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Author Comments

First official song! Started with experimenting with FL 9 and played around with instruments that evolved into this song. I listened to a bunch of chiptunes before making this. Tried to capture the moment between falling asleep and having a dream.


lovin it

im really lovin this beat its very nice

Nice tempo; too much sparkle

I think that this piece bears too much resemblance to the preconceptions about a certain film of a similar name to the piece, hence a sense of trepidation leading into the actual listening to the first piece.

As I think that you've done too much on the "twinkly" side of things, you did do enough in the middle to make it sound a little like it belongs in a video game. With the way that this worked, perhaps just tone down the intro and outtro, so that it all blends in better.

I think you could stand to make the piece a little shorter.

[Review Request Club]

KeptItHairy responds:

This song is completely original, I might have been influenced by certain songs but not from any films, but I'm curious as to what film you're thinking about. This and the last review make good points that this song may be a bit repetitive and a bit long and I agree entirely. I greatly appreciate the good score and helpful review. Thank you.

Review Request Club

Haha the intro was very nice and pretty slow but try to speed that up a little and then the main part comes in after but I think this would work good for some weird 8-bit game but I might use it when I make the dot 2 and need a music but first I gotta get flash but it was really just loops until the middle part so try to slow down that part before the middle and you got it pretty good.

I still don't know why it is called TwilightREM because that doesn't make much sense but there was a cool part after the middle and I think you should use more instruments then just altering them then the original techno sound comes in which is kind of original? Oh well I really like this so keep it up.
Overall I think you should work on making it a bit shorter because it gets repetitive but just keep working on these!

KeptItHairy responds:

Your review is a bit hard to understand (could use a bit more periods), but from what I understand I agree that it does begin to be repetitive and could be made shorter. As for my title, I was hoping that the connotations of "twilight" (no relation to vampires) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) would describe the sort of atmosphere I tried to build in this song. My taste is also a bit minimalist, partly because I don't want to overwhelm myself as a starter. All that being said, I don't know how it comes to be a 9, but thanks for the helpful review :)

Review Request Club

I like the melodies in general, though whatever effect you added on one of the first synths to make it sound all chopped-up like a pretty aggressive tremolo doesn't really work. It seems to take on a more rhythmic aspect at the climax around the 2:40 mark, but nearer the start where there's a less prominent drum beat to compliment it it's a little out of place. I can't exactly explain more than that why it seems to work later in the track more than it did earlier...I don't know, it just seemed a little surplus to requirements at the start? You had a nice melody going, it didn't need that effect gating up the smoothness of the tone like it did,

That being said, the entire thing was quite dream-like. It doesn't really travel any much distance (although it does have a subtle buildup throughout, which is very nicely done considering it's pretty much the same melodic material being used throughout), but there's this great ambient feel in the background, juxtaposed by this kind of odd-sounding synth in the front that by the end does start to simulate the kind of reaction you do get with rapid-eye movement; this sort of fluttered view of reality.

Don't get discouraged by the 0-bombers. Everyone on the audio portal suffers them, the trick is to realise it's the reviews that really count ;). For a first track, this shows real promise. If you can keep this up and maybe improve a little, you could have a nice little time here on NG. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

KeptItHairy responds:

Ha, I see there are no fans for that tremolo, but I'm beginning to agree that It did seem too much and took away more from the atmosphere then it started off with. As for the beat, I made it more for that climax, which is probably why it sounds a bit awkward as I did have trouble fitting it into the beginning. I'm proud to hear that I got the atmosphere down. Its what truly held this piece together which is why its so important. Its so great having so many perspectives. I just hope my song is good enough to payback the effort for the helpful reviews!

Wierd o.o

For the most part I really liked it. Had a wierd feel to it. There were just a few things I picked up on.

At times the audio would clip, so maybe turn the volume down on a few things?

Aand, there was sort of an arpgeggiated thing at the beginning, didn't really like that much. .

That's it really, it was odd - but I loved it!

My fave part was from ~2:24-2:51 I could loop that forever :D.

Anwar Louis ^_^
(Review Request club)

KeptItHairy responds:

Ahh yea, you hit my inexperience right on the spot >.> One, I'm still totally lost on working with compressors and limiters, I'm mostly just turning each knob at random until it sounds decent. Most of my instruments are also coincidental and highly experimental. I still had difficulty manipulating that one arpeggiated thing into what I was going for. I'm glad you liked the part when things start lifting off, its also my favorite. Thanks for the helpful review :)

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2010
2:51 AM EST
File Info
6.8 MB
4 min 59 sec

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