song structure. The intro and outro, however, were fine, since they provided a perfect loop.

The drums are pretty generic, and sounds more like Trance drums, but what the heck, on the whole they're decent drums that fit well with the song, although they can get repetitive too.

I won't lie, you have a lot of potential to become an excellent artist. What you need to improve on would be the structure/variety, but in my opinion, with a little effort, you can turn out to be a great artist, since you have heaps of potential waiting to burst out. Good luck in your future tracks :).

-Review Request Club-

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yours31f responds:

I appreciate it alot. I have started messing with automation loops to practice fading and such. I think they have helped my songs alot. It really helps me to know that you think I have potential. I love making music, and I will take everything you said into consideration in all the songs I make from now on. I think the most important thing I need practice on is melodies and timing. What you said has really helped me. One thing I have a question on is my levels. I tried to make them "right", but I need an outside source to let me know if they fit well. Thanks for the comment.