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Holla if you wana use it for anything.............

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i like it..

my names grimes n im workin on a project for my newest cd..ive already sampled a few beats n i didnt really lyke em..my friend showed me this website n told me u had sum of tha best beats hes heard n this is def tha beat im looking for my newest song WAR..i was jus wondering if there was someway to make this work..please get in contact wit me..thanx


i meant whoever loses leaves the portal I'm so blasted right now

thas wut I meant

becuz honestly there weren't many problems with zeros

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

yeah that makes more sense.......

"becuz honestly there weren't many problems with zeros"


im not sure what your trying to say by that but if your saying that im the one doing it, your far from the truth

but yeah this sounds fun, but the outcome of losing is kind of harsh.....

im not sure if you want me to leave or something but w/e

i dont want you to leave the portal because of a battle......

(plese read the rest, and take it under consideration)

this whole thing is getting way out of hand if you ask me......

i think if cajete didnt say all that stuff about me this would have never happend

like me and him were cool an everything and this came up out of nowhere

If you knew the situation i think you might not be so hard on me....

Take a look at my review of Lil Furus "comming back"
I didnt say anything else after that....

now take a look at Cajetes review of the same song right above my rewiev.......

after reading that.....maybe you will understand that Cajete might have taken it a bit too far

and thets when i started to defend myself and that how it started......i never went out calling out fury for giving zeros, until after the beef started

i think this is getting out of hand and i feel like im the target......

this is why its never good to leave a bad review

people take it peronal and now theres like a vendeda against me.......

i just want to put out beats that people can enjoy listening to and rapping to.......

im excited about the battle but not about what might happen after its over

i hope you dont hate me and thats why you want me to leave, I leave reviews vote post and let anyone use my beats for whatever (im not a mean guy and i just want you to know that)

alright im gona get started on my beats for the battle
btw if its not to much to ask when are we suppose to turn in the beats?

k, later man

response on license

i didnt rate ur song, just review, so i have no clue who did that, sorry about it man.. seriously tho im not lieing

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

just kill it......

im getting way to worked up over this and im just jumping to conclusions

my bad man whatever i might have said before i have no proof of so it was wrong

but yeah the thing is its just a rating and it really doesnt matter

the only reason i care is because i want people to hear my shit and its hard to do that when someone votes my beats a zero everytime without even hearing them probably.......

your right this whole ng voting system sucks ass and needs to be changed

Good Shit man

Im a lazy person so im just gonna say it for all of your beats... They are prettey fucking amazing, if its not too much to ask, what software do you use. Did you get it from a site or did you buy it at a store if so please tell me Once again good shit!

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

ok......i do use software but just for finishing touches like converting into mp3 format and volume gain, mixing... the little shit like that and i use Acid Pro for that, you can download a demo or buy it, or you can send me an email and i can hook you up if you want

I make my beats with a Yamaha RM1X Sequencer which is somewhat of an expensive real life fl studio......

for my sampled beats thats easy get the sample make a beat and mix in acid pro

my email crazy3sl@yahoo.com


The melody on this is good, but its too repetetive. Your drums are to plain, and I don't hear much drum bass.... and I have some sourround sound 5.1 speakas on my comp so ya know how it goes. I don't think it would sound so repetive if someone would spit on it.

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3.25 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
3:07 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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3.7 MB
3 min 14 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.